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Erasmus Mundus Forum is now open!

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It has been three years since there was a new post on this blog for a number of factors, including a lack of contributors and the rise of Facebook as a messaging platform. But in the last three years, I’ve still been receiving email and people have continued posting comments on the FAQs page, often having conversations in the comments. This made me realise that there is a need for a place where applicants, incoming students and alumni can discuss. So I have teamed up with my friend Rhem to start this forum site.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Erasmus Mundus Forum.

It will take time to gain traction, and certainly my timing (at the tail end of the results period for the next intake) doesn’t help. I will need your support in the form of new topics and replies to existing threads. Can I count on you to get the ball rolling? One little post. It’s easy. Just connect using your Facebook or Twitter account if you don’t want to create a new username and password.

Whether you’re a prospective Erasmus Mundus applicant, current scholar or graduate, you can leave a message and connect with others like you. Come on over and be one of the founding posters on the forum! See you there!

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Hello fellow Erasmus Mundus alumni, current and future EM students, and everyone surfing the net for scholarships in Europe!

Welcome to the Pinoy Erasmus Mundus blog site!!! Although I think it should be Ms. Thelma Gecolea of the Delegation of the European Commission to the Philippines (Hi Tita Thelms!!) welcoming us in this blog, she is currently busy with schemes to make sure that more Filipinos will get EM scholarships this year (Yey!!!!).

We are currently organizing an informal working group to create the EM Alumni – Philippine Chapter. As our first undertaking, we have created this blog as an interactive venue to:

  1. promote Erasmus Mundus in the Philippines;
  2. assist current EM students in their studies (and everything else outside studies of course);
  3. assist potential EM students with their applications and queries; and
  4. discuss anything and everything about living and studying in Europe.

Our immediate and realistic goal for this year is for our blog to surpass the popularity of friendster, facebook and even at least in the Philippine network. (Haha!)

Enough of this blah blah blah! We want your stories, pictures, blogs, ideas, suggestions, questions, and answers about student life in Europe.

Erasmus Mundus rocks!

Jill Lopez
European Masters in Law & Economics (06-07)
Bologna, Italy/ Hamburg, Germany/Manchester, UK
[Admin’s note: visit our FAQs page and check out the sidebar links on the right for more information]

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