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ERASMUS MUNDUS: Full Master’s Courses and Joint Doctorate scholarships in Europe for non-Europeans


Who is Erasmus, anyway?
Desiderius Erasmus was a 15th century Dutch scholar from Rotterdam who lived and worked in different places in Europe.

I was just kidding. I do know Erasmus. Do all Erasmus students go to the Netherlands?
Some do, but not all.

What is ERASMUS?
The ERASMUS (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) program began in 1987 to support the mobility of higher education students and teachers within Europe. For European students, this means studying in another European country for a semester as part of their course.

What is Erasmus Mundus?
Erasmus Mundus, an expansion of the original ERASMUS program, began in 2004 to promote European higher education to non-European Union nationals through scholarships. Third-country (meaning outside EU/EEA/accession states) students who have not studied or worked in Europe for more than 12 months over the last five years may receive a full scholarship.

There are over 100 Master’s degree courses in various fields, all of which must undertaken in least two European countries (usually three; four is rare). Most courses (programs) take two years, but some take 18 months or even just a year. Since 2009, doctorate programs have also been offered. In addition, there are External Cooperation Windows in association with Third-country higher education institutions.

How does it work?
Each program is facilitated by a consortium of universities in different countries. The consortium oversees  the program on behalf of the European Commission. Among the universities in the consortium, there is a coordinating university which takes care of the administrative side, including releasing funds.

How much is the scholarship worth?
The total amount varies according to the length of the program. The student receives €1,000 a month as living allowance. This is more than enough for food, accommodation and travel. The student will have to spend his own money (or borrow, if necessary) in the beginning to pay for visa applications, flight tickets, accommodation deposit and personal items needed for study. But after the student reaches Europe and the allowance commences, he or she will be able to pay back these expenses.

Do I apply for the scholarship at the same time as the program or after I get into the program?
The scholarship application is generally simultaneous with the program application. You will be informed whether or not you are accepted and if so, whether or not you receive the scholarship.

Where can students go?
It depends on the partner universities in the consortium. You can choose your mobility (where you want to study at a particular semester) in some programs; it is fixed in others.

How do I apply?
Application processes, requirements and deadlines vary from program to program, but generally you will need letters of recommendation, a personal statement of intent (motivation), transcript of records of your bachelor’s degree, and language test results (TOEFL or IELTS). Some programs ask for a research proposal. There are no work experience requirements, application fees, entrance tests or interviews.

How much does it cost to apply for Erasmus Mundus?
There is no application fee, unless otherwise stated in the application guidelines.

Do I have to be living or working in the country of my citizenship when I apply?
No, you may apply from anywhere in the world for as long as your nationality is among those being accepted for the programme.

Am I required to take a language exam for English (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS) since English was the medium of instruction at my institution?
It may be possible to argue your case and get a certification that English was the medium of instruction, but it is best to take a language exam when it is asked for so that the consortium can gauge your competence in the language.

How many Erasmus Mundus programmes am I allowed to apply to?
Up to three per selection year.

What languages do I need?
Most programs are conducted completely in English, but some require other European languages. There are a few programs that use no English at all.

How competitive are the scholarships?
In the 2011 stats, 16 Filipino applicants landed on the main list (accepted) and 87 on the reserve list (wait-listed) out of 344 applicants. It really depends on the number of places available (this is usually not announced) and the quality of the applications you’re up against.

When is the deadline for application and when are the results released?
Usually between December and January for the September intake. The results are usually announced between February and March.

I’m in my last year of college. Can I apply for a Master’s course even if I’m just about to graduate?
Yes, you can, if you can get a document from your university stating that you are about to graduate. Between you and me, it would be better to get some work experience first (it just might bolster your chances), but historically, scholarships have been awarded to fresh graduates.

Where can I find more information about a program?

For information specific to each course, check our Links section in the sidebar for the main Erasmus Mundus website, which lists the website of each consortia.

Are the same programs offered every year?
Generally, yes, with new additions every year. However, some programs may be discontinued after the evaluations, which happen every four years.

Do they ask for anything in return during or after the program?
As far as we know, none. There are no required hours of service or conditions about what you should do after the program.

Can I work while studying?
Yes, if the law of the country where you are studying permits international students to work. There are usually limits to the number of work hours per week.

Can I bring my spouse and children with me to Europe when I study there?
Your spouse must be able to support himself/herself and your children without your help, as your allowance can only support you. It also depends on the labor laws and visa regulations of the countries you will be living in.

I’m an applicant. When can I get word on my application?
Erm, we are former EM students, not university reps. We can give you advice on applications, but we cannot advise you on application decisions. Just wait a little bit longer or contact the consortium directly. Or leave a comment below and hope a fellow applicant can enlighten you. 🙂

I’m a Filipino Erasmus Mundus student/alumna/alumnus…

Mabuhay, kababayan! Please sign up for the Erasmus Mundus official students and alumni association and join the Pinoy Erasmus Mundus Yahoogroup. And yes, you’re welcome to contribute stories, photos and articles on this blog.

Is there an orientation in the Filipinos for new Erasmus Mundus students?

There is usually an informal get-together at the EU delegation where you can meet fellow new students. Hope to see you there!

I’ve got another question…
Alright, then. Email us at pinoyerasmusmundus [at] gmail [dot] com. Please give the admin a few days to respond.

NOTE FOR COMMENTERS: Comments are moderated and may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to be published. Our admin will respond whenever possible, unless the answers are unknown or already in the FAQs.


2,853 thoughts on “Erasmus Mundus FAQs!

  1. Confused

    I have few questions about Erasmus Mundus. I have applied for 2 EM programmes and I have got accepted into one (they are about to send a list to European commission) and second is yet to be decided.

    This one into I got selected is not my first option (best selection) so I am wonder If I got selected into both will I get a chance to choose? Or If I don’t get selected into second can I give up after decision of European commission decision?

    I would be truly grateful If you could help me

    • dongwan

      so how’s the result of your decision. Did the second option let u take the first option? Please let us know. Thanks

  2. let me see if i understand you correctly. you have to give your name for list for your second option (where you are accepted but you like the program less). i can think of three possible scenarios if you are chosen for your first option:

    1) they let you drop out of your second option and you can go to your first option
    2) they tell you that since you confirmed your slot in the second option earlier, you need to go to your second option
    3) they blacklist you for not following instructions

    i don’t think they’ve ever done #3 (they’re not harsh), but consider it a risk. i think the best thing to do is to ask the consortium of your second option. tell them that you are waiting for another decision. ask them what you can do.

    good luck!

    • Tawaf ali shah

      I have been selected for the EMMASia 2014 D10 PhD Split study………let me know whether i would be allowed for only research work or i will have to study course work as well. also know me about amount for PhD Student.

  3. fryglass

    hi there! so happy i came across this site.

    i submitted an application for an erasmus mundus scholarship for the MESPOM program. in its website, they hinted that they MIGHT require individual interviews before feb 26. i haven’t heard from them yet, but i saw a couple of posts ago that marina already has a schedule. would you guys know if the MESPOM program requires interviews? or do you think i should stop expecting that i’ll get a chance at the scholarship this early?


  4. fryglass

    hi marina! what program did you apply to?

  5. there’s no telling what their decision-making process is like and when the final results will be out (i got mine late in june, but i suppose that’s an extreme case). don’t stress yourself out waiting for the result. you might want to ask the consortium when to expect it. good luck!

  6. nyl

    I received an email stating that I have been selected for the Euroaquae program. My first semester would be at the University of Nice this September. I am eager to know other Erasmus Mundus successful applicants for this year’s batch especially those who will start their first semester at France.

    • mika

      Hi Nyl!

      I’m interested in applying for the Euroaquae program for academic years 2011-2013 or 2012-2014. It would be a really big help if you can share some tips regarding the application. It’d be nice to hear about the student life as well. 🙂

      • nyl

        Hi Mika! I apologise for this late reply as I haven’t checked this post since then.

        Regarding the application, my tip is not to hesitate to sell yourself in your CV. Keep in mind that you will be competing with many aspiring applicants around the world. Last year, they selected 9 scholars only under category A in the programme. Another thing, they like students who are ambitious and clear in their future career plans, so take time to reflect when writing your motivation letter.

        If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. It would be my pleasure to help you.


  7. nyl

    By the way, if I’m not mistaken, the allowance will be 1000 Euro per month. Please correct me if I’m wrong. But I have read from this blog, it was 1600. Does it mean that they already cut the budget for Erasmus Mundus scholarship? I’m quite confused. Any clarifications would be highly appreciated. Tnx.

  8. congratulations, nyl! on the allowance, it is possible that the budget was cut or reallocated. i’m not sure if this is a decision of the european commission or the consortium. don’t worry, 1000 euros per month for your living expenses.

  9. nyl

    Thanks for the reply. I still have few queries if you dont mind:

    1) since it may take some time before I receive my first allowance there, how much money do you think should I bring in order for me to survive while waiting for the grant?

    2) in addition, how much is the cost of ticket from Philippines to France? I would appreciate if anyone could give me some info on this matter (ie, the cheapest plane, websites, etc.)

    3) Lastly, I also would like to ask some info about accommodation in the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis, from those who have studied there.

    Thank you very much!

    • chichibubu

      Hi Nyl,

      I am a second year Erasmus Mundus student based in Lille. In the program I am currently enrolled (ASC Master), they are giving 1000 euros per month for 12 months to first year students. Whereas for us second year students, they are giving 1600, but only for 10 months. Some of the budget for last year’s batch was allocated to European students. The situation might be similar in your program.

      I don’t know about the cost of living in Nice, but when I first came to France, I brought with me 760euros. I suggest you bring 900-1000, because, if your age is below 26, the school admin will require you to obtain a local insurance (costs around 200-300 euros) in addition to the ACE insurance that Erasmus Mundus already provides. Also, the accommodations usually ask for a deposit (caution). You will also have to pay 50euros for the residence permit application. I only got the scholarship after two and a half months, so beware.

      I took AirFrance when I went here, and it was quite expensive (1500 USD), but the TGV first class ticket (bullet train going from Paris to Lille) was already included and the flight was direct. You can arrange your own trip and book separate tickets to save money. The Gulf airline tickets are really quite cheap; you might want to consider transferring in one of the countries there. TGV tickets can be booked in this website:

      Hope these help 🙂

  10. @nyl: your uni could give you an estimate of the monthly cost, but 1000 euros a month is safe. hope you’ve been looking for the best airfares online. try eDreams or to get an idea. you might still want to try a local travel agent. they sometimes have discounts.

    @alvin: yes, if someone from the Accepted list backs out, you’re probably the next in line. good luck!

  11. changcray

    hello everyone! The coordinating professor of my target consortium emailed me congratulations and that they ranked me in the main list to be sent to the european commission.

    1) Does this mean I`m definitely in?

    2) When is the orientation in the Phils. held?

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Nyl

      changcray, what is your course and where is your host university? I am also accepted. See you in the orientation!

  12. changcray, you’re practically in. the EC usually just approves the list. i haven’t heard of anyone who was taken out by the EC. you’ll be contacted by the EU delegation here. that would probably be in late july. hope to see you there!

    • allan

      Hi Musangcala,

      What is the difference between the main list and the short list?

  13. changcray

    @musanggala: thanks for the reply! really appreciate it. now I can draft my plans with a more relaxed mind.
    follow up questions if I may though. I might be out of the country May-July (end):

    1) paperworks (e.g. visa) are processed after July right? or even between May-July?

    2) is it mandatory to attend the orientation?
    (in the event I can`t make it back in time?)

    Thanks! My program starts September.

    @nyl: we`re not in the same program, but also in France. let`s chat during the orientation. looking forward to meeting you =)

  14. i think between may and july would be ideal. since the program starts in september, i think you can make it if you submit the visa requirements by mid-july. the orientation is not mandatory, but if you’re here, it would be good for you to meet your fellow EM students.

  15. hikaru

    Anyone who will be in France for their 1st sem? 😀

    • vladimer

      My first year will be in France, specifically in Lyon. I have been accepted in the DMKM master’s course. How about you? Where in France will you be staying? and what is your program?

  16. Nyl

    Hi Hikaru! my 1st sem will be at the University of Nice in France. I’m just waiting for the confirmation of scholarship from the European Commission within this month. Are you going to France too? What university and program?

    • hikaru

      Hello Nyl,
      I’ll be in University of Provence in Marseille 😉 Maybe all the Pinoy EMs could have a get together some time there!

      • Ken Subillaga

        Hi Hikaru! That´s a nice idea. I´ve had the opportunity to travel around Netherlands and was fortunate enough to be with 2 other Pinoy EM scholars: Lai Siruno (Philo) and Richard Aquino (Computational Mech). Both are based in Delft, Netherlands.

        Hope we can get together soon. By the way, my name is Ken, PhD (Education) from Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

  17. Confused

    I will be in Stoke (UK)!!

  18. Noy

    Hi, I applied for EM under the Master CoDE, which is coordinated by Univ of Trento, Italy; however, the result is not yet communicated to us.

    I noticed that some have received theirs already. Does anyone know when will the results of Master CoDE be available?

    Many thanks!

    • Nyl

      Hi Noy! as far as I know, the deadline set by the European Commission for the program coordinators to submit their list of preselected candidates (category A) was in the end of January.

      EMMC Scholarship Applications:
      “End of January “year n”: EMMC consortia submit their lists of selected Category A students to the Agency which validates the lists and prepares the official documents for facilitating the visa procedure.”

      I read that info from the programme guide of the Erasmus Mundus. So, if Im right, they must already have the selection result by now.

      Try to check this out:

    • Tanya

      Hello, Noy, I’ve also applied to Trento University. Though haven’t got a response yet. Have you? I wrote them a letter last week asking to clarify the situation as the results must have been announced long time ago, but they seem to ignore any mails)))

      • lynn

        hi, all. I think you have to recheck the erasmus mundus site…starting 2011, CoDE will not be funded for scholarship. I might be wrong. Check again. Tnx

  19. Noy

    Thanks for your reply, Nyl. November last year, I got a word from the Acad Committee of the coordinating institution saying that they are confirming my eligibility for the EM scholarships. They then asked me to send the documentation asap. And I did in the first week of Dec.

    You said that by the end of January the body should have submitted a pre-selected students, but for the Master CoDE, the deadline of submission of the documentation is Jan 21.

    I am quite confused and excited din. haha But, I will read the guidelines. Thanks again.

  20. myms


    Have u been selected to MEDEG? I´m in the reserve list and have no idea if I really have any chances.

    Are the results of MAPP already available?


    • Mahjuja

      myms, I have not had any word at all from MEDEG, not a single email. I don’t know what that means. On the other hand, I have had an email from MAPP quite some time ago, 25th of Feb telling me I’m on the reserve list with little chances. So, we are just in opposite situations. Could someone else shed any light here?

  21. Jmaria

    Hi! I got accepted in the program Cultures Litteraires Europeennes (I’ve just received confirmation from my coordinator a week ago) and will be spending my first year in Alsace, France. I still can’t believe I actually made it. I just want to congratulate those who have made it to this year’s roster of EM scholars and to those who are not as successful, i’d say keep on trying and never lose hope…as we Pinoys would say…habang may buhay may pag-asa! Cheers to the dreamers!

    • Katie

      Hello! I am planning to apply for the same program next year. How was the application process? And I know that this is wayyy overdue but congratulations! I surmise that the program is done by now.

  22. beebote

    hello! I’m still waiting for the result of the MULTIELE program. I am new at teaching spanish that’s why I wanted to enlist myself in a course/MA that would help be better my teaching ability. DO they email you whether you get accepted or nor? DO you know of other MA progams that would help be improve my knowledge in spanish? or maybe other courses with concentration on spanish. Hay! I’m getting anxious. They are supposed to release the result early march and here I am without an email from them. But I plan to try and try until I get in 🙂 Pray for us applicants please!

  23. pinoyerasmusmundus

    beebote, they will not email you if you are not accepted. perhaps you should try again next year. all the best!

  24. changcray

    Hi! I`m a bit confused, can I ask 2 questions?

    1. the French embassy says, visas can be processed only 3 months prior at the earliest, but the EM FAQs say we should process the visa ASAP because it might take as long as 6 months to get a visa approval through. Can I ask for your experiences on this?

    2. are we supposed to process the visa for the second country already, prior to departing for the 1st country as well?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Jill

      Hi changcray,

      Visa application depends on the rules of the embassies. I applied for my first 2 visas (Italy and Germany) here in Manila because the embassies allowed me. I had to apply for my third visa (UK) in Germany because of the advice of the UK embassy in Manila.

      Hope this helps.

      Good luck!

      • changcray

        Thanks jill! btw, can I ask, from now till departure for France, are visas and plane tickets the only documents we need to process, or are there other special documents?

      • hikaru

        Or do we need to go to DFA to ‘legalize’ some documents (birth certificate for instance)?

      • @changcray: most likely, unless otherwise specified. start finding out about your accommodation arrangements.
        @hikaru: i don’t think that is necessary unless they’ve become stricter

      • Ken

        Hi Jill, this is Ken. I used to teach at the College of Saint Benilde (SHRIM). Remember me? I am in Spain and have been busy like crazy the past few months. How’s everything in Manila?

        By the way, Id like to submit a short article but don’t know where to send them. Any email add i could sent it to?

        Thanks much.


      • Hi Jill,

        I was wondering if you could help me with my case, I am also a bit confused and still sorting out what to do with the visa application. I received an acceptance from the 2-yr program EMFRM which covers the following countries Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Slovenia. Since you got a visa for three countries, does this mean the German Embassy will not give a visa which can allow entry to all the countries and stay for a duration longer than 90 days in each country? So I do have to apply for a visa to each country?

        Thank you very much for your help!

    • vladimer

      To changcry,

      I have already applied for a French visa and in just a matter of a week it has already been approved. Now, my visa is ready for pick-up. And don’t worry with the visa fee it’s free for Erasmus Mundus scholars. If in case you haven’t applied yet, you don’t need to show plane ticket nor proof of lodging. You just need to bring your birth certificate, passport, certificate of employment, ITR (if you’re currently employed), and every document provided to you by the consortium. The one who interviewed me is kind and friendly. Based on my experience, I consider applying for a visa a walk in the park except that I had to travel from Davao to Manila. By the way, I’m an instructor of applied mathematics at UP Mindanao.


      • fabgib

        Hi, I would like to inquire if the birth certificate they require must be issued by NSO for the year? example, now it’s 2011 so the birth cert. must be authenticated 2011? I have birth certificates issued by NSO but some embassies (i.e. Japanese Embassy) want the birth certificate to be authenticated on the year you are applying.

  25. Alan

    Hi, I am an applicant in European Masters Programme in System dynamics?

    I was wondering whether anyone got an ADMIT from the Nijmegen Radboud University or was anyone informed about the Reserve list candidates? as of now they didnt send any emails..:(


    • Sanubar

      Hi did you get admitted? I am also willing to apply..

  26. bryan

    i just got my confirmation for the EMFOL program. What if I could not raise money for the initial expenses (international travel, dorm reservation, etc.), could I seek help from erasmus? Say, could they pay for it instead?

    • sabanaaz

      hey bryan , heartiest congratulations for getting into EMFOL..
      I am applying to EMFOL programme for 2011 academic year, could u just give a few tips regarding how do we go about the application process and wat does the consortium expect from the students to have completed apart from their bachelor degree (i have done my graduation in Bsc biotech, chemistry and zoology) .

    • vladimer

      Bonjour Bryan!

      It would be better if you email the consortium about the plane ticket and tell them about your predicament. I did email my consortium and I got a positive reply, that is, they are willing to buy a plane ticket on my behalf (the cost will be deducted from the scholarship, of course). But if you decide to buy using your own funds then you must prepare at least 50,000.

      I hope this will help,

    • vladimer

      hoy igat na bryan!

      ikaw man diay ni uy. si vladimer ni katung gwapa na taga-UPMin. kasayo pud nimu mulakaw uy?! ako kay sa august 29 pa. gitagaan ka nila ug flying ticket? i hope magkita ta para maka-istorya ta about ani.


  27. congrats, bryan! unfortunately, no. best to borrow from someone close to you, promising to pay asap.

  28. Mahjuja

    Have any of you guys noticed any discrepancies in the evaluation for MEDEG? I discovered that a fellow student from the same university as myself received a university score of 4 while I received a university score of 2 even though we are from the same university! I wrote to the people at MEDEG for an explanation and they did not even bother to give an acknowledgement of my request at first and they still have not given me any clarification.

    • vladimer

      to mahjuja,

      i know that you are just envious of your fellow’s success. why bother comparing your score to him/her? it is entirely the prerogative of the selection committee to assign points. At the least, they don’t owe an explanation to you.

      Just continue to apply and never lose hope. Maybe this is not just your time. More luck in your next application.


  29. Bon


    I’m joining the IoE in London this October through EM MA Lifelong Learning. I’m in the Visa process. Can someone enlighten me about the application? I’m from the Phils., by the way.

    I was wondering, to be able to get an online appointment, do I need to pay the visa fee first? I’m just wondering because they don’t explicitly state it on the website.

    Another thing, on the average, how long does the UK Visa process take? Any experience from a past scholar?


    • JBS

      Hello Bon! I am applying for LLL for 2012-2014. Any advice? I graduated with a degree in BA Psych from UPDil and am currently working in an NGO doing Tech-Voc training. Would love to hear from you – my email address is Thanks!

  30. Zar

    Hi I am interested to apply for an EM scholarship and been browsing the website for info but I am still confused with simple questions.

    I will be finishing my Masters degree here in the Philippines and plan to apply for a Phd program or another Masters course. My questions are:

    1. What is the difference of Action 1 and Action 2?

    2. Do I send application for EM scholarship at universities or at EM ?

    3. Is the application for a university degree different from the application for EM?

    4. Where can I see the available programs for Phd? Because in the website I only saw programs for Masters courses.

    I hope someone could help in answering my questions….

  31. lorenz

    will i apply the visa after getting the result? how many months will it take? i thought they will pay the travel fee.. please help me in solving my concerns.. i’m an aspirant.. May God bless you!!

    • vladimer

      Dear Lorenz,

      You must wait for the result before visa application could be made unless you’re not applying for a long stay student visa. In my case, it took 10 working days after I finally got a notification that my visa had been approved. Some erasmus mundus courses will purchase a plane ticket on your behalf but the amount will be deducted from your scholarship.

      Best regards,

  32. jp

    Hello there!

    I would just like to ask: is it really necessary for applicants to present TOEFL/IELTS scores if their Universities use English as the main medium of instruction? Could they not just present proofs or certifications that their respective school’s main medium of instruction is English? My question might raise some “Duh!”s but I believe that the tests are quite pricey and so I was thinking if it is possible to do away with them and have certifications instead.

    Many thanks and God bless!

    Very nice site by the way 🙂

    • vladimer

      to JP,

      it depends upon the consortium. Some of them are quite rigid with their policy regarding language exam, especially those from Netherlands. It would be better if you email them about this.


  33. Saqib ALi

    THis is really very helpful place for discussion.

    I have been granted the category “B” scholarship for ME3. The doccuments I recieved mention that 16000 euro will be deducted as fee and 4000 euro will be paid as lump sump. But there is no any mention of monthly allowance.

    As the total amount of scholarship for 2 years is 20000 euros. So How would I get the monthly allowance then?

    • vladimer

      to ali,

      if that’s the case then you will not receive any allowance.


  34. @jp: yes, you can do that. if the consortium finds it adequate proof, then good for you. 🙂
    @saqib: now that is for the consortium to answer.
    @bon: the process might have changed since i applied. if i remember correctly, it took about three weeks.

  35. jp

    @musanggala: thank you very much! 🙂

  36. Bon

    @musanggala: thanks a lot. yes, i believe it’s quite easier now. it took two days. 🙂

  37. hikaru85

    Does anyone here know when the pre-departure ceremonies is?

    • no announcement yet. will post when the delegation sets the date.

      • vladimer

        what is this pre-daparture seminar about? can i join this? is it required to attend?

      • hikaru85

        is there still a possibility that we’ll be having a pre-departure ceremonies…?

  38. J

    Hi everyone, my question might sound silly, 🙂 but do you need to have really good grades to be considered for an erasmus scholarship? I’m just a regular student during college but my line of work now is related to my bachelor’s degree and i work at a reputable company. so, experience wise I guess I can compete with the other applicants. but TOR-wise, as I say I’m just a regular dude in college. 🙂

    also, normally, would anyone know what is the passing score do they consider (the program I’m interested provided a detailed percentage breakdown criteria).

    Thank you so much and good luck to everyone who’s set to leave for this coming academic year. Ingat! 🙂

    • they do not reveal the criteria. my guess is that the weight varies per consortium. academic achievement is probably the biggest consideration. if your grades are average, your references and letter of intent have to make up for this. remember that your application will be considered against those with better grades, so you have to prove your aptitude and willingness to work hard in other ways. good luck! 🙂

      • deL

        Hi I just want to ask if Erasmus Mundus applicants and recipients are bulk of summa cum laudes or honor students? Most of the grade requirements are in letters or ECT scale and i dont know their equivalents in a regular numerical grading system of 1-5. Is a typical student who has 2.0 as GPA eligible to apply?? or 1.00 to 1.75 general average is mandatory? Thanks for your response : ))

    • vladimer

      I also believe that luck must be on your side during the selection process. If you feel lucky go ahead and apply!

  39. mika

    Hi! I’m planning to apply this year and I’m really hoping I get accepted. If I don’t, do they allow previous applicants to apply again in the following year/s?

    And thank you for putting up this helpful website. :]

    • you’re welcome, mika! yes, you may apply again 🙂

    • vladimer

      just want to let you know that based on statistics only 7% of the total number of applicants got accepted every year. who knows you might be included in the 7% lucky applicants who will be accepted.

  40. Brenna

    Hi All,

    I am looking to apply this October for next years MAPP program. I am very excited and would love to talk to someone who is an alumni or is currently in this program. I have a lot of questions regarding requirements, letters of intent and am basically wondering what they are looking for. I would also like to know how you liked the program along with job opportunities once you completed the two years.

    Thank you so much!

    • Nickie

      Hi Brenna,

      I’m thinking of applying as well, but I’m actually thinking of deferring for at least another year. I just graduated from college, so I don’t think I have the chance to actually get the EM scholarship. Although I did graduate with latin honors, I don’t think I have what it gets to get the EM at the moment. Good luck to you! I might change my mind though! 🙂 wish us both luck!

  41. Katty


    I’m interested in applying to the EMTM program and all your comments have helped a lot in giving me a general idea of the application process.

    I’d like to add on to J’s comment – I was an above average student in school and can compete with other applicants experience-wise. However, that experience is totally unrelated to the program I’d like to get in to. How will this affect my evaluation?

    Thanks so much!!

  42. Mark T.

    Hi everyone,

    Im considering applying for the EMLE and EMTTLF Program this year. Are there any EMLE or EMTTLF alumni in the group who can share some tips for the application process as well as their experience in the program. Hope someone can guide me.

    Many thanks.

    Mark T.

    • Adri

      Hi Mark,

      I have applied to both programs recently. Have you finally decided to apply?

  43. Nickie

    To all the EM alumni,

    I was just wondering how many years of experience do I need to have (like the average) to increase my chances of getting the scholarship. I’m thinking of applying for the Global Studies- The European Perspective program, MAPP and IMESS for this year. But I just graduated from college.

    I just want to know my chances of acquiring one. I have good academic records (I graduated with latin honors), and I will be working for Reuters this year. I was just wondering if I should defer for another year to apply or should try my luck now. I just want to know your opinion since you’ve been in my position for a time. Thank you so much!


    • Jennyl

      Hi Nickie!

      In my opinion, there’s no harm in giving a try this year except for the expenses that you may spend during the application process. I know of some fresh graduates who were successfully accepted in the EM scholarships. Besides, you graduated with honors, so i guess you have a good chance. Goodluck 🙂

  44. lynn

    hi nickie,
    most programs require 2 years experience. but as I have noted, they credited work done (paid or unpaid) during college. and it helps if your job is very much related to the course you will be applying. good luck!

    • Nickie

      Thanks for the reply! 🙂 I’ve decided to try my luck and apply for MUNDUS MAPP. 🙂 Any advice? I have less than 3 months to prepare everything, and I’m actually excited to try out. If I wont get the scholarship this year, I will try again next year. 🙂

  45. Hello! I just want to ask two questions about the recommendation letters by academic teachers/employers.

    1. Should the letters be appropriated to the programme I am applying for?

    2. Suppose I’m applying for 2 Masters courses, should the recommendation letters be different? Or can I use the same letters I have used in applying for the other programme?

    Thank you so much.

    • the letters should of course be addressed to the program. as for the content, it depends on how you ask your referees to write it. if you want them to be more specific to the program (preferable), that is fine. but if you just want them to write a general letter and make two copies each, i think that would be ok.

      • irene gonda

        hi. as for me, the recommendation letter was more of explaining why im worthy of the shcolarship under the that okay?

  46. drigz

    Hi again!
    The program I am applying for, EMMEP, says that an extensive resume must be included in the documents to be sent to them. Do they have a specific format that I should use? I can only think of the formats I usually send to employers and my other scholarship applications. Do you know of the European Curriculum Vitae Format?
    Hope to hear from you soon. I need to submit the requirements before the Nov1 deadline.
    Thanks a lot!

  47. you can google the european CV and just make it as detailed as possible in the areas that would be of interest to the programme. all the best!

  48. drigz

    yes, i already have the template but do you think i am eligible to use the said template? all of the samples i have seen are from applicants from with EU nationals. I guess the european cv only fits their citizens. anyway, if that is the case i’ll just use other formats.thanks!

  49. Nickie

    I was just wondering, can I use the Europass Curriculum Vitae for my CV? THANKS! 🙂

  50. drigz

    hi! I have already sent my application documents to the specific address for the programme I am applying for. How long do they usually email the applicant that they have received the documents? I have been waiting for six almost 10 days since the courier delivered them. Thanks.

    • i don’t think they acknowledge receipt of applications. you will have to check with them yourself if you would like to make sure.

  51. elmo

    HI! Just a quick question, will toefil or ielts be required for filipinos or can it be waived since english is the medium of instruction in the phils.?

    thanks a lot! ^^,

  52. elmo

    got the answer above… =P

    but… do most of the current and previous em scholars did really go through ielts/toefil?…

    thanks! 😀

  53. Adri

    Hello everyone!

    I have recently applied to the EMLE and EMTTLF programs.
    I have a doubt about my TOEFL score report. I took the exam almost 2 years ago. They expire late December 2010.

    I have already sent all supporting documents to the EMLE program, but for the EMTTLF program the application is online and only preselected candidates are contacted to send the original documents.

    The application deadline for EMTTLF is in February, so the ETS wont be able to report my scores by then.

    I am already preparing to take the exm again, but my question is… should I contact EMTTLF letting them know about my situation? I am afraid that they wont consider my application because of the date of my scores, even if they were in force by the time of my application.

    Should I wait to see if I get preselected and then send them my new scores?

    Thank you in advance for your help!



    • pinoyerasmusmundus

      don’t worry about the scores. i don’t think they will be strict about this since the results are not that old. cheers!

  54. iya

    Hello Everyone!

    I’m a UPD BSFT grad. I’m applying to 3 programs under EM for next year, namely: Sefotech.nut, EMFOL and FIPdes. I’m just curious, does your chance of getting admitted increase if you promise a return service to our country – the Philippines (since most Scholarship require such)? Or it wouldn’t matter?

    Also, If they grant you a scholarship for masters is it possible to continue studying as an EM scholar to get a PhD?

    • can’t say. the return condition is not very clear.

      you can apply again for the EM phd after your masters. it is a separate application.

  55. Doy

    Hi All. I applied for MEDEG 2011 intake. I just want to ask if the selection committee is strict on the date the IELTS was taken. I took mine in July 2008. Would it matter if it is 2 years and 4 months already since I took the test? They did not explicitly state in their website and fact sheets that IELTS should be within 2 years.

  56. Dear

    Hello there everyone.

    My name is Dear from Thailand. I hope you don’t mind if I join you guys here and ask a few questions..

    I’m applying for EMTM (tourism management) and have submitted my on-line application on the 24th Novermber (the dateline was the 5th December) and was waiting for the validation notification which should be sent to my email within a few days after that,according to their website.

    But now I still haven’t got any notifications! I was very worried if my application was safely received or not so I emailed them to ask and they replied me last Wednesday to confirm the reception of my application and they asked me to wait for a few days for the validation notification. I was relieved then but up until now I still haven’t heard anything from them!!

    Should I be worried?? Has anyone applying for this program already got your notification??

    My friend said I should email them again but I’m afraid they would think I’m a freak and I should know by now that they are not concidering my application….

    I’m so sorry I’m balbling here but I’m freaking out. HELP ME PLEASE!

  57. Melai

    Hi, everyone. This website has been useful and encouraging. Seeing many fellow Filipinos acquiring EM Scholarships gave me hope. Btw, I applied for MAPP. I hope many Filipinos get into the EM Program for 2011-2013 (hopefully me too. Goodluck to us and may God help us).

    Thank you and God bless.

    • Nickie

      Hi! 🙂

      I’m applying for MAPP too! goodluck on your application! What path are you considering? Mine is YORK-BARCELONA **crosses fingers**

      • Melai

        Hi, Nickie.

        Mine is ISS (The Hague)-CEU (Budapest).

        Praying for the best,

      • Julie

        Hi Nickie and Melai,

        Hope you both get in (I am currently in my final year at IBEI). The results should come out this week. Good luck!


      • Melai

        Hi, Julie.

        Thank you for your support.

        My status (on Embark) said I am admitted to the program but waitlisted for the scholarship.

        I am praying (and hoping) to get a scholarship since it seems difficult to find alternative means to finance the tuition and other expenses in pursuing a MAPP degree.

        Again thank you. Goodluck to all applicants.


      • Ana

        Hi Melai,

        I applied for MAPP and have the same results too. But did you get any emails from them regarding your EM confirming your status?


      • Melai

        Hi, Ana.

        I have not receive any email from the Mundus MAPP administration. I just saw my status on Embark.

        But I learned that some received an email explaining their status.

        What about you?


      • Ana

        Hi Melai,

        I have not received any response from them too. I’m kinda worried, I read from FB page of Mundus Mapp that some received email from the coordinator saying that they are on the reserve list for EM scholarship.

      • Melai

        Hi, Ana.

        Good day!

        I also read that from the Facebook group, and even asked another Filipino applicant about it. We should probably wait for the official email since the MAPP website did advise that announcements will be made by April 1 ( We might need to wait for a month).

        I wish everyone goodluck. Let us hope and pray for the best.


      • Melai

        Hi, everyone.

        I would like to know if other applicants for the Mundus MAPP already receive an email from the coordinators. I have yet to receive an email explaining my current status.


    • Hi all! I’m applying for Mundus MAPP 2012. Any tips? Hi Julie! Is IBEI ok? It’s a choice between Barcelona and York for the second year. I like Barcelona so I can also learn Spanish on the side, but York is nearer London (my dream city!haha)!

      • Julie

        Hi Jong,
        I didn´t realize it´s now York/IBEI for the second year! In which case, the choice is easy: York, hands down. Good luck!

      • Yes, they’re changing it starting next year. So it’s now CEU/ISS (I’m taking CEU) and York/IBEI. York it is, then! Thanks Julie! Hope can make it:)

  58. noel

    Hi Ms. Abby,

    I’ve been reading on this site ever since I’ve learned about and been intersted in the Erasmus Mundus program. I happy to tell you that I am currently on the process of completing the requirements for the IMMIT Program which I believe you are an alumna of. The only thing I need is the GRE Exam which I will have to take next week. I really like the IMMIT Program that most of my free time I spend reading the its curriculum.

    I have written this message to get some insights about the program. What is the usual crowd of the program, their undergraduate studies and line of work? What do you think is the chances of a Filipino getting into the program? Do you know any other Filipino IMMIT Scholar after you?

    I am an IE graduate and is currently employed as Business Systems Specialist for a local Food Manufacturer. I’ve been in the IT industry for more than two years now and already handled projects like SAP implementation.

    What do you think is my chances of getting in? Do you think it will be worth telling in my motivation letter that I was promoted twice with in this year for my very good performance.

    Hope to hear from you.

    • i’m sorry, but i am not an IMMIT alumna. i will try to link you with sheila santiago. 🙂

      • noel

        Hi Ms. Abby,

        I am really sorry. I thought she is you. =)

        I do appreciate your help.


  59. Hello! I was just wondering… is it possible that you will be considered for a scholarship in more than one programme? In that case, would they give you the option to choose among the programmes you applied for?

  60. lynn

    hi guys, I’m in first year of Eeuropean Masters on Sustainable Regional Health Systems.
    I want more Filipinos on the program or any program so you can ask me questions about it.
    here is my email

    1. Check on your individual programs if you can just get a certification from the school registrar that English is the medium of instruction in our schools. Some accept that Filipinos do not need IELTS or TOEFL. I saw a program where Philippines is NOT included in the countries where they ask for the english exams (meaning exemption). I don’t remember the program but check and ask or email or call the coordinator. Some do not answer back but be patient.

    2. If you get accepted, email me esp if Spain is the first country you will be going. I had a hard time completing the visa requirements and university requirements myself so I don’t want that to happen to anyone.

    Best of Luck!

    • batanggala

      Hi Lynn,

      I applied for the same programme for 2011. When did you get the result las time? They told me in an email that they will not notify those who did not get in the programme…

  61. Charmaine Dela Cruz

    Hi! I just passed my application form for the Erasmus Mundus Mobility with Asia and I havent received a confirmation email yet if they already received my application. Does the confirmation email take longer than usual to be sent? Thank you!

    • did they say that they would send a confirmation email? wait until maybe the third week of january. if nothing arrives, just ask. it is also possible that they do not send confirmations. in which case, i hope your application can be tracked.

      • Charmaine

        Yes and that they will send a pdf copy of my application. I haven’t received any yet :-< Thank you, anyway! I really do hope they got it.

    • What’s the difference between Erasmus Mundus Mobility Asia and EACEA? Thank you. 🙂

  62. Paulo

    Hi everyone!

    I would like to ask if the universities from Europe also accept IELTS scores from IDP Australia. In the university I’m applying for, they said that they only accept scores from the British Council. I really think that there is no difference whether you took your IELTS from IDP or British Council, but I’m worried that they won’t accept my scores. D:

    • lynn

      I really think it doesn’t matter whether the IELTS came from IDP australia or British Council. I had mine from IDP.

  63. Nikolas


    Is there any one here who has already applied to IMESS programme? How long do you think it will take them to evauate our applications (they had a pretty early deadline this time – December, 17)?

    • Toto

      Hey Nikolas.
      I applied for IMESS and waiting to hear the result too.
      We should hear something by 17 Feb, hopefully.

      • Nikolas

        Hi, Toto!

        I received a confirmation that I would get a response from them by Feb. 15. Did they tell you they would reply by Feb. 17? May I ask you when you have sent submitted your application? As for me, I submitted mine in late November. Good luck to both of us !

      • Volver

        Hello Nikolas and Toto,

        I, too applied for IMESS. 🙂

        Applied fairly late (just before the deadline) via snail mail. Did not receive any confirmation per se and I had to email them to check.

        Wasnt informed about the 15th Feb response though.
        Very anxious…..
        Good luck guys!

      • Toto

        According to IMESS web site, the result is announced within 6-8 weeks after application deadline. So, it’s 17th FEB.
        Im a bit nervous here as the IELTS I submitted was only 6.5

      • Nikolas

        Guys! I already know 2 persons who received rejections from IMESS. Have you heard anything from them yet? I haven’t 😦

      • Toto

        hey ya.

        it wasnt good news for me as well. but hey, good luck to you Nico! 🙂

      • Nikolas

        That’s too bad! I have the worst apprehension about the outcome of my application. Thank you anyway, Toto and good luck in all other ambitions of yours 🙂

      • Volver

        Sorry about to hear about that Toto…

        I’m still waiting anxiously … i reckon todays the day?

      • Volver

        Hi Niko,

        any news from IMESS? I haven’t received any news yet.

        Toto, if you’re still here, how did you receive your notification? via email?


      • Toto

        Havent you guys received the feedback?
        The letter was dated 21st Jan and it arrived in my mailbox on the 15th FEB.

        good luck all 🙂

      • Volver

        Hello Toto,

        I havent heard from IMESS at all :O kinda worried.

        Niko, if you’re still here, what about you.

      • Nikolas

        Hi Toto and Volver!

        Still waiting for their reply. This is getting on my nerves!

        Toto, have they contacted you firstly by e-mail and then by snail mail?

        Volver, today I have tried to call the Admissions office, but no one picked up the phone. Guess, it was too late.

      • Volver

        Hi Niko,

        Yeah, this year’s really late. From what I read in another forum, last year’s applicants received emails 12th Feb.

        Did you receive any emails from them?

        I emailed them but did not receive any response as we speak.

      • Nikolas

        Hey, Volver!

        I called the admissions today. They told me I was issued a conditional on my graduation letter. One the one hand, this is great news, on the other, it is not, as this has nothing to do with the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. I didn;t receive any e-mails from IMESS, so I’m still ignorant about the results of the scholarship nomination.

      • Volver

        Hi Niko!

        Wow, that seems to be the best news I’ve heard in weeks. Congrats. 🙂

        However, didnt the admissions people inform you of your scholarship status as well?

        Still no news on my end.

      • Nikolas

        Volver, they said that they didn’t know about the scholarship.

        Do you know anyone who has already received anything from IMESS themselves (not from UCl)?

      • Volver

        Hey Niko,

        I’ve got an email stating I will be recommended for the programme., subject to UCL’s conditions. As for the scholarship, i’m non the wiser as well.

        Gosh, i’m very nervous and hopeful at the same time, if ya know what i mean.

        And no, the only news i’ve heard from others are that of rejection letters so far. Any news you know of?

      • Nikolas

        Hey, Volver!

        Congrats and good job! I hope for the best and that we will be the lucky ones. No news on my side, though. Still waiting.

      • Nikolas

        Hi Volver!

        Any news from our dearest IMESS? 🙂 As for me, I’m still waiting for the results. How exhausting!

      • Volver

        Hi Niko,

        EXhausting is the perfect word to use. Well, I received a snail mail copy of UCL’s offer for a place. Its just an official letter stating what the email mentioned prior. You received that?

        No news about the scholarship though. I reckon its next week?

      • Nikolas


        I haven’t received a hard copy of an offer letter, but I called the admissions and they told me they have sent it to me.

        Why do you think that next week they’l announce the results?

      • Volver

        I just received a rejection letter. 😦

      • Nikolas

        Volver, I received a rejection as well.

      • Volver


        Know anyone who got it? and their background perhaps?

      • Nikolas


        I’d love to know such people. Unfortunately, I don’t. Do you think you’ll apply to IMESS next year?

    • Volver

      I don’t know really. Its kinda disheartening. What about you?

      • Nikolas

        Probably, I’m applying to other master;s programmes as well. If I don’t get enough funding, I’ll try IMESS again. But, yeah, I’m feeling pretty discouraged right now.

  64. Sha

    Hello! I am planning to apply to one of the Erasmus Mundus scholarships (undergrad study for 6 or 10 months) and I am in 3rd year standing in the university. My question is… if ever I get the scholarship for example this year, will I ever be given another chance to take another scholarship for example two years after like for masterals? Or since I was able to get a scholarship, the chance of getting another scholarship in the second time will be lesser because opportunities will then be offered to first timers?

    • Jill

      Hi Sha,

      I think most, if not all EM scholarships would require that the applicant has not yet studied or LIVED in EU for at least 1 year. So if it’s just 6-10 months, I think that’s okay. Better yet, ask the program coordinator directly.

  65. Bikram

    I am applying for one of the course DMKM, can someone help me to clarify regardding recommendation letter please. I am working for a firm for 3 years and university passed 3 years back. Most of the professors are either retired or left the
    Is it fine if I get recommendation from my Managers at work though they are asking for 2 recommendation from acedemic teachers ?
    Is it fine if I provide private mail ids of profeesor for recommendation. Most of the professors do not have official mail Ids ?


  66. Volver

    Sorry about that Toto.

    Nico, I havent heard from them as well.

    Gosh, this is so nerve wrecking! I hope this means good news?

    • Nikolas

      Hey, Volver!

      I have no idea what this means….I’m very anxious as well. I haven’t heard from them anything, though in Jan UCL admissions sent me an e-mail that they will inform me about the admission to the programme (regardless the scholarship) by Feb 15. But I haven’t received anything!

      • Volver

        Hey Niko,

        Alas, the 15th came and gone and no news.

        Next cut off date on the 17th, which is 8 weeks after the deadline? I think the refresh button my email account is wonky now hahahahah

  67. doy

    Hi all. Anybody here who applied for MEDEG and received feedback on his application already?

    • nelz

      I have applied for MEDEG as well. I haven’t heard anything. I am quite worried now. What’s your profile and what do you think about the program?

      • doy

        They emailed that the results will be emailed on Feb 28. I am not really confident on my chances of getting in. My academic background is on development and finance. not much on eco. My eilts is also a few months more than 2 years. Did you receive confirmation from them as to when will they announce the results? How about your profile?

    • nelz

      I am from pak..have done economics majors. But I have zero work experience!

    • nelz

      i havent taken an english test. I have my degree in english. Does that make a difference

  68. Noy

    I just received an email from the committee of the NOHA Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. I was told that I am in the reserve list and in case there is a vacancy they will inform me right away and give me the letter of invitation for the program.

    I wish to know if usually there is a big chance for waitlisted applicants to land in the program? Are there any instances that waitlisted applicants were able to get into the program?


    • chichibubu

      Hello Noy,

      This is difficult to answer because of the following reasons:

      1) your chance of being accepted depends on your rank in the waiting list
      2) the number of accepted applicants that will back-out

      In any case, try to inquire if the program also offers other scholarships, because in some cases they do.

    • DJ Yabis

      hi noy,

      yes, i am doing my EM right now and yes its possible. I know some Filipino EM’s who got in and they were on the reserve list before. Thing is it really depends on how many people defers the offer from the main list and it also depends on your ranking in the reserve list. sometimes, they have 100 people in the reserve list. so cross your fingers. 😀

  69. merc!

    hey! anyone who applied for mundus urbano program? any response from them?

    • cassy

      hi merc! They emailed me two days ago. They said that the final selection and announcement will be in May.

      • merc!

        Hi Cassy,
        i checked my mai & found the email. i got so excited. So does that email mean that out of the 250 who applied they selected some whom they had sent the email amd there is going to be a second selection? It seams very competitive. Best wishes to both of us.

  70. Anna


    I have a question, any response(s) will be highly appreciated. 🙂 Here goes:

    In case you have applied for more than one Erasmus Mundus programs, does sending in your confirmation to be on the reserve list of one EM program cause you to become disqualified for consideration at all in another EM program whose result haven’t been announced yet? All the programs don’t announce their results at the same time so I’m confused? :S


    • pinoyerasmusmundus

      no, you will not be disqualified. but inform the other programs of your decision in case you have accepted a place.

  71. drigz

    got an email already saying that I am nominated for an erasmus mundus scholarship.
    i received the email on feb 17.

    • cassy

      hi drigz. Which EM scholarship?

    • Melai

      Congratulations! 🙂

    • sara

      Hey..I have applied for MEDEG..Did anyone get any response yet?? I am getting worried now. And those who have been selected, please share your GPA, work experience etc

      • sanjiv

        HI Sara. I applied for MEDEG too and have not received any communication from them yet. I have a degree in Finance and am currently doing my masters in applied economics which I expect to graduate from next month. Has been working in the banking industry for 3 years also. How about your profile?

      • sara

        Oh man, your is much better than mine. I have just graduated from my university. I dont have any masters. I have no work experience. I am really worried. I think erasmus prefers people with work experience. But I hope whatever happens happens for the best iA. 🙂

  72. drigz

    btw, thank you guys!. they say they’ll announce by april the final list.
    i hope everything turns out well for all of us. god bless

    • nelz

      congrats! please tell us whats your profile like. Do you have work experience?

  73. nelz

    i guess work experience matters a lot then!

    • merc!

      i read somewhere on this blog site that there have been some recent graduaates who were considered for a scholarship

      • nelz

        Yes, but i dont know maybe that’s an exception. I just hope iA everything turns out for the best. 🙂

  74. Question. Most Erasmus Mundus scholars are achievers in college, am I right? I am an average student back in college but I excel in the line of work I do now.

    • Jill

      Hi Jack!

      Just make sure that your letter of intent will highlight your work experience and that your referees will categorically state your work achievement. Good luck!

  75. sanjiv

    Hi All, has anyone received feedback from MEDEG already?

    • sara

      do tell me when you get the mail . of course you dont need to tell the result. Just tell me when you get any mail. Thanks!

  76. sara

    sanjiv, i havent heard nething yet. I am waiting. Today is the day. May it be a good one.

    • hannah

      hi sara, i also applied to medeg but as of now, i have received no mail. let us just pray and hope for the best. it is well

    • sanjiv

      Hey Sara, Nelz, Noy

      Did you receive an email from MEDEG. I havent received anything yet. Although they emailed me previously that results will be release on Feb 28.

  77. Ana

    Hey Guys,

    Did anyone get any response from MAPP yet? or any provisional acceptance from them?

    • blu

      Hi Ana, you can actually check your status by logging on to the Application Website (EMBARK). There’s a tab there marked “Track Your Status”.

  78. blu

    Hi Ana, you can check at the Application Website (EMBARK). There’s a tab marked “TRACK YOUR STATUS”.

  79. sanjiv

    Hi Sara, Nelz, Doy

    have you received an email from MEDEG already? I havent received any although they emailed me previously that results will be sent on Feb 28.

  80. sara

    hi sanjiv, hannah and everyone else,

    28th passed and still no mail. still hoping and praying for the best.

    • Rumi14

      I also applied for MEDEG and got no reply…..

  81. charissa

    hey guys, also waiting for MEDEG. Wonder how many applied for this program for PH. 🙂

  82. charissa

    follow-up question to alumni.. is it ok to e-mail to ask when they will release the results? the MEDEG website says this: Admitted, reserve and rejected students will be notified timely, i.e. by 28th February 2011 (Third-country) and 31st May 2011 (European), in order to allow admitted students from Third-countries to apply for visas (if required).

    • just wait a week more. after that, then you probably didn’t make it this year. all the best!

      • nelz

        are you sure? i was thinking of mailing them 😦

  83. nelz

    hi Musanggala,

    You mean that the selected students would have been notified early? They said that they will even explain why you have been accepted/rejected/put in reserve list. So wouldn’t that mean that they will mail everyone? I am really worried. I love this program

  84. sara

    Here’s what i found on urch site:

    The selection process has finished on 28th February. In a few days all candidates will be received an statement informing of the outcome of their application in the selection process.

    There has been a large number of applications this year and the process will take more than a week but all applicants will be informed of the result.

    Best regards,
    Elvira Bergantiños

  85. Hasnu

    I got the nomination by the selection committee for erasmus mundus scholarship.
    Does that ensure my scholarship by EACEA?

    They told me that I would get the final feedback after 4-6 weeks but I am becoming nervous day by day 😀

    I received the mail on 18th Feb.

  86. sara

    hi hasnu,

    which scholarship is this

    • hannah

      hi sara and hasnu,

      hope u are fine. anyway sara, i wrote to the consortium and received the same reply as what you posted yesterday so am abit confused as to the scholarship hasnu is talking about. however, hasnu, we will all appreciate if you give us the details of the scholarship you received so we can make our plans with a more relaxed mind. thanks, all the best.

      • hasnu

        Hi sara and hannah,

        Its cosse program.
        I was wondering, is it a formality to get the confirmation of scholarship by the EU comission? or, the nomination changes sometimes? bit worried here.

        wish you all the best sara and hannah. fingers crossed!!

  87. I am also waiting for the MEDEG results 2011. Hope to receive the results soon.

  88. iya

    I’m waiting for the Fipdes results…is there anyone who applied for fipdes as well? my coordinator promised results by this week but still there’s no mail 😦 …I really have to make up my mind since studying locally is my contingency plan and masters application in my target ph university has already started…waiting can be really exhausting….haaayzzzz….best of luck to all of us!

    • iana

      i also applied to fipdes this year, im supposly in a reserve list but i really doent know waht are the chances of getting the scholarship, does someone know????

      • lynn

        write your coordinator and ask your number/place in the reserve list and how many asians are on top of you….and ask what are you chances of getting accepted..

      • J

        hello. i’m also on reserve list on fipdes. i read their email again this morning co’z im also wondering what happened to my application. it says there they will give update on status by mid april. its the 15th today, hopefully we’ll get word next week. God bless to us. i’m praying we get in 🙂 keep me posted.


  89. sara

    hello hansu,

    Thanks for the wish! And i wish you the best as well. I think you should wait for confirmation if that is mentioned in the site. But nomination is a pretty solid thing. If I were you, I would be very positive about this.


  90. staple

    Hello Hansu and everybody else,

    I have been nominated for an EM (Phd) fellowship in the main list that is to be sent to the EACEA for approval. Does anybody know what procedures this stage of the process involves?…like What does the EACEA test, What kind of conditions does it want satisfied…What are one’s chances?, etc…Am getting nervous. If anybody including EM alumni can throw any light on this, I would be grateful.

    Thanks. Best of luck to those who are waiting to hear from their programs.

    • pinoyerasmusmundus

      just wait for them to confirm that you have been accepted. no actions required from you at this point.

  91. sara

    one week has passed. God forbid, are we out of the running for medeg?! 😦

  92. june

    hi sara,
    Don’t be so pessimitism. A little bit more patient ! i am trying to convince myself that way

  93. drigz

    hi guys!
    i also received an email saying that I’m nominated for an EM scholarship.
    and i asked them what are the chances of getting in and they say that usually all their nominees get the scholarship. i really hope so. come April, I will know if it is true.
    hoping for the best for all of us.=)

    yeah, more patience. and prayers.

  94. AD

    I have applied for MERIT masters and MAPNET. Has any applied to any one of these two? I have not received their e-mail till today. Is there any chance that they send the results directly via postal-mail?? I was still in my last semester at the time of application, however, I have an excellent academic percentage and good recommendation letters. Can anyone stipulate my chances of getting the scholarship?

  95. sara

    hey drigz…which one?

  96. sara

    hello june,

    thanks for the support. 😀

  97. june

    waiting makes me really exhausted. anyone who got result, please do tell others. thanks you very much !

  98. charissa

    To all my MEDEG co-applicants, think we can wait a bit more.. but i do hope they give the results already this week.. 🙂

  99. sara

    do all of u medeg applicants have work experience?

  100. charissa

    Hi Sara, i have 3 yrs. Did you apply to the Warwick Yr 1 option? I took the Carlos Madrid option

  101. sara

    i took the warwick options. Unfortuntaely I have no work experience. That puts me at a disadvantage, right?

  102. charissa

    not necessarily, since they have a criteria and they take into account a lot of things. What’s your undergrad? mine’s business. I’ll allow myself to start going crazy if they don’t e-mail this week :p

  103. Hello! I just want to ask what’s the difference between EMMA(sia) and the normal Erasmus Mundus scholarship? If I applied to three programmes in the normal Erasmus Mundus scholarship, does it mean I am not anymore eligible to apply to EMMA? Or is it a separate entity? Please enlighten me. Thank you 🙂

  104. jp

    Hello everyone!

    I applied to the EMM Nanoscience program and was promptly rejected 😦 Is there anyone who applied to the same program as I did?

    • Jan

      Hey! I applied to the same program. I’m on the reserve list though.

      • Hi Jan! I’m also part of the reserve list of the programme I applied to. What’s your next plan? Will you wait for it?

      • jp

        Hello Jan!

        Wow, good for you! I hope that you’d get a slot 🙂 I really wanted to get in but I guess they did not think I was qualified enough. If you don’t mind my asking, do you have research related work experience? I think I would want to try applying again next year, just need to boost my credentials a bit I guess 🙂

      • eya

        Hi April,

        I’m on the reserve list of my program too. They said that if they do not contact me by April 15 then I should probably try again next year. I really don’t know what to do now since I have to let my current boss know if I will renew my contract for another school year.

        What are your plans? =)

      • Jan

        I hope so too. I just started working in research when I applied to the program. I just graduated last year. 🙂

      • eya

        Hi Jan,

        How many none-EU slots are they giving away? And would you know your ranking in the reserve list?

      • Hello Eya! I just resigned from work. I need to apply for a new job soon. If I don’t get the slot, I’ll try next time.:) For now, I plan to start my masters here in the Philippines, until I have another opportunity to do it overseas.

      • jp

        Hi Jan!

        Wow, you just graduated last year? Then you must have killer credentials then 🙂 One last question if you don’t mind 🙂 What course did you take up for your bachelor’s degree?

      • Jan

        eya, I think there are only 7 slots, so I am not really sure if i’ll get in.
        jp, i have a degree in biochemistry.

      • eya


        Good plan. Good luck! =)

      • jp


        I see, I see. Thanks! 🙂 I hope that you’d get a slot in the program. Keep us posted 😀

  105. Charmaine

    Did anyone apply for the EMMA program?

    • drigz

      hi eya!
      though i applied for another program (EMMEP),…i believe each program have a ranking of the people on the reserve list. EMMEP gave a list (in order) of the reserve candidates and there were 9 on that list.

      • eya

        hi drigz,

        thank you for the information. in my program (IMEC), there are only 9 none-EU slots available. they also let us know our individual rank in the reserve list. how many none-EU slots does EMMEP have?

  106. drigz


    on our list, there were only 8 non-EU slots for EMMEP.

    • eya

      Thanks drigz!

      Congratulations again!

      All the best,

  107. drigz

    ur welcome.
    am still waiting for their final confirmation by April.
    all the best for your plans too.


    • peps

      Hi drigz, I know you’re already starting on your first semester in wroclaw. Congratulations! I am really interested on applying for the emmep 2012-2014 programme. Do I need to take the toefl or ielts? Can’t I simply present a certification from university stating that English is the general medium of instruction? thanks for the help.

      • drigz

        i took the iellts to be sure.but maybe you can email them if the english test can be waived. i also submitted a certificate that english was our medium of instruction. goodluck and have a great day!

  108. june

    one more week passed, and I wonder where we (medeg applicants) are in the selection procedure. Maybe next time !

    • charissa

      Hi June! I was asking myself the same thing then i checked the urch site since we got the other update before from there and there’s a new post:

      “The selection process has finished on 28th February. In a few days all
      candidates will be received a statement informing of the outcome of their
      application in the selection process.
      There have been a large number of applications this year and the process
      will take more than two weeks but all applicants will be informed of the
      Best regards,
      Elvira Bergantiños”

      so 1 more week to wait, let’s hope for the best 🙂

  109. june

    thanks charissa !
    By the way, i am from vietnam, my major is business. I graduated in 2009, and I am working for about 1 year. Nice to meet you all !

  110. pol

    Anyone who applied to Erasmus SERP?

    • Jan

      i also applied to that program. and i am also on the reserve list. sigh. 😦

    • pol

      woah, i hope that you’d get a slot jan 🙂 i passed the program but i have yet to know the results of the scholarship. i won’t be able to afford the program if i don’t get a scholarship offer so i hope that i’d get one. good luck to both of us 🙂

  111. Asad Ali

    Hi Friends!
    My name is Asad Ali I applied for Master in Special and Inclusive Education (SIE) Program under Erasmus Mundus. Did any1 applied for this? I want also to know who will get first reply selected one or rejected one :).

  112. sara

    so whats going on? Do you think i should mail medeg and ask or does it seem pushy? If they had said that they wont be mailing all students, i would have thought that this is rejection. But they said they will mail everyone. So that makes me a bit anxious. I dont know whether it’s acceptance or rejection. So what to do next?

  113. sanjiv

    Somebody was already mailed with rejection by MEDEG in the URCH forum. Anyone who received anything from them already?

    • hannah

      Sanjiv, sara and all medeg applicants, i so read the same news today. does that mean those who received the scholarship have all ready been mailed?
      may be it is not so, lets still pray and hope we receive something good the week. be anxious for nothing and don’t worry, God is in control. have a fullfilled day

  114. sara

    got a rejection guys. It’s sad of course but I just wish and pray for something better.

  115. sanjiv

    hi Sara. What is the initial of your last name. I think they are sending alphabetically that is why i havent received any yet.

  116. sanjiv

    Did anyone besides Sara receive a mail from MEDEG already?

    • june

      yes, I did, a rejection too.

      • dargay

        Yeap, i got a mail today stating that i am selected for the MEDEG scholarship. Thanks for the offer.

  117. charissa

    haven’t cehcked my mail.. i’ll check it after work, so nervous :S.. i saw the rejection mail in the urch forums, and it was already depressing to know that they dropped candidates with diff degree. I wonder if they kept those with business background (like me). Good thing for you Sanjiv since you’re actually studying Econ now.. :S

  118. charissa

    haven’t checked my mail.. i’ll check it after work, so nervous :S.. i saw the rejection mail in the urch forums, and it was already depressing to know that they dropped candidates with diff degree. I wonder if they kept those with business background (like me). Good thing for you Sanjiv since you’re actually studying Econ now.. :S

  119. mardee

    Hi. Im from the Philippines. Has anyone here applied for the MA LLL? I already got a reply from the consortium. And they said that I am on the reserve list, and will let me know of their final decision by April. Im still hoping that I still have the chance to get in. I really really want this course.


  120. Avsar Dahal

    Has anyone received a reply from MERIT or MAPNET courses? Man, why are they taking so long…it’s already been 2.5 months

  121. AM

    I have applied for MSc Global Innovation Management (GIM) program under Erasmus Mundus. Did anyone applied for this program…..?

    • numair

      I had applied for GIM..they said they’d publish the results by 31st march but still there’s nothining…do u hav any update?

  122. Daisy

    I applied for Geo Info Science and Earth Observation for Envir.Modelling, On the 21st of March 2011 I received an email saying I am on a reserved list and that I must send them a confirmation email. I replied..I m so desperate,what are my chances of getting EM sholarship? Any advice.dont want to put my hopes high.

  123. I have applied for the MEDEG and am eagerly waiting for the results. Did any of our friends have got the confirmation from MEDEG?

    • june

      Hi Tobgay,
      We received rejection already ! That is weird if you have not. Maybe that is a good new. let’s hope for great thing !

      • Rumi14

        I have also applied for MEDEG but not yet received my result…

      • Oh really!!!!!!!!When did u gt the confirmation email. I m really worried too!!

  124. june

    Between 15 and 20 Mar. I think you should contact the program for more info about your status.

  125. numair

    did any one apply for the EMSD program (EU M.Sc in systems dynamics) ?

    • Sanubar

      Hi! I want to apply EMSD program. Did you apply? And did you get admitted?Please reply

  126. june

    Hi Dargay,
    Congratulation !
    I will definitely apply for this scholarship next year.
    We (those who were rejected) really need your share.
    Could you please help us ?

  127. Rumi14

    Hi Dargay,
    can you please tell me about your profile?

  128. tryphonodin

    As far as the MEDEG Erasmus- Mundus program is concerned, I received just 4 hours ago that I am in the reserve list Nr 15!!! I think that my chances are quite low, but I didn’t receive any score on the criteria they had set. Maybe next year with more luck!

  129. Avishek Singh

    Does a target gruop 2 have to write name and address of home university in confirmation statement?

  130. Avishek Singh

    Hi I am Avishek Singh from Nepal. I got confirmation for Eresmus Mundus Lot11 Asia regional 2010-2011.I have already signed and uploaded the confirmation statement.
    But till now i havent get any mail from host University.
    How long does a selected candidate needs to wait for hearing from host university?
    Please answer my questions.I am still worried……

  131. Avsar D

    Hi Avishek,

    I am from Nepal too. Which program are you selected in?? I have not got any information regarding my application yet. Also, can you give me your mail id please? I’d love to talk to you.

  132. January

    Hi everybody! It’s so great that this site is still being updated continuously and such an encouraging group i might add. I am interested in applying in Food Technology. However, i dont really know where to start?? Submission of proposal meaning that your letter of intent in studying? with the application forms, CV and your references? looking forward for your reply. thanks

  133. drigz


    i have just received the email confirming my EM scholarship last 19April. i just have some few questions:
    1) does visa application still require sufficient funds ie bank statements for students even if they already have been awarded an EM scholarship?
    2) can the post/documents the EM committee will be sending can be received by a family member in behalf of me. i am out on field and is not really sure when the documents will arrive in the country.
    3)does the EM committee itself usually set/book the tickets for students who get the scholarship?

    thanks.will be glad to hear any comments.
    have a great day everyone.=)


    • Jan

      Hi drigz, is it ok to ask on how you applied in EM? what program did you apply? im planning to apply next year. hope u can help. thanks

      • drigz

        i applied for EMMEP. application procedures are usually available on the websites of the program or consortium, some also have on the coordinating institution or university websites. u may want to check if this is the same for the program you are interested in. application deadlines vary so also check this..

  134. I got an email yesterday that I got accepted to the Mundus Urbano program but was not awarded a scholarship. 😦 I only have until June 15 to either get a 3rd party scholarship/funding or self-finance my own studies.

  135. pol

    hello everyone!

    i was accepted to the program of my choice and was awarded a scholarship 🙂 i just have a question regarding a clause that i have in my acceptance letter however.

    in the acceptance letter that i received, i found the following statement: “in addition, you will receive a fixed contribution of (X euros) for travel and installation expenses (paid 2 times: august 2011 and august 2012)”. would it be safe for me to assume that i could use the money that i would get this august to spend for my plane ticket and maybe perhaps my initial deposit for my rent? if my assumption is wrong, could you guys enlighten me about what the ‘travel and installation expenses’ might mean? 🙂

    hoping for your speedy responses 🙂

    • drigz

      hi pol,

      congratulations to you! may i know if you already received the hard copies of the needed documents from EM? i am still waiting for mine. hope it arrives before june.

      • pol

        hi drigz!

        congratulations to you too! regarding the hard copies of the needed documents, nope, they have not sent me anything yet. i have been checking my email quite religiously these past few days but i have not received anything from them since my confirmation to their program. i guess i’ll wait it out for another week before asking them about the documents.

        if you don’t mind my asking, where in europe would you be for your first semester?

      • drigz

        i will first go to poland’s wroclaw university. they have given us our mobility schedule already. how about you?
        religiously indeed here too.hehe.
        i guess i will also have to wait till next week to ask for updates on the hard copies.
        please let me know should you have your documents already.

      • pol

        i will be in orsay, france for my first semester. like you, they have already given me the mobility schedule for the entire program.

        sure, i’ll let you know when my program coordinators have contacted me regarding the required documents. likewise, please let me know when your coordinators have advised you on your next steps. i would greatly appreciate it. thanks! 😀

    • congrats, pol! your assumption is correct, but i suggest that you book as early as you can, in case the allowance is delayed. that is a nerve-wracking experience. hope you can contribute your EM experience to this blog. we haven’t had any stories for a while. 🙂

      • drigz

        hi ms abby.
        do the EM committee inform their awardees that they have already dispatched the documents to be signed. I have been awarded a scholarship (confirmation email on April19) but still has no clue regarding when these documents will arrive. our coordinator told us to be a bit more patient. i emailed them already but still no reply. would it be ok if I ask them again for updates since it has been more than a week. the coordinating institution already informed us that we should process our visas by june.
        hoping to hear any comments.

      • pol

        hi ms abby!

        thank you for your very speedy response! 🙂 i would just like to ask: is there a really good chance of the allowance coming in late? i do not really have a problem with paying for the plane ride and the initial rent deposit first and then getting the reimbursement in the form of the delayed allowance later on but in many ways, i would be more at peace if i had more pocket money with me in my first few weeks in europe 🙂 instead of using my money for the rides and rent, i’d rather use the allowance provided to me and keep the money i could have spent for some unforeseen future event.

        and yes, i would be thrilled to contribute to this blog 🙂 i do hope that in the near future, i would be able to impart stories that would entice more asians, especially filipinos, to take up further studies in europe 🙂

      • can’t say, pol. the experiences vary widely.

        looking forward to your stories and photos. 🙂

      • pol

        hi again ms abby!

        i hope you don’t mind if i ask another question, this time regarding visas. should i start applying even if my coordinator has not given me a go signal as of yet? or should i wait for their go signal before i begin the application process because they would be providing me with details on how to go about it?

        again, thank you very much and i hope to hear from you very soon. have a nice evening! 🙂

      • did your coordinator tell you to wait for the go signal? you can apply for a visa as soon as you have enough the documents that will indicate your acceptance into the institution, the dates you will be in the country and the source of your funding. without these, it is useless to apply.

      • pol

        ohh i see. they mentioned that they would come back to me as soon as they have more information so i guess i would need to wait for them to give me the details then 🙂 thank you for the help ms abby! 🙂

    • andrea

      Hi! I am quite confused. Do you have to apply first to your chosen university before you apply to erasmus mundus or you apply directly to erasmus mundus. kindly reply. thanks

  136. june

    Hi everybody,
    I really need help since I do not know what is the next step to do.
    I com from Vietnam, and I graduated in Sep, 2009. My degree is bachelor of economics, Grade: excellent, IELTS score : 7.0 (british council)
    Could you please tell me about the possibility of getting a scholarship ? I have applied for some, but what turned to me were just rejections and no responses.
    I was a little bit disappointed.

  137. Jan

    Hi! Any news on Erasmus SERP Chem?

    • pol

      hello jan!

      i was accepted into the program with a grant. they emailed me last week. have they not contacted you so far?

      • Jan

        Hey pol.

        Congratulations on that! I emailed them yesterday and they told me that the final selection has not been confirmed yet by the European Commission. Hmm, I think this is bad news. 😦

      • pol

        thank you! don’t lose hope just yet jan 😀 until the commission has made the final selection, there is still a chance of you getting in. just stay positive! i really do hope that you’d get a slot: it would be nice to have a fellow filipino for a classmate 🙂

      • Jan

        Hey pol!

        They just contacted me yesterday and I was awarded with a scholarship too! Let’s keep in touch.

  138. gamze

    Hello everybody 🙂
    I am about to graduate from Istanbul University/Turkey. Unfortunatelly, I have missed the application deadline this year(for 2011-2012 academic year). I want to apply for MALLL(Lifelong Learning) and I am wondering if any of you know the deadline for 2012 academic year?
    Besides, I was an Erasmus student in 2009 in Spain.I spent 5 months there. Do you know if having Erasmus experience is a disadvantage? :/ What are the creterias for this program?
    If any of you inform me, I will be thankful sincercly 🙂

  139. Lyn

    Hi! I am Lyn from Phils. I wish to apply for the erasmus mundus program. I also missed the application deadline this year. 😦 Am currently under a scholarship grant under Ford Foundation for my masters degree. Recently finished as well a grant from Goldman Sachs for business. My backgrounds are varied from health, social sciences and business. This October, I will also be taking another grant from Japan but under international studies which is only slighted related to my previous backgrounds.

    I am currently looking for a scholarship grant for PhD but I am as well very much interested with the masters degree available under EM. Will my chances of getting a scholarship for EM be higher if I apply again for another masters degree or will it be lesser since I have one now? Will they allow applicants for masters programs who already hold a masters degree? I’m 22 so I am thinking that compared to others who have more experience and research publications, I might not be that successful with my PhD applications. Will it be possible to apply to both a PhD and a masters degree as well? Last, do you know of any EM programs that cater to people with varying fields like me 😦 and is more focused on transdisciplinary studies or combined fields. Thanks all!

  140. staple

    Hello All.

    The EACEA has finally confirmed my EMJD (Mundus Phd) grant. My first semester (6 months) will be in the UK. Apart from the CAS number (which the university will send soon) what are the documents i have to provide the UK Visa Office for verifying that I have received the scholarship. I will be getting a stamped version of the consortium letter which includes the doctoral agreement, fellowship letter and fellowship agreement in the mail soon. But the UK Visa office asks for an ORIGINAL letter from the grant-making body, so should i request the EACEA (the EM agency) for a confirmation letter which is signed by them or are the letters from the UK home institution (which is also coordinating the program) that state I have EM fellowship enough for proof of finances while applying for the UK visa?

    Please Help! I am quite confused

    • the consortium letter should be sufficient, as it will outline the source of funding and it is the grant-making body.

      • merry

        could you please help me ,, i got accepted for the sholarship for undergrad,,they sent me a contract and i sent it back,,,but since then i havn’t heard from them,,,what should i do? i called them but the international office replied but they didn’t help at all. is this normal ,,i haven’t received the invitation letter yet ,,so i can apply for the visa,,i feel being left out

      • DJ Yabis

        merry, call them again or email them. its summer vacation in europe right now that’s why they are pretty slow with processing. are you under EMMA?

    • DJ Yabis

      staple, which EMJD program are you attending?

  141. Chep


    Im currently working as a Fixed Income Trader in RCBC and I’m planning to take my Masters next year. I heard France offers Masters programs that costs about 350 euros a sem. I was wondering if that still fits in the ERASMUS MUNDUS category. Right now I’m looking for a program that’s easy on the pocket, 1-2 years and a public university in France (cheap tuition). Aside from this, how can you get government assistance or grants by the French government? Sorry for all the questions! I feel like a headless chicken trying to figure out how the whole process works. 🙂 Hope someone can help me!


  142. Jan

    Hi everyone!

    I just received news that I was awarded with a scholarship (Erasmus-SERP). The program will start on September, in Orsay, France. Should I now start finding accommodations before applying for a visa? I’m really clueless here, I hope somebody can enlighten me. 🙂

    • pol

      before anything else, congratulations jan! 🙂

      hmm. i tried asking the secretary of SERP regarding accommodations and she said that it would be ‘the Masters that would be in charge of finding an accommodation’. she said that she would contact me once she gets more information about the accommodations available for scholars like us.

      i suggest setting up an appointment with the French embassy around the first week of july for you to have ample time to prepare the requirements for the visa 🙂 hope my reply somehow helped you.

      • Jan

        Hi pol.
        So many things happened this week. Unfortunately my erasmus mundus scholarship was cancelled 😦 because the applicant that backed out took back his slot. However, they have offered me the scholarship for next year. I’m still thinking what I should do next.

        Good luck anyway with your visa application and best of luck in your future endeavors. 🙂

      • pol

        really? man, i was hoping that i’d have a fellow filipino classmate this coming september 😦

        but then again, i guess it is good that they offered you a scholarship next year 🙂 think about it and should you decide to take the scholarship next year, just message me ( and i would gladly help you out with the procedures and all that.

        thanks for wishing me well. best of luck with your future endeavors too! 😀

  143. yel

    Hello everyone.

    I would just like to know if the selection result for the MEEES (Masters in Earthquake Engg and Engg Seismology) is already available. Thanks. 🙂

    • car

      hi! any news on EM MEEES scholars?who can we contact to know whether all applicants will be notified regardless if they have been accepted or not? thank you.

  144. Shopno

    Hi…has any here received the outcome for EMMAsia scholarship application? The results are supposed to be conveyed by now!

    • wen

      I’m also waiting for it.

      • Charmaine

        Im waiting for the results too! did you guys apply under the bachelor program or the masters?

  145. fabgib

    hi, i also have not received any email from EMMAsia YET…would you know when the official results would come out?

    • guzy

      I got an email just today re official result of EMMA application. You’ll probably get yours shortly. 🙂

  146. genre07


    I got my acceptance e-mail from EMMA last night. Our Coordinator in UP said that I just have to wait for further information, updates, and announcements. I e-mailed the Coordinator in the University of Nice for the official invitation letter and for other information with regard to my program. How long should I wait for his reply? And is there any possibility that I can still enroll for this coming semester?

    I am looking forward to your urgent response about my inquiries.

    Have a nice day!

    • fabgib

      i got accepted in EMMA too, Univ. of Nice as well…whats your course? undergrad? MA? PhD?

      • genre07

        Undergrad for 6 months, how about you? Looking forward to meet you!

    • fabgib

      Ph.D. 3 yrs…btw, did you check already the requirements of the French Embassy for a student visa? actually, i don’t know yet how to proceed after i received the acceptance letter. I still have a valid French tourist visa now because I was issued a 3-year Shengen Visa, valid up to 2012.

      • genre07

        Oh wow Ph.D. Yes, I already checked the requirements and I just need their invitation letter and other documents they will be sending in order for me to apply for a student visa. I think you need to apply a student visa. I really want to polish my french and italian! Haha

        Is visa still free? I read here that it was free last year.

        Have you sent a message to your coordinator? I e-mailed my coordinator in France but haven’t replied yet.

        Also, do you know the exact start of their term? Because I don’t know if I could still enroll this coming semester in UP.

      • estijen0

        Hi! Congratulations to both of you!

        As long as you are an Erasmus Mundus scholar, the visa fee is automatically waived in the French consulate. It was for my the case last year but I suppose the policy is still the same.

        In the Univ. of Nice, the start of the term varies among different programmes, but it is usually during early to mid-September, so I guess it is not recommended to enroll in UP for this sem.

        I did my first semester in Nice, so if you have further questions, just let me know.


      • genre07

        Thanks for the info. estijeno!

        What if I will take a business course? Do you know when is the start of the program? Also, I already talked to Dr. Balmaceda, and he said that the University of Nice offers a month of free language course so I should be there before August, is it still on the run?

        Another one, the coordinator of the University hasn’t yet replied to my e-mail regarding my inquiries. How long should I wait or if you can suggest anything so that I can get a reply from him please do so.

        Can I get your ym and e-mail address in order for me to easily contact you?

        I’m looking forward to your positive response about this matter.

      • estijen0

        I’m not sure about the start date of the business course. I will try to ask a friend if she knows. I understand that it’s really hard to get a single response from them (for some reasons I don’t know), so I suggest the best way is to give them a ring.

        Sure, you may contact me thru this dummy email temporarily (as I cannot post my real one in public): struct123[at]yahoo[dot]com

  147. car

    Hi to all.nice to hear that some of you have received info re:EM application.we hope to hear from alumni of MEEES of the results for 2011 academic the secretariat notify all applicants or just the selected students?thanks for your time.

  148. Shopno

    Whatever the outcome, I wish they’d let me know by now! Anyone here applied to Heidelberg for the EMMAsia award?

    • Charmaine

      I applied for Heidelberg and got my acceptance email last Monday! Good luck!

    • Charmaine

      Btw, did you apply for the undergraduate program?

      • Shopno

        Congrats! Nop, post grad applicant.
        Btw, do you know German? I read there’s a language requirement, and am tensed that I might just get caught in that.

    • Charmaine

      Hi Shopno! Uhm I know the basics of German since I took a 3-unit course about it last year! 🙂

  149. shine

    Anyone tried for Uni of Warsaw? When will we find out if we are in or rejected? arghhh!

    • drigz

      hi shine! i have an admit at warsaw uni of technology. i’m in the process of applying for polish visa. but it seems that i may have to go to KL just to apply since they do not have a visa section in their consulate here in Manila. How about you? I emailed their consul in KL but no reply yet.

  150. Victory

    Hello to everybody,
    I have applied to the Erasmus Mundus Centauri Lot 9. The results were supposed to be announced in the BEGGINING of MAY, but I still not aware of such. On the official website I did not see the results either. I have tried to write letters to coordinators, which they just ignore. I called them, they told me to write a letter on the indicated e-mail, but still no replay followed. Does anybody already hold their results on this programme? I would really appreciate you giving me any kind of information concerning this problem. Or it is a time for me to forget about it, because they most likely do not inform unsuccessful candidates?

  151. Victory

    Thanks a lot beforehand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. do all applicants who are not accepted fall into a wait/reserve list? im in a reserve list? do i still have a chance?

  153. guzy

    Hello everyone! I have a dilemma, my passport renewal appointment schedule is in late July so I will probably get my new passport mid- or late-August. The coordinator in Univ. of Padova said I should be there by early September. I’m worried about getting the student visa on time. How long does it usually take to process a student visa? Can I apply using my old passport? Help please!

  154. Charmaine

    Hi! I just want to ask if I’m the one responsible for searching for a place to stay while in Germany? Or are they going to arrange it for me? Thanks!

    • DJ Yabis

      Hi Charmaine,

      Contact your university. Usually they arrange for student accommodation. At least that’s what they did for us in Warsaw.


  155. drigz

    Is anyone here applying/applied for a polish visa?
    My class starts on 1Sep, when is the most ideal date to go to Poland?

    Regards everyone!

    • Hi drigz,

      do you have your PL visa already?
      hope to see you here in Poland!


      • drigz

        hi dondon.
        My Polish visa has been approved 2 weeks ago, but only tomorrow will I pick it up at KL. Was that the same process you did in obtaining your visa?
        My class starts on 1Sep at Wroclaw UT, in your opinion, what date should I arrive in Poland? Our coordinator has not yet informed us of what to do upon arrival (if there will be someone to pick us up etc.) or if we can already stay at our assigned dormitory even before 1Sep. I was thinking that if I will be there earlier I have to shoulder all the expenses including my accommodation (that is if I cannot yet stay at our dorm). I hope I can minimize my expenses prior to the first monthly installment of the stipend.
        Btw, what university are you in right now and what course? Thanks a lot!


    • diana

      Hi, drigz!
      I am a scholar of the EMMA program for the University of Warsaw in Poland and I am about to apply for my visa in KL, only that I don’t have any idea how.
      It would be a big help if you tell me how you got yours. I already have all the requirements needed. I just need to know how to apply. How did you pass the needed documents? And did you have to go to KL to get it or was it sent to you by post?
      Thank you very much!

      Hoping for your quick response,

      • drigz

        hi diana.
        I just submitted all the documents the consortium has sent me and then I waited for 2 weeks before I got the approval. yes, I did go to KL to process everything, meaning twice. You really have to do the application personally. It was at my own expense but they told me that it will be reimbursed. Actually, when I first emailed the embassy,they were asking for a booked ticket and accommodation confirmation already, but thanks to our coordinator, she explained to the consul that I cannot yet present them esp the tickets since I haven’t receive any funds. But if you have purchased already, or a just an unpaid booking, I think it would be ok (that’s what I did).
        Better be sure than going back to KL just because of a missing document.

        Btw, do you already have an accommodation in KL? Actually, you can do the application in one day and be back in PH same day; that is if the fare does not really matter to you.hehe. you may check airasia and ceb pac. if you choose the former, then you might need to stay overnight in KL.

        hope i was able to help.

    • diana

      Hi, drigz!
      Can I ask for your email address, if it’s okay? I would like to ask further questions about the visa application. Or if you don’t want to post your email address here, can you please email me instead at Thank you very much! 🙂


  156. mara

    I try to email the coordinator questions about the scholarship contract but he is nt answering, should i call him?

  157. carmy

    Hello everyone!
    Has anyone here applied for the Erasmus Mundus EU-NICE scholarship? I would just like to gain more information on the structure of their program. Based on their website, a master’s program will just take 10 months. I hope to get details from students or staff who have been awarded with EM scholarship under EU-NICE. Thanks a lot.

  158. Magandang araw!

    Do you know if Erasmus Mundus consortiums allow accepted applicants to defer their enrollment?


  159. pol

    Hello everybody!

    I have set an appointment with the French embassy for my long stay student visa application. One of their requirements is the payment of the visa fee, which is 99 euros for the long stay student visa. I understand that there are cases that the visa fee is waived. Would my being an Erasmus Mundus scholar be one of the exceptions for paying the said visa fee? Or regardless of my scholarship, I would have to pay the said amount?

    I would appreciate it very much if somebody could enlighten me about the matter. Thank you for taking the time to read through my inquiry 🙂

    • drigz

      hi pol!
      I have a friend who is about to complete his MS under EM too and he said that the fee for French visa application was waived when he applied. I think that should also be the case as the fee for Polish visa, in my case, has also been waived when I applied just recently.


      • pol

        hi drigz!

        thank you for your speedy response! now that is a relief: 99 euros is quite pricey in my opinion :p haha! if you don’t mind, i have another question, this time regarding plane tickets: when you applied to the Polish embassy, did they require that you show them a copy of your plane ticket?


    • genre

      Hi Pol!
      I just applied for my visa last week and glad to know that my visa is free. I’m not sure if yours is free too because we are not in the same program, mine is for undergraduate course by the way.

      I’m looking forward to meet you in France!

      • pol

        hello genre!

        is your program under erasmus mundus too? wow, i do hope that my visa fee is waived like yours. since i am unsure if my visa fee will be waived as of the moment, i guess i would have to bring some money with me just to be on the safe side.

        if you don’t mind, where in france would you be come the school year? would you be in paris proper? 🙂 and did the embassy ask for a copy of a flight reservation from you?

        thank you for replying genre and i hope to hear from you soon!

    • genre

      Yup, scholarship under EMMA. I’ll be in Nice next month to start my language program.
      The embassy didn’t ask for the flight reservation because it’s already stated in the letter that was sent to me by the university that they will handle all my expenses including my e-ticket.

      • pol

        ohh, i see, i see. thank you for your quick response! 🙂 i hope to see you in france then! 🙂 let’s keep in touch genre!

      • DJ Yabis


        You can go to a travel agency and ask for a flight reservation. Usually its free. So basically they print out a real flight for you but you dont pay the flight. Tell them its for visa purposes. All travel agencies know this. Hope this helps.

      • pol

        hi there DJ Yabis!

        thanks for your response! 🙂 i am already done with the two sets of interviews that the french embassy has required me to go through. luckily, they did not have to badger me with my flight reservation because i told them that my allowance for the airfare would come this early august and i have no means of purchasing one without the allowance of the consortium. we just agreed that i won’t be able to fly to france anytime before the 1st of september, the time that they would ‘activate’ my visa.

        again, thanks and hope that you’d have a nice day!

  160. drigz

    no worries, i myself asks a lot of questions about EM.hehe.
    actually, when i first asked the consul through email she said that a booked ticket is needed,but then our coordinator help me in explaining to the embassy that I cannot yet obtain a plane ticket as I still do not have the budget from the scholarship. But just to make sure I still made a booking confirmation which I still has to pay on a certain deadline. You can do so if you want, the British Airways does have this offer, you can get a booking cert for your planned itinerary without yet paying on the spot and just pay 200PHP for the stamp they provide. this stamp, accdg to them is usually used on plane tickets for visa purposes. of course, you might want to make sure about this to the French embassy, they might have different requirements. btw, i already have the visa, only that it is in Malaysia.

  161. pol

    wow, really? british airways has that offer? that’s great! 🙂 like you, i don’t have my budget from erasmus for the airfare right now and my finances are quite depleted. an offer that would allow me to make a reservation for just 200 pesos is thus very convenient 🙂

    i do hope that the French embassy would not require me to furnish a copy of my plane reservation yet because i have none as of the moment. my appointment would be this coming monday and i do not have anything to show them if they asked me for a copy of my flight reservation.

    anyways, your visa got approved rather quickly. i hope that i would get mine soon. hehe. thanks for everything drigz! 🙂

  162. Melai

    Good day!

    If I decline the offer for a self-financing post, would that affect my applying again for the same program? I do not have the means to pay for the tuition and living expenses.

    Your advice would be of great help.


  163. Sudhir

    Hi, Thanks for the information and advice. I have a question regarding what happens after you complete the program. Can you work after you complete the program like a post-study work?


    • hi sudhir! what you do after the program is entirely up to you.

      • Sudhir

        thank you for your response! i was wondering in which month does the term start for this degree program. I want to apply for 2012 session and in the Erasmus site, i found that for the year 2012 the Erasmus programs will be announced on September and I will have to apply after that! If i do that, when will i get the scholarship if i do get it?

  164. Hi!

    Does anyone have an idea what will happen now that the Bologna accord takes effect?

    To quote from the article:
    “This year, 2010, the Bologna Accord goes into full swing. The bottom line for Filipinos is that, starting this year, undergraduate degrees in the Philippines will no longer be recognized in most European countries.”


    • Jan

      My scholarship (not Erasmus Mundus) in a German University was revoked because they just discovered that I have a Philippine Bachelor’s degree. Needless to say, I won’t be joining the couse in August. 😦

  165. drigz

    Hi everyone!

    I was just wondering, since I already have my visa, is NBI clearance (for travel abroad) still required by the immigration officer at the airport? or are the passport+visa+pertinent docs enough to exit the “gates” of the country.

  166. Erasmus expert

    nope. all applicants are assessed based on their qualifications. the’re a 50-50 chances of passing. when you meet their criteria, that’s the time you are put into a pool of candidates, of course with the corresponding rankings. then they will still trim down the list according to the available slots. then still trim down with other rules like there should be no more than two from any country to be accepted. for instance there were 10 Chinese who applied but only one Pinoy. Even though they are all very much qualified, only two Chinese can be accepted. Hence the Pinoy has a greater chance, given that you are high enough in the overall ranking.

    here’s a scenario:

    950 applicants have submitted there documents. however, some have lacking documents, invalid certifications, no or expired IELTS results, etc. so based on assessment only 250 have complete documents. next, those 250 are still trimmed down according to their qualifications. for instance, the program is physics. even though how well you describe in your motivation letter that you are very much interested in the program but you have undergraduate background in accounting, then it will weaken your application, compared to the other 249 who have nice background in physics and some have been research assistants in their home universities or have been professors in physics.

    next, among those qualified, they will now make an overall ranking. upon ranking they will not still consider the number of applicants per country, only the overall qualification of the applicant. the slots are limited, for instance Erasmus has 20 slots for scholarships: 12 for category A(Non-EU applicants) and 8 for category B (EU applicants).

    they shall now pick up the final list of passers. if ranks 15 to 20 are all pinoys, they will only get the top 2 Pinoys in the list, the other three Pinoys will be crushed out. then they will move up the list to include applicants from other countries. the next most qualified person, with respect to the ranking, will replace the 3 pinoys. the cycle goes on until they have populated the list of 20 scholars.

    • pinoyerasmusmundus

      fantastic response, and i totally agree. the chances i was referring to of course assumed that all the requirements are met and that the documents are complete. thanks!

      • pol

        thank you Erasmus expert for that very detailed and enlightening explanation 🙂 i never knew that the process of selection for the scholarship was that exhaustive. wow.

  167. pol

    good day everyone!

    would anyone know the answer to drigz’ question about the NBI clearance? i too am curious if it is still necessary for incoming erasmus students to procure an NBI clearance to get out of the philippines. moreover, would an NBI clearance be necessary to get in the student’s country of choice for his/her program?

    hoping to hear from you guys soon! 🙂

    • drigz

      hi pol.
      i have asked some of my friends, some EM students too and some under other scholarships and they said that NBI clearance is actually not needed. But yes, it would be a sure relief if anyone from this group would give the same assurance because NBI clearance is quiet hard to obtain as you have to undergo the looong process nowadays.

      • Jennyl

        Hello! I also asked the same question last year prior to my departure, but since I haven’t got any information about that matter, I just procured the NBI clearance and brought it with me for assurance. Nevertheless, I realised that I haven’t actually used it in the airport. Yeah, it’s not necessary. Your passport and visa would be sufficient. The immigration office has the system to determine whether you are in the watch-list or not.

      • pol

        hi drigz and jennyl!

        thank you for your responses! it is good to know that the NBI clearance is unnecessary. as drigz has mentioned, securing one is a quite a pain nowadays. they ‘switched’ to a new system that is supposed to make the procurement of the clearances faster but what happened, unfortunately, was the reverse.

        anyway, thanks again for your responses and may you guys have a nice day! 🙂

  168. Kelli

    Hi all,
    I just checked the ERASMUS MUNDUS website for the list of masters available for 2012. I have been looking at a specific masters for some months, mainly “European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies (LCT)”, however it’s not listed on the site anymore.

    Does this mean that this will be discontinued? It seems strange to me as on the course website, applications are open and deadline is Jan 2012.
    I’m a little confused about it all. Thanks.

  169. Aye

    Hi, I am planning to apply for the Neuroscience program of EM. Is there anyone here who is in the program? Also, I am a bit confused about the requirements. It states that my transcript and diploma have to be certified/notarized. Is having the university dry seal and signature of the registrar already considered a “certification”?

    Also, regarding the references. Would it really matter if my reference belongs to a filed similar to what I’m applying for? Or would it be ok to get recommendation from a professor from a different field.

    Thanks! 🙂

    • pinoyerasmusmundus

      if i remember correctly, for the transcript, the dry seal and signature should be enough. for the diploma copy, it needs to be accompanied by a certification.

      it would be ideal to have a reference from a similar field, but any professor who knows you well should be fine.

  170. CHOO

    Hey there. I was introduced to this Scholarship program by a friend of mine yesterday. I am a Singaporean. As far as I know, Singapore is classified under South-East but according to the target group, it doesnt cover Singaporean. Hence, will I be entitled to this program too?

    I am not sure if this is the right channel. But I will appreciate the help. Thank you! 🙂

  171. Caselyn Reyes

    Hi I am Casey, a friend of mine introduced Erasmus Mundus to me few days ago. First time I heard it I got hooked because of my dream to go to Europe and experience their culture. I will apply for EMFOL.I need help regarding the requirements for application. I would like to ask if the needed docs (TOR, IELTS, etc.) require to be authenticated by DFA? How can I certify it as true copy as I could not send the original copies of the needed documents. Thanks for your help.

    • Paul

      For the IELTS scores, you should send official scores, (which means the score should come directly from British council or IDP; you should request a test report form and have it sent to the school you’re applying). For the TOR, I sent the original copies, They’re as certified as it can get.

  172. Omar

    Hi I’m Omar. I am eyeing for EDAMUS (Sustainable Management of Food Quality), a new programme of Erasmus. Unfortunately, its website is still under construction. I tried to email the programme coordinator but i still have not received any reply. Is there anyone who knows about EDAMUS? Anyone help will be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

    • iya

      Hi Omar! I also tried contacting them but still I received no reply. Let’s wait a bit more they might update their website soon. Best of luck!

      • Omar

        Til now i have not received any news regarding this programme. I asked ERASMUS MUNDUS Team regarding the matter, fortunately they replied. I got this message from them.

        This is a new Masters Course, and it may only have information available during the course of October. We would advise you to continue to visit the site – we cannot from here at the Agency provide you with information about the specific application procedure for EDAMUS.

        Kind regards

        Erasmus Mundus Team

        I am hopeful that by the end of the month, we already got what we wanted. thanks!

  173. Hi! Anybody applying for Mundus MAPP 2012? Starting to process my application now. TOEFL/IELTS is not needed, so I can save up on the exam fee. Mundus MAPP website does not have list of alumni, so I’m wondering how many pinoys have taken the program. Want to ask which track is the best. Thanks!

  174. Viju05

    Hi Caselyn,
    great to know that you are applying for EMFOL. I am an aspirant too. Regarding the certification, you can take photocopies of your transcript and get i certified. By certification they mean that it should clearly have the seal and signature of the officer verifying the true copy statement written by them. And with regard to the certification officer, it can be your university registrar or any public officers. I got mine certified by a government veterinary surgeon who holds a gazetted post. I emailed them and they said it would be more than enough. And that being said, by the way do u mind being asked about your qualifications, work experience etc?
    Did you write any language tests?
    I am from india and subitted proof that i complleted my degree in english. I am a veterinarian and working in a dairy co-operative for 9 months now. I hold a degree in veterinary and animal sciences.
    Please stay in touch

  175. Sanubar

    Hi guys!

    I am willing to apply EMSD European Master in System Dynamics program. Is anybody around applying to the same program? I am writing motivational letter and preparing other documents these days.
    Did anybody got acceptance to any of Erasmus Mundus scholarships providing no diploma while applying? My thing is that I will be graduating in 2012 june. I read in program website that they will still consider the applicant without diploma, considering that they will provide it until program starts. Do you guys think no diploma case tremendously decreases my chance? Any ideas?

    Hoping for someone’s reply


    • Jargon

      Hi. You make apply without diploma. But screening is very competitive. People at EMSD have really stunning educational and professional backgrounds. One classmate is a laboratory head from Indonesia, another has been in oil exploration in Norway, still another is a physicist and part of nuclear research in Australia, and another is from China who had internship in the UK for sometime. So just imagine how tough it is to enter. There were 200+ applicants in the second batch. Only 8 EU and 9 non-EU have been accepted.

      If you think of submitting without diploma, you should have some edge that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants, like you have won a national academic competition, expecting to be summa, or magna, or have been leader in your school, or is conducting a thesis in the bangko sentral, or have authored research papers about national economy, etc, or had an OJT in the UN, or McKinsey, or SGV, or Phil Stock Exchange, something that will surprise the screening committee. You know what I mean, right? It’s a matter of impressing the team who will read your documents. You can try. Who knows? You can luckily get in.

  176. Mariya

    Hi guys,
    thanks for tips and advices.

    I’m going to apply for MSPME program and just wonder if any graduates or students is here ?

    What they expect to see in applicants profile?
    Would it be a problem if I’ve graduated 4 years ago and want to apply for EM scholarship?
    They write they needed work experience , but nothing about what years of experience they need.

    I also wonder about TOEFL scores, should I have to send them through ECT or can just attach scanned copy or printscreen of my results?

    Looking forward for answers and wish luck to all of us ,


  177. Viju05

    Anyone applying for emfol or food science and technology?

  178. Hello to All.

    I would like to apply for a postgraduate degree under Erasmus Mundus Mobility with Asia (EMMA). Anyone here who knows the deadline for the application? Their website, I think, is not yet updated.

    Thank you.

  179. Viju05

    Hi omar,
    i am also applying for sefotech….
    Lets be in touch.
    Did you submit your application form?
    Do we need to send the language requirement documents and transcripts along with the online application? I mean as an attachment?
    Waiting to hear from you..

    • Omar

      Hi Viju, I’m still yet to submit my application form and documents. I still have to complete requirements. I think we have to submit the online application by Dec05 then accomplished copy of application together with requirements – transcript, language etc must reached them by Dec19. We only have 1.5month left, wish we can make it! Good luck!

  180. Viju05

    Hi friends,
    what excatly means ‘ get your transcripts certified’ ?
    Is a statement showing ‘True Copy’ (by writing on the photocopied document itself) and a signature and a seal of the verifying officer on our transcript copy enough. Or, do we have to attach another declaration from the verifying officer (on a separate sheet of paper) stating that the documents are true copies

  181. Viju05

    Hi omar,
    thanks for your reply. Yeah we have little time left. By the way would you mind me asking you about your degree, experience and all those stuff ? Can we keep contact C are you there in face book ?
    Thanx and best of luck for both of us

    • Omar

      H Viju, Im from the Philippines, been working as Quality Assurance Officer in a food company. you can add me at facebook or email me at Thanks!

  182. Aye

    Hey, I’m just wondering how the interview over Skype goes. Did you guys send a presentation in pdf first then discuss it over Skype? I read that this is done in a certain EM program.

  183. karma

    I already have a masters degree from the Netherlands and has been more than 5 years. I have applied for MSPME programme 2012-2013,under EM Scholarship.My on line application reflects decision made. Will it decrease my chances of being awarded the scholarship since I have already achieved PG certificate and that too in a EU member country. The course is very much relevant and I have a soild work experience in the area of course applied.

    Would be grateful if anyone could share their thoughts

  184. Hi,

    I’m Alexis. I just graduated college this October and am very much interested in EMMA’s Master’s offering. I would just like to know if I am required to submit a mobility project/program (MP) even if I’m not from the partner school? Please reply. Thanks.

    • pinoyerasmusmundus

      no, that requirement is for institutions, not for the students who wish to apply.

  185. CK

    Hello everyone. I’m new to this scholarship thing.

    Seem to have read in some postings that we need to be accepted into the university first before we can apply for scholarship – how hard can it be?

    I’m a finance major and certified public accountant. Looking at masters in finance / business / economics or language/culture.

    Many thanks! =)

  186. I’m a new applicant to the earasmus mundus scholarships92012-2014) program(emiiy) kindly provide me with an in formations.

    1- At which partner university i can apply for MS.c in radio pharmaceutical sciences.
    2- Or under which program title i can find this specialty.
    with my regards

    • I’m a new applicant to the earasmus mundus scholarships program(emiiy) kindly provide me with an in formations.

      1- At which partner university i can apply for MS.c in radio pharmaceutical sciences.
      2- Or under which program title i can find this specialty.
      with my regards

  187. Maui

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m applying to EM this year in its IMRCEES Program. I guess I’ll be here in this blogsite pretty often to get some tips and updates. Anybody who’s already done with their motivation statements and research proposals in whichever program they’re applying to? I’ve been wracking my brains out for this. The research proposal is also insane, I’m having a hard time finding the words.

    Okay, reklamo aside, I’m excited. I just hope I can finish my statements way before the deadline. 🙂

    • Dormant Smile

      Hello there!!
      I have applied for IMRCEES too. Have you got any news from them ? about selection or scholarship ?

      • Hi,

        I got an unconditional offer to the programme and they told me to wait for the results of the scholarship decision in the coming months. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

        How about you? Any news? 🙂

  188. Mel

    Hey guys:

    I’m applying to MEDEG this year, and I have a question regarding the application.

    It says on the webpage that there is a dedicated space for the motivation letter, which there indeed is and is limited to 500 words. However, the system requires that you also upload the motivation statement as a separate document.

    Question is: does it have to be the same on both the application and the stand alone document? Or can the stand alone document be a little longer and expand on what was written on the application?

    • Maui

      Hi Mel,

      Why don’t you contact your coordinating university and ask. There’s nothing like getting the info from them.

      Good luck on your application 🙂


    • pimrux

      Hi! I applied this year too and had the same question. i emailed the Information Office ( and they replied ..

      “It is entirely up to you to decide what to include in the Objective and motivation part of the Application form and in the Motivation Statement. Whether you want to make them different or not is your choice.”

      I hope this answers your question!

      p.s. I’m from Thailand btw and happen to come accorss your alumni page. You guys have a very website with lots of useful information, thanks!

  189. Linc.

    Good day Frends,
    I am a prospective MEDEG applicant.
    My referees want to know how the EM reference form should be filled, it does not seem quite clear for them to rate me at item 5. Should they just tick or allocate points?(some percentages are attached to some rates, for example, outstanding 3%, excellent 10%, very good 25%, etc.).
    I would appreciate your prompt response.

  190. kaperoti


    This is just a quick question that everybody who’s applied in an Erasmus scholarship can answer. I used the Europass CV as a template. Most Europeans would say that a 3-page CV is already too long. Mine is two and a half pages. Is that long already?

    The thing is I have three relatively relevant work experiences and it took up much of the space. I also added research papers and relevant affiliations which took the space of the third sheet. Personally, I think that the length of my CV is just right considering that Erasmus doesn’t conduct interviews,

    Any inputs? If you want to take a look at my CV and have it edited, please just reply with your email address. I’ll appreciate it.


  191. Mel

    Thanks Maui/pimrux! Application has now been submitted!

    Linc., tell your profs. they have to tick the box according to the percentile they would put you in. For instance, excellent is top 10% of the students they’ve come across, outstanding is top 3%, very good is top 25%.

    Hope this helps.

  192. einna

    Hi all,

    Is there anyone applying for EMTM this year or EMTM alumni?

    I submitted my on-line application last week and after 3 days waiting for them, I sent an email to the program coordinator to ask about my application status. She confirmed that they had received my application and noticed:

    “We might slightly change the application procedure this week and ask candidates not to send their hard copies of their documents at this stage.
    So please wait for my next e-mail or consult our website regarding the
    application procedure next week.”

    However, they still require the hard copies of the on-line application package when I check the website this week and the coordinator doesn’t answer me even though I shot her 3 emails >”<

    What should I do for next step ??? Should I send them the hard copies ?

    Would be grateful if anyone could help 🙂


  193. Mel

    Quick question guys:

    I’m from a third-country, but am torn between applying for a Cat A or Cat B scholarship.

    I did a 12-month degree at the university of Glasgow betwwen Sep-06 and Sep-07, so if we’re sticking to the guidelines Sep, Oct, and Nov do not count. Strictly speaking, then, I studied in the UK for 9 months and 5 days (I handed in my dissertation on Sep 5th) over the last 5 years. However, I took a part-time job shortly after my degree, from Sep 24 to Dec 7, which adds 6 days of September, the whole of October and November, and 7 days of December. Taken this way, the total goes up to11 months and 18 days.

    However, if you count any month in which I work or studied for at least a day as a whole month of activity, then including December bumps me up to 12 months and 7 days.

    Do you think 7 days matter? How do they calculate this?

    • Paul

      You should ask the program coordinator about this directly. But as far as I know, if you are from a third country, you can only qualify for the Cat A scholarship.

  194. viju05

    any one applying foe EMSANF ????

  195. :)

    anyone applying for Choreomundus? it’s the EM program on Dance 😀

  196. Jonathan

    what does it mean when they say that you have to submit a certified copy of the passport? do i have to photocopy it and take it to DFA?

    how long would it take if ever i’d have to get my passport copy certified?

    hoping for an immediate response thanks! 🙂

  197. Omar

    Hi Jonathan,

    maybe it will be best to go to DFA with your passport and a copy of it. I,m really not familiar on this coz my program does not require a certified copy. Maybe you can ask them to stamp/put a dry seal. By the way, what program are you applying to?


  198. pol


    is there anyone out there who is doing his masters or doctorate in portugal?

    hoping to hear from you guys soon! 🙂

  199. Dear all,

    I’m currently applying for DMKM scholarship. I have listed my referees’ email address. However, up to this moment they still don’t receive the email yet.

    What happens? Is there any requirement I’ve missed?

    The EM-DMKM website states it that the recommendation form is to be filled online and the link should be sent to my referees’ email. My window is closing, and nothing is received yet. Not in the spam folder either 😦

    Does anyone know the link to the online recommendation form?


  200. Aye

    Hi, I just submitted my application for an EM program. Does anyone know how long after they will contact the student if he/she is qualified for an interview? Thanks 🙂

  201. You will probably hear whether you are on the main list or reserve list between March and May. The consortium will then ask you to confirm your slot. The lists are then submitted to Brussels for approval. If you don’t hear by May, the application was probably unsuccessful.

  202. lorenzmendoza

    hi intelligent people! I’ll be graduating this March and based on what i’ve read here, some institutions have a january deadline, does it mean that i will wait for 2013 or i need to try to apply now? since im only 20 and will just be graduating (but has almost 1 yr work experience)- do you think that i can make it? .. but what’s bothering me the most is the program that i’m in right now – B.A. in MassComm major in Corporate Comm. and erasmus prioritizes computer very eager to get the scholarship, what will i dooo? thanks guys have a blessed Christmas!

    • suggest you wait until the next intake, unless you can prepare all the requirements before the deadline. erasmus does not prioritize graduates of computer courses. you first need to find the program that you want to apply to. look at the list of courses (link on the sidebar on the right) and identify what you’re interested in. you’ll figure out what to do next from there.

  203. Ian Rabino

    Hi Erasmus Mundus scholars, alumni, and prospective students! I just submitted my application documents to the MARIHE program. Anyone here applied for the same? Results will be out by the end of February. Wish me luck! Hope to be part of this community in the future. 🙂

    Just curious, what is the difference between Action 1 and Action 2 of the EM? I find the programs listed in Action 2 quite confusing. I only applied for one program in Action 1. Is it advisable that I apply in a similar program in Action 2?

    Thanks to anyone who will answer my question. Merry Christmas everyone!

    • Volver


      Did you receive any news from Marihe?

      • Ian Rabino

        Hi Volver,

        Nope. No news yet regarding the results of MARIHE. But based on what’s written on their website and their Facebook page, they will release the results tomorrow, February 29. Let’s hope for the best.

      • Volver


        Anything from the Marihe folk?

        I’m starting to fret …. its oh so quiet.

      • Ian Rabino

        Hi Volver,

        I sent an e-mail to Mr. Florian Reisky last February 29, and here’s his reply:

        “The MARIHE Admission Board had its meeting, which is an important part of student selection. Now the results have to be administratively processed. Therefore we still have to ask for your patience. Please expect further information in the next two weeks.”

        So, the waiting continues….

      • Volver

        Hey Ian,

        Thanks for the update. Let’s hope its not one of those instances when the consortium only informs the applicants way before everyone else.

        Seems like its only you and me online for Marihe…

      • faiza

        Hi Ian Rabino and Volver,

        I also apllied for MARIHE… and I am just as much worried as you people are. but Thank God that now after reading your comments I am feeling a little relaxed and also after knowing that Mr. Florian said that we had to wait more for two weeks. I have been in touch with him quite a bit.
        I want to ask you guys have you received that email asking about special needs for physical disabilities? on February 3rd? let me copy that email here:

        Dear MARIHE applicant,

        we are writing to you with a request for additional information. Unfortunately we did not ask applicants to the MARIHE programme, if they require additional support due to special needs. “Special needs” means in this context e.g. physical disabilities. It does NOT relate to e.g. an applicant’s family situation or to the fact that an applicant has a financially difficult background.

        Please ONLY REPLY to this message, IF YOU DO REQUIRE ADDITIONAL SUPPORT DUE TO SPECIAL NEEDS. Please do so as soon as possible, and at the latest until 16 February 2012. Please briefly state a reason why require additional support due to special needs.

        You are asked for this information so that the MARIHE consortium may assist you in the best possible way. Like all your personal data the information an applicant may provide on this issue is protected. This information will in no way affect the applicant’s chances in the student selection process.

        Additional Note: The student selection process is still underway, you will receive a separate message on this in due time.

        Kind regards

  204. Omar

    Hello! I already got a receipt confirmation for my application. I just wander, in case that i get selected, how much should be my initial pocket money? thank you very much!

  205. Moses Matovu

    Hello musanggala, great job you are doing here. I applied for the EMFOL course but I did not submit a copy of my passport. Am I at risk of missing out?

    • If the passport copy was in the list of requirements, you might be disqualified because of missing documents. It’s a technical issue, so it depends on the consortium whether they would consider you unless you gave a reason for not submitting.

  206. Moses Matovu

    I had not acquired a passport at the time of sending my application but I am in the process, probably by the end of January I’ll have it. It was requiered to be there but I attached a page with the reason why I did not send the passport copy

  207. Moses Matovu

    thanx musa! Thats a little comforting….Happy transition into 2012

  208. iffat

    i m iffat and i am intrested to participate in the EMMA 2011-2012 scolarships.
    i have done masters.Is there any scolarship for doctoral programme? can i apply for doctoral programme?i had a confusion someone thought that doctoral programme is only for vulnerable that true?

  209. iffat

    I just graduated this august and am very much interested in EMMA’s Master’s offering. I would just like to know if I am required to submit a mobility project/program (MP) I’m from the partner school FJWU.Is there any doctoral programme for fine arts student? Please reply. Thanks.

  210. super anxious here for the admission results. anyone applying for the EMMEP program?

  211. Dormant Smile

    Hi, I did apply for an Erasmus Mundus program. Yesterday, I got an email from the first year university admissions department that i have been selected for the course and they asked me to let them know whether i am accepting the study place or not. I have replied that email with a positive response.
    What does it mean ?
    But there is no mail from Erasmus Mundus coordinator 😦
    What is the probability for me to be get accepted for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship ??

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • EMSD_applicant

      hi! congratulations on your acceptance. can I know what is your program?

    • i assume you applied to the EM program via the consortium or the institution indicated, according to the consortium’s instructions. you can ask the admissions department if they know the results of the scholarship (most likely, they don’t, in which case accept the place anyway. you can withdraw later if you don’t get the scholarship.) there is no other way to find out what your chances are. you just have to wait. good luck!

      • Dormant Smile

        Thanks musanggala …yeah I applied according to the consortium’s instructions. ok I am waiting for scholarship results 🙂

  212. Ana

    Hello dear all,

    has anyone applied for Euroculture or NOHA scholarship this year?

    • Dormant Smile

      @ Ana
      yeah i did apply for Euroculture.

      • Ana

        Do you have any idea how many people do they actually take?

    • Dormant Smile

      Not sure but I guess 12 seats, as they mentioned on their website that every university is allowed to select 4 students. It could be 8 category A and 4 category B but nothing is sure… Few days ago, I have got an email from euroculture that they will tell the applicants about results after 16th February.
      Have you got that email ?

  213. Ana

    Yes, I got an e-mail telling me that they cannot announce results until February. But, if I am not mistaken, they also stated, that they will tell the results on 16.February at latest. So, I do hope, they’ll inform us earlier. As for the number of students, the only info I got from the website is that each university chooses 25 students each year, but I suppose they mean in general, grantee and ordinary participants. There are 8 universities in consortium. I still wonder, how many they usually take. Anyways, best of luck to you!!!

  214. karma

    Did anyone apply for MSPME course and did anyone get confirmation from HW.

  215. Ana

    Hell again guys,

    this year I have applied for three programs, Euroculture, NOHA and GLITEMA. Is there anyone who also applied for the last one (German Literature in context of Middle Ages)?

  216. Mariya

    hi karma,

    i have applied for MSPME, but haven’t received any notification/confirmation. I suppose they start to send them in the beginning of Feb.

  217. Hi! I applied for an Action 2 EM Programme! I’d just like to clarify if the mobility for Action 1 is the same with Action 2. Specifically, in Action 1, students get to study in 2 (or more) European universities. Is it also the same for those in Action 2? I’ve been looking all over in the FAQs of both Actions but can’t seem to find a specific answer.

    I’m anxious for the results as well. Good luck to all of us!

    • Just to clarifiy. I belong to TG 2 in EM Action 2 (not registered in any of the partner universities but has a degree in the country where the partner uni is). For example: the partner uni in the EM Action 2 Programme is UP Diliman but I didn’t graduate in UP, but in let’s say, DLSU. 🙂

      If accepted, I will get a diploma from the host university in Europe. Asking lang if it’s going to be a joint diploma from the consortium unis if ever the student will study in 2 or more European unis.

  218. Dormant Smile

    Anyone who applied for IMRCEES ??

    • Hi!

      It seems that it’s just the two of us in the bunch. I just replied to your question, sorry it’s late. Anyway, in which mobility track did you apply? I went for UK+Hungary.

      It would be nice if we both get a scholarship 🙂

  219. Hello! Did anyone here apply for the MA Global Studies program? 🙂

    • Hey! I did, but no response yet–at least not after the email saying they got the application. Where’d you apply to?

  220. Ian

    Hi guys, do you actually know the numbers of Filipino/ third country participants that will be accepted in the Erasmus programme? I applied for Euroculture and I am too anxious to know the results!

    Good luck fellow applicants!

  221. Zai

    Hello there! Anyone here who applied for EMFOL? Will the results be available by March 1 (as posted on the website) or is there a possibility that it can be earlier? Anxious to know the results too.. Thanks much in advance.

    • Moussa

      Hello Zai! I did apply for EMFOL, ofcourse can’t know when the results will be out. Just keep tight and optimistic. Good Luck

    • alab


      I got my admission results by end of Jan as Reserved candidate

      • Zai

        Hi alab! Unfortunately, I was not granted enrollment for EMFOL. Thanks for the reply anyway. I hope everything will work out favorably for you. God bless! 🙂

  222. iya

    Wow only 1.44% accepted Cat A Filipino scholars last year! Best of luck to all! Fighting!

  223. Ian

    Hi mussanggala,

    Thanks for the prompt response. I cannot wait and I hope that I get a positive response from Erasmus.

    Let’s all hope and wait for the mean time. Did anyone get in from the Arts/Social Sciences/Humanities categories already?

    Kind regards,


  224. Ana

    Hi guys,

    did anyone applied for Euroculture or NOHA last year. Could you please tell how many people applied for it? Usually coordinators state this number in a letter of confirmation or rejection.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Ruisu

      Hey Ana,

      I applied for NOHA, so far, besides the receipt of the application, I have not heard back from them.

      Best of lucks!

      • Ana

        In NOHA case you have to get in touch with the university of your first choice to get the results. Mine is in Bochum (Germany). I wrote them about a week ago and was told, that the results will be announced in March. I know people from other countries, who got results in mid of February last year though

  225. Lily

    Hi people, I applied for the TropEd International Health program and so far no news yet.Does anyone have an idea as to when preselected a candidates are notified?Anxiously waiting.

  226. viju vijayan

    hello everyone,
    i applied for the EMFOL programme and received an e mail from them stating that they hae selected 16 candidates for the scholarship from a total application of about 600.
    I didnt find my way into the main list, but only included in the reserve list. So i just wondered if anyone knew about the possibilities of me getting into the main list. i would also like to know if anyone made it into the main list and howmany are there in the reserve list. Where should i send my queries so that i know my exact position in the reserve list??
    Thanks and hoping for some quick reply

    • it really depends on how many people from the main list give up their slot and how many of you in the reserve list signify your interest. i don’t think the consortiums disclose the numbers, so you just have to wait.

  227. Bijit

    I had completed my master (JEMES) with Erasmus mundus (EM) scholarship last year. Would anybody please tell me whether I can apply for a PhD program with an EM scholarship?

    Thanks in advance !

    • EM alumni may apply for doctorates, but not for a second master’s with an EM scholarship.

    • talpuraziz

      I applied for JEMES course this years (2012-14) and received an email from coordinating university on 11 May 2012 that they have contacted the EU Commission to move my name from the reserve list to the priority list, and they are waiting for the confirmation of EU and will contact as soon as they have any new. How do you see this development and chances of being granted Erasmus Mundas scholarship?

  228. viju vijayan

    anyone admitted for the EMFOL course???? the results are out…

    • Dormant Smile

      The announced results are of Erasmus Mundus scholarship or just of related university ?

  229. Moussa

    Hey Viju! I’m also on the reserve list

    • Dormant Smile

      Hi Moussa!!
      The announced results are of Erasmus Mundus scholarship or just of related university ?

  230. Viju05

    Hi Moussa, Glad to hear that i have company… And sorry that both of us couldnt get in to the main list.. Anyway we will remain connected so we can update eachother. So what was the email you received ? Mine read like this ” your application has been positively assessed by the committe and has been placed in the reserve list. But please note that your application will be CONSIDERED FOR SCHOLARSHIP IF ANY ONE OF THE APPLICANTS IN THE MAIN LIST WITHDRAWS THEIR APPLICATION. so what does that mean ? I have chance if anyone withdraw their application ? And it dsnt say how many are there in the reserve or what are our relative positions ? Anybody here made it into the main list ? Waiting, waiting waiting

    • moussa

      I was told they received close to 600 applications and that “the programme is highly competitive and we are sorry that even very qualified applicants can not be considered to the limited number of scholarships”.I was also told that my application was assessed with a “very positive outcome”…..”We are therefore able to include you on our Reserve List. Please note that you will only be considered for a scholarship, if one of the nominated candidates will withdraw their application!”

      With close to 600 applicants, many should be on the reserve list, may be rejected outright! But I am told even the people on the reserve list have different chances i.e. you could be ranked 1 or 29th or…… So just keep hopeful. I’ll personally hope until 1st March
      By the way, from which country are you? I am Ugandan

  231. Zai

    Hi there! I also applied for FIPDes and got an email from the consortium today stating:

    “you will have a Skype interview as you have been pre-selected for your application at the FIPDes program…. There is nothing to prepare for this interview, just be yourself!”


    1.) Does this mean that I am still not in the list of officially “selected” students and there is a chance that I may not be qualified in the program? I am quite confused with the “pre-selected” term.

    2.) Will the interview be a deciding factor for me to be selected in the program? It also states in the email that I would just have to introduce myself and answer several questions about myself.

    I really appreciate all the help you could give me. 🙂

    Thanks much!

    • Hi Zai!

      Congratulations! I also applied for FIPDES and unfortunately I have not received anything from them except the confirmation receipt. Still I’m looking forward for a positive response.

      Good luck for the interview. Everything will turn out well.

      Thank you very much!

    • iya

      Hi zai! I received the very same email. May I please know your nationality? Thanks and Goodluck!

  232. Zai

    Hi there Iya. I’m Filipino, and you?

    • iya

      I’m Filipino too…I am confused with the “pre-selection” term as well…I do know however that If chosen, they will request us to send the hardcopies of our documents…I guess the next best step is to wait patiently for our interview and prepare for it 🙂 Goodluck and Godbless! 🙂

      • upon


        I am also a FIPDes applicant this year and received the email like yours on 31 Jan. Have you joined the Skype interview yet? If done, was it good?


  233. Zai

    God bless you too Iya, It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in this process. Whew!

    • iya

      Hi Zai! I’m done with my interview. A bit nervous but I manage to deliver my thoughts. Are you done with your interview as well? let’s keep in touch 😀

      • Zai

        HI Iya! Yes, I’m done with the interview too. I was a bit worried first because I signed in to skype a few minutes late (I emailed that I was available by 3 pm Philippine time) but experienced some technical problems with the server at my office. Good thing they are so gracious! I couldn’t be more thankful. My interview was done in less than ten minutes! How about you?

    • iya

      Hi Zai! Mine was less than ten minutes as well. Approx 5mins. They didn’t even ask me to introduce myself. Both of them are Swedish. I’m really praying hard that we both get in 🙂 Good luck!

      • Zai

        Yes, let’s continue praying that everything will turn out well. God bless you always! 🙂

      • Azim

        Hi Zai,
        Please can you write questions what they asked?

  234. EMSD_applicant

    Congratulations to all selected, and best lucks to everyone who are waiting for an answer, including me. Cheers~

    • einna

      Me too …. still waiting for the EMSD 2nd round result.

    • How abt ur EMSD result? I was not nominated for cat A scholarship =((

      I’m now waiting for EMTTLF…

    • me? … admitted but not selceted for cat A scholarship…

      Now I’m still waiting for EMTTLF.

    • einna

      admitted but not nominated for cat A scholarship 😦 😦

  235. I submitted my application about a month ago. But I never received any news from them, not even an email confirming their receipt of my application.
    How/when can I know the status of my application? Thanks!

  236. MEDEG people: any news?

    • Liza

      too early for MEDEG, they promised to inform about the result be the 15th of April, so for a couple of months we’re out of danger of receive anything from them =)))

    • pimrux

      Anxiously waiting for MEDEG too…all the suspension of waiting is killing me! Lol..

  237. The agony of waiting is really nerve-wracking. Still Patience is a virtue. Let’s just hope and pray that our long wait will soon be over with a very postiive feedback.



  238. EMSD_applicant

    I am admitted to the program, unfortunately, have not been selected for an EM scholarship.

  239. Mariya

    Any news from MSPME?
    Did anybody ask coordinators when the first results be available?

    • Mmoloki

      hi Maria I have applied for MSPME & I have not received any email from them as yet

  240. EMSD_applicant

    anyone knows additional scholarship opportunities for 3rd country students to study EM? thanks~

  241. Ana

    I have heard that IMETE and Flood Risk Master announced additional scholarship for some third countries and extended the application deadline. You can find info on their websites

  242. iya

    Hi upon! My interview is set next week. Are you Filipino too? 🙂

  243. upon

    Hi iya!!
    I am not Filipino. Could you tell me what is the precise date of your interview this week? They haven’t informed me what date and hour. I am worried if there is anything wrong.

    • Zai

      Hi Upon! Me and Iya are already done with our interviews. How about you? Have you worked out your interview schedule? How was your experience? 🙂

      • Upon

        Hi Zai!
        I don’t know what happened with my proposed interview. No interview schedule so far. Probably I have been out of preselected list without knowing reason. Good luck to both of you!

      • iya

        Hi upon! Did you input an alternative e-mail address in your CV? The initial email was sent to my ymail but the interview schedule was sent to my gmail. If you have another email add I guess it’s best to check it/them. 🙂

      • Zai

        Yes that’s right Upon, check your alternative email,too. Btw Iya, may I know from what university you came from and what year you enrolled? I’m trying to recall if we were classmates by chance (or maybe its just your monicker). 🙂

      • Upon

        Hi Zai and iya!
        No, in my CV I didn’t indicate any other email address than the one I am using. I think my proposed interview was canceled because of ‘unknown’ reason. Did both of you have the interviews with the same interviewers? Reading your comment above, I think you both had successful interviews. Did they ask you to send them hardcopy?

      • iya

        Hi Zai! I’m from UPD batch 2003. How about you?

      • Zai

        Hi Iya. I’m from UPLB Batch 2004. 🙂

  244. karma

    Hi Mariya..did you get any emails with regard to MSPME. Did you get any application reference No and what does your application status refelect. Mine one shows Decision Made on Application Status.

  245. Volver

    Hi Mariya and karma,

    I applied to MSPME too! My application status states : Complete ready for review…

    Hmmmm….. karma, did you send your application via the web or snail mail?

    • Mmoloki

      HI Volver My status is same as your “complete and ready for review

  246. Rae

    Holla Holla everyone! Anyone here awaiting results for MESPOM 2012 intake?:) Am just done with my phone interview and was wondering anyone here knows about what the next steps would be..?Thanks!

  247. Mariya

    Hi karma,

    I’ve received only notification that my application is ready for review after 2 days I’ve completed it.

    Now status is: This application will either be awaiting a decision or a decision has been communicated to you. App status: Complete ready for review.

    Since that time I haven’t got any update. Hope it’s not a rejection )))

  248. karma

    Hi Mariya and Volver… guess we are on the same boat waiting anxiously. I applied thru website and it has been a while.. anyway I had applied way much ahead… guess I could be the first applicant.. LOL… have a a bad feeling on it…

  249. Mariya

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed )))
    I also feel not so sure, cause have an opposite situation – I’ve submitted my app in few hours before the deadline

  250. Volver

    Hi karma and Mariya,

    My app status remains ready for review too. I guess the decision will take a while yet. Any hint of when it will be released?

    • Mmoloki

      Maria, karma & Volver

      Lets hope they will get back to us soon

  251. Ana

    Hi there Dormant Smile,

    I haven’t got any info yet. I think they might announce the results only next week or maybe even on 16th. Beign tired of waiting 🙂

  252. andrea

    Hi! I have a question. How do you apply to erasmus mundus? Do you have to apply first to your chosen school or you just apply directly to erasmus mundus and wait until you get in. I am quite confuse. In addition, what is the difference between category a & b and action 1 & 2? where should I apply. Kindly answer my questions. Thanks in advance!

  253. Dormant Smile

    Same here…. 😦

  254. Aye

    Hello there!

    Would it be possible to get into your second or third choice of program track/country but not on your first? How do they assign which students go to which country?

  255. sherwin

    hello guys! i applied for the EM MAIPR and, luckily, have been awarded a scholarship. i still can’t believe that i made it! university of warwick is the lead university for the consortium, but i’ll start the programme at the university of amsterdam. i’ll also spend a semester at the university of arts in belgrade, serbia. did anyone here apply for the same programme?

    best of luck to my all fellow pinoy applicants. stay optimistic. 🙂

  256. Gi


    I was also pre-selected for FIPDes but I still didn´t get any email with my interview schedule. I asked the secretary, and according to her, I would´t receive the email in due time. But I receive nothing YET! Does anybody know what´s happening??!! Are they late or it means I´m not in the selection list anymore? I´m really worried ´cause I don´t want to be out of the selection for not receiving an email!!!


    • Upon

      Hi Gi,
      You and I are in the same circumstance. I felt disappointed right after 7 Feb without any interview schedule. I do not know about you, but I do not think I have a chance. Congrats to interviewed applicants. Best luck

      • Gi

        I know!!! I felt the same… I asked a friend who is a current student in FIPDes program and she said there was no interview for her last year. And not knowing is the worst, right? I refresh my email every now and then and nothing. I really thought I had a chance! Let´s think positive, Upon. They might have interviewed some of the applicants, not all of them… 😉

    • Upon

      I think this way: they only interview top scored applicants whom they may work with in the future. With the 5-10min interview, they may only able to know the face, a bit of personality and communication skills. Therefore, these interviewed applicants are probably put in main list, the others (if lucky) are put in reserve list. This is just my guess. Anyway, we just have to wait until early March to know the results.

  257. Gi

    Upon, how did you do on the toefl test? is your score higher than 90?

    • Upon

      Hello Gi,

      Sorry for delay. No, I don’t have Toefl, instead I earned IELTS. The score I mentioned is the total score that the selection committee has done on our application with evaluation for many aspects like subjects learned at undergraduate level, work experience, recommendation letters….. not only language score.
      Gi, Did you apply for any other EM courses?

      • Gi

        Hi Upon,

        My interview was last week. Finally!!! And yours??

        I applied only for Fipdes. How about you?


      • Zai

        Hi Gi, good thing your patience paid off. Glad to hear you were interviewed, too. Btw, are both of your interviewers Swedish? Did your interview reached the time limit of 10-15 minutes?

        Hi Upon, God bless you on your applications. Don’t loose hope, just try and try and never give up. Keep in touch. 🙂

    • Upon

      I have not been scheduled for the interview so far. :(:( why only me in this case?

      • Upon

        Finally you got interview. congrats for that.. Hope you did well. I applied for another food course together with FIPDes.

      • Upon

        Thanks a lot Zai!!! I will try

  258. Volver

    Hi karma and Mariya,

    any news yet? 🙂 My status still reflects “ready for review”. The waiting is the hardest part.

  259. karma

    Hi Volv……Pin drop silence… no news at all… I have more or less lost the excitement.. anyway since I have applied for it, might as well wait for a response… “yes or No”.. anything would be fine. Guess my application would be sidelined as I already have a PG degree from Europe and more over I did not submit IELTS/TOEFL scores since my educaion has always been in English.. ofcourse I did submit supporting documents for that

  260. garapongpula

    hello! 🙂

    Any applicants for Choreomundus? its the EM program on dance heritage 🙂
    I just found out that there were 100 applicants for the scholarship and
    I might have an idea about the results of my application this march 😀

  261. moussa

    Anybody who made it to the EMFOL main list?

  262. TOLU

    Is anyone aware on when the IMETE result will be out since it has been postponed.

  263. Mmoloki

    Karma, Volver & Maria

    Any News from MSPME scholarship?

  264. Mariya

    No…no news. I’ve wrote an e-mail to HW with query on deadline date of results availability. Hope they reply soon.

  265. Mmoloki

    @ Maria thnx for that all the best to MSPMEers

  266. Azim

    Hi to everyone!!

    Does anyone know what the questions they asking on the interview through skype? Thanks

  267. Ana

    He everyone,
    has anyone got results from Euroculture? I have read the posts on facebook, that so people already got responses from consortium; I haven’t got nothing yet.

  268. Dormant Smile

    Hi, yeah some people have got results but I also did not receive any news yet 😦
    keep updating…..

  269. Ana

    I just wonder if somebody has got a positive result?

  270. karma

    MSPME applicants … any news…. there is no change in my status. I also send an email, been around a week, no response. I wonder when the results will be out..

  271. Volver

    Hey karma,
    No change in my status too. This wait is daunting.
    Any response to your email?

    • Mmoloki

      To: Volver,Karma,Mariya

      I rang the MSPME team and the urged us to be patient as they are still working on the application, but promised that the admission results are a stone throw away.

      All the best to all MSPMEers.

      • Mariya

        As I understand from EM site uni should provide the list of winners to EU commission due to 29th Feb. Hope they can review all apps and make a decision.
        Best luck for all of us

  272. TOLU

    any news on IMETE

  273. Volver


    Thanks for the update! 🙂

  274. Mariya

    Hi MSPME ppl,

    I have an update from HW:

    Decisions on the Erasmus Mundus scholarships will be announced in late February/March.

    Postgraduate Admissions
    Heriot-Watt University

    Keep my fingers crossed 🙂

  275. kel85uk

    Hi all,

    Am not Pinoy, but I just am curious about my current situation. I applied for the COSSE program, and the director emailed me saying i got admitted and the committee is nominating me for a Category A scholarship and he gave me my ranking.

    What exactly are the chances for me to be confirmed as a scholar, assuming that the ranking number is lower than 7 (1,2,3,…), given that the EU budget in 2012 has been shrunk, and this statement here (The final nr. of individual student and scholar scholarships is conditioned by the adoption of European Commission budget for 2012-2013).

    Page 3.


  276. Ruisu

    As far as I know, the scholarships are committed budgets already, i.e. they already have the money set aside for them. From what I’ve heard, there hasn’t been any case where the European Commission doesn’t award the scholarship to the people nominated by the consortiums.

  277. kel85uk

    Hi Ruisu,

    Ah alright. Yeah, it kinda makes sense too. Thanks very much.

  278. Bento

    Anyone in Euroculture got their results?

    The waiting list has got their emails, some rejected ones have got their emails.

    Some of us still seem to have nothing. Very peculiar? Any news from anyone?

  279. anyone received EMMEP admit results already?

  280. Hello all! Very helpful and useful faq’s. I’ve applied fot EURHEO programme…anyone else?

    PS I’m from Serbia 🙂

  281. Daniella

    Any news/interview invitation from EM DMKM programme?

    • You should have received this similar e-mail since Feb 6.

      “Dear candidate,

      As you can notice we are late in scheduling your interview session with
      one of our assessors and we would like to apologize for that.
      However you might receive a message soon since interviews are to start
      by Wednesday or Thursday.

      Thank you for your comprehension and patience.”

      The interview period should be from then until roughly Feb 17.
      The result should be released around Feb 29 (from my experience last year).


      • Daniella

        Hi laccdiane,

        I did not receive any e-mail like that. I guess I am not eligible for the programme or they have problem with their system.. One of my referee said that he has problem submitting recommendation letter. That’s the case probably 😦

        By the way, how is your interview session? Good luck for you!

        Thank you anyway 🙂

  282. Hi

    Thank you, Daniella.
    My interview session is difficult -__-” The interviewer spoke so long and I caught few key words. He’s an Italian professor and he focused alot on my resume, which is different from last year interview.

    I suggest you to email to ask the university if there is any technical problem or a delay. (Don’t worry if you will disturb them because they seem to be happy to answer all questions. If they are busy, they will simply reply you late.) If it happens that you are not selected, I hope you make it next time ^_^ (of course, find a way to improve your profile). My application was not successful last year and I try again this year. So I hope you don’t give up. (I seriously don’t want you to give up!)

    PS: Check your junk email regularly as well. And good luck.

    Nice to know you

    • Weird & Geeky

      Hi Daniella,

      I have also applied for DMKM and faced my interview few days ago. Do you have any idea by what time the results will be announced and also does anyone have an idea of the number of applicants selected for the interviews(I wish to count my chances 😦 )?


    • gauravsc

      Hi laccdiane,

      I have also applied for DMKM and faced my interview few days ago. Do you have any idea by what time the results will be announced and also does anyone have an idea of the number of applicants selected for the interviews(I wish to count my chances 😦 )?


      • The result for DMKM should be on Feb 29.
        It was Feb 28 last year.
        Good luck to you.

        (My IT4BI application has just been rejected, unfortunately.)

  283. souvanik

    Can anyone tell me about the EMLE programme skype interviews? What do they ask in these interviews? Does one have to be ready to answer queries from cv/target course? Any replies would be welcome.

  284. Jan

    I got in to SERP-Chem this year! Anyone else out there with me? They told me that the application for my scholarship has been submitted to EACEA and I should know the results in mid-April. Is this like a sure thing already? 🙂

    • Zai

      Congrats Jan! Good thing the scholarship results for your program was released already, ours (with Iya for FIPDes) will be till 1st week of March. Hope we’ll receive good news like yours! You are truly blessed! Really happy for you! 🙂

    • Congrats! I got into SERP-CHEM also but I did not get any scholarship. Mind if you know other funding institutions that I can apply into so that I can pursue my study in SERP?

      • Jan

        Hi Myrron! Are you waitlisted? Unfortunately, I don’t know any funding institutions other than the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Anyway, I don’t know if this is good news for you, but I’m declining the scholarship offer because I received better offers. Hope for the best!

  285. KB

    Hi There,
    Do any one has any news about “Erasmus Mundus- Smart” PhD fellowships?, My skype interview was over on feb 9th, and till now I did not get any reply. How long it may take for the final decision? please do reply…

  286. Mariya

    hi karma,

    do you have any update with your application? Have you been contacted by HW?

    My status is still ready for review 😦

    • karma

      Hi Mariya… No updates… still the same… status shows decision made.

  287. Ruisu

    If anyone cares, the official deadline for the consortiums to send their list of scholarship recipients to the EACEA is February 29th, so by that date they already know their nominees.

  288. I’ve heard that some DMKM candidates hear the result already, but no email is in my inbox. Any update?

    • Tjen

      I read a blog of a candidate and he was approved.
      I didn’t get the email also and do not know whether they will inform if I failed.

  289. Anil Krishnan

    Two of my friends got emails from DMKM saying that they were in the reserve list. I haven’t got any email till now.
    Any one got an email mentioning that they had received a scholarship?

  290. Mariya

    MSPME ppl,

    have your application status been changed?

    Just nervious that my app status will remain ‘ready for review’ till the deadline.

    • Mmoloki

      Hi Mariya

      Mine is still the ready for review. Presumably next week we ll be receiving the results. all the best MSPMEers

  291. Mmoloki

    Hi Mariya

    Mine is still ready for review. Presumably next week we ll be receiving the results. all the best MSPMEers

    • Volver

      Hi all,

      Mine is still ready to review too. Hopefully everything will be revealed by next Wed

  292. Bean

    Hey people!
    I’ve had an e-mail last week from home university which I’d applied for EM,telling me that we needed to do an Skype interview. We just made it and it’s told me that I was successfull and they will suggest me to EM Consortium. So…. the qustion is,

    Did I achieve to get a place in Master Programme and the only thing left is about scolarship?
    Or is it still not for sure I attained the EM?

    By the way it’s welcome any news from TropEd and following steps from any experienced EM’s.

    • Ruisu

      Unless the EU cuts the funding for the program or they discover something that disqualifies you for the scholarship, like “you lived in Europe for more than a year” rule, you can go celebrate. The aforementioned events are highly unlikely.


  293. Volver

    It seems like i’m the only applicant for Euroculture without reply.

    Anyone else in the same predicament?

  294. One person got a DMKM scholarship.
    Visit his blog here >

  295. news…
    I got rejected for dmkm -__-

  296. Bean

    thnx Ruisu!!

    • Ruisu

      I just re-read your message and it says they will recommend you to the consortium. I thought they had said that they would recommend you to the EACEA. If the consortium recommends you to the EACEA (The European Union Department) Then THAT’s the case I was mentioning you. Sorry if there was any confusion :S

  297. Anka

    I have recieved a letter from Heriot-Watt that I have been recommended for the EM Category A scholarship (MSPME program) by the Consortium and the final decision will be made by EU by the end of May.

    Does it mean that if I’m ready to accept the offer they sent me I will recieve the scholarship?

    Is EU confirmation a formality or just a part of nominees will actualy recieve the scholarship?

    • Volver

      Anka, yes that means you received it. Congrats! 🙂

      When did you receive your email and what does your status say about your “application status” say on the Heriot Watt website?

    • Lepanto Mina

      any tips on your application? did you have work experience first?

  298. Anka

    I received the e-mail on 22 February.

    application status now: Decision made

  299. Volver

    Thanks Anka for giving us a heads up! 🙂

    The rest of Mspme-ers? Any news from you guys? My app status still reads “ready for review” which is strange (to say the least) if they already made their decisions.

  300. Bean

    Hey Ruisu,
    I must admit a bit disppointed now yeah,wait- and- see policy… I’ll let the page know the result. Waiting is just too annoying,mann!!
    People,any news from TropEd?

  301. karma

    hummm … MSPME… is really confusing. Seems results are out for some, some are still under complete ready for review and mine one stands at Decision made for the last two months. Strange.. isnt it… decision has been made on my application but the results have not been conveyed… that too for more than 2 months.

    Could I presume that my application has been declined…. what do others say?

  302. karma

    No idea what is happening.. as per HW, EM scholarship outcome will be notified in early march whereas some have already been notified in February…. does not seem right to me

  303. powerless

    Got rejected from MESC, not even get on the reserve list. They said that there are 147 applicants this year.
    Waiting anxiously for IMETE. Does anyone know when the announcement be told? Last year, it’s about middle to end of March. But because the result should be sent to the eacea before February 29, I hope it will be announced in this three days.

  304. Eve

    Hi Karma,

    Did you just contact HW about the outcome in early March after the news from Anka?

    Neither do I think it is right for the double standard. 😦

    We are all the same waiting anxiously for the results, I think.

    • karma

      Hi Eve.. I got this auto reply today when I wrote to them.

      Many thanks for your enquiry. We are dealing with a high volume of enquiries but will get back to you as soon as possible.

      If you have applied to MSPME with an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, you will be notified of the outcome by early March 2012.

      New applications for self-funded places on the September 2012 MSPME programme will be accepted until 27 May 2012.

      For more information and to apply online, please visit


      Heriot-Watt University is the Sunday Times Scottish University of the Year 2011-2012.

      Heriot-Watt University is a Scottish charity registered under charity number SC000278.

      • Volver

        Hi MSPMErs

        Its really peculiar how they are sending out emails seemingly arbitrarily. Our application status seem to suggest that a lot of our applications are not reviewed.

        If they have already given out responses to the main and reserve lists, that would be grossly unfair, no?

        Lets hope our fears will be addressed soon.

  305. Mariya

    Hi Volver,

    when you have submitted your application?

    I’ve done this just before deadline, therefore I accept the risk of non-reviewing or rejection.

    But I agree, that the results should be distributed after review all applications which meet requirements.


    • Volver

      Hi Mariya,

      I applied at least 24 hours before…so I am kinda perplexed.

      • Dee

        Hi! I agree with you that MSPME’s system is quite strange. I applied December 08, 2011 but my application status still shows ready for review up to now.

  306. TOLU

    hi powerless, am also waiting for the IMETE results

  307. Anka

    my status was Ready for review all the time before I get their e-mail reply. It changed for decision made just after they sent me their decision.

    So may be they change it only after they contact you directly…

    If MSPME really had so many applicants last years (like about 1000) it must be really hard to reply everyone during one day.

  308. Anka

    I want you guys to have a positive reply! It was a great thing to find this page in the Internet

  309. Eve

    May I ask when you submitted your application, Anka?

  310. Anka

    I submitted my application on 7th January

  311. Anybody heard anything at all from MEDEG? This wait is killing me.

    • Liza

      i’m afraid that their reply will be one of the latest, best luck and let waiting be a little less exhausting=)

    • pimrux

      Waiting for MEDEG too 🙂

    • Nikola

      Hey, I after asking them about forthcoming results, I got following email from them:

      Dear Nikola,

      The result will be the 15 of April.We´ll contact with the people.

      Best regards.

      So, we must keep waiting…

  312. Anka

    some information about MSPME again:
    this year there were about 1100 applicants and just about a dozen of scholarships.
    and the final decision will be in the end of April.

    still no reply for you, MSPME guys?

    Does anybody know some other blogs about EM their I can also find potential MSPME students. Wanna stay in touch

    • powerless

      Hi, this might help you.

      It’s Indonesian blog of erasmus mundus.
      Most of the language used is Indonesian, but you can ask in English. 🙂
      Unlike here, the moderator always answers the questions, unless it’s irrelevant.

    • Fiona

      Hey Anka, I have also been nominated for EM scholarship by the MSPME consortium 🙂 But I am just wondering what are the actual chances for receiving it ??

      • Anka

        Hey, Fiona

        Chances are great. Usually all of nominees receive it, Herriot-Watt told me so) But who knows…

        Let’s keep in touch till the final decision of EU

      • Hi there Anka & Fiona,

        Where are from? I’m Robin from Indonesia. My current status is still in the reserve list. My status in their admission site is still awaiting for decision. I’m still hoping that there will be some main lists who drop their scholarship on MSPME because they got another better program that they want 🙂 And considering that there are rules about awardees from same country and same university, I do hope that there’s still slight chance for me.
        I really hope that my status can change from reserve to main list 🙂 Still praying, still hoping!
        And by the way, congratulations! Hope I can join you two this September 😀

  313. Zai

    Hi Iya and Gi, any news on FIPDes results? This wait is agonizing.

    • iya

      Hi Zai! None so far…

      • Zai

        Iya, do you have an idea when the result was released last year? Thanks!

      • iya

        Last year I was contacted by march 6…sadly, i didn’t make it…

    • Gi

      Nothing yet!!! I know!!! I keep refreshing my email, but nothing… Considering my interview was 1 week after the deadline and there were extra applications, I guess we still have to wait to hear something! Where are you from, guys?

      • iya

        My email refresh button is getting tired as well hehe I’m from the Philippines. How about you?

      • Gi

        Poor F5!!! hahaha… I´m from Brazil…

      • Zai

        Hi Gi and Iya. I received an email today stating:
        “your application for the FIPDes Erasmus Mundus Master has been pre-selected and will be proposed for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship..” It also states that I need to send the hard copy of my application folder and to start the visa procedure for France asap.

        All Glory to GOD… I’ve been waiting for this since last year. I’m just really really thankful and amazed how God answers prayers. 🙂

        Any updates on your part guys?

      • iya

        Hi zai! Congratulations! I was put on the reserve list. It’s OK, maybe this is not what God planned for me. Study hard and make the Philippines proud 🙂 Best of luck to you.

      • Zai

        Thank you Iya. You have other applications, right? Who knows you might get into one of those. God bless you always. Cheers!

    • iya

      Hi Zai! Did you happen to apply in sefotech too?

      • Zai

        Hi Iya! No, I wasn’t able to apply to Sefotech. I was supposed to, but I ran out of time and resources. hehe. All the best for you Iya! Go go go! 🙂

  314. powerless

    Hi Tolu, while we’re anxiously waiting for IMETE, can I know what is your qualification?
    Let’s start with me, I haven’t graduated, and I’m from Chem. Eng. Don’t have work experience either.
    FYI, last year, there are more than 500 applicants for IMETE.

  315. TOLU

    Hi Powerless, am a graduate of Industrial Chemistry. So, any idea on the major criteria used.

    • powerless

      I don’t know, they don’t mention it on the web. What I know is they are very strict, no negotiation, if you don’t follow any of the rule, you will be cut immediately. Hey Tolu, do you have any professional experience related to the program? How many years? Just curious.

  316. TOLU

    Hello Powerless,
    I have no professional experience with regards to the program, Do you think the result will be out today.

  317. KB

    Hi Guys,
    I got a reply from EM consortium that I am selected and my name is proposed to be in the main list. Will I surely be selected? or is there any chance of rejection by European commission?

  318. powerless

    Hey KB,
    There is a chance of rejection if you break the rules, for example you apply more than 3 Erasmus Mundus programs. If you haven’t disregard any rules, then you should feel safe now.
    Btw, which program you got accepted?

    Hey Tolu,
    Actually in the confirmation email I received, they state that the announcement will be made a few weeks after the end of February. So it should be middle March, but I’m still hoping it would be soon.

  319. Jaan

    Hi there guys and gals 🙂

    Has anyone applied for Choreomundus? I’ve been following the updates and the one from yesterday said that they have pre-selected the applicants for the scholarship. They have sent their list to Brussels for approval. Has anyone gotten any emails from them at all about being pre-selected for the scholarship? I am curious if they even send those emails out.

    • garapongpula

      Hi Jaan!

      I applied for choreomundus as well. I haven’t gotten any emails from them. the website said that the accepted applicants wil be informed around late march.

      • Jaan

        Oh hi! 🙂

        That’s what I was thinking, too. Some programs inform the students pre-selected for the scholarship before they send the list to Brussels, but I guess not that’s not the case Choreomundus.

        I am SO curious about the applicant pool. May I ask you about your background? I am a pro Bollywood dancer currently working in the US. When I was applying, I had no idea what they would expect. Those 100 applications must have come from some great crowd!

  320. sare

    any one who got accepted for EMFOL?

    • Jun

      Hi Sare, Im on the EMFOL main list. Im patiently waiting for the European Commission’s final decision. Are you also in the main list?

      • Lilla Lys

        Hi Jun! Where are you from and what is your course in college? Thank you. 🙂

      • Jun

        Lilla, Im from the Philippines. Animal Science is my field. Are you also in the mainlist?

      • Lilla Lys

        Hi Jun! Unfortunately, no 🙂 In what university, are you from? 😀

  321. LB

    Hi, I’ve read all the discussion and I saw that there are statistics on how many people apply to a certain course. How can I find out how many people applied to my program (ASC)? I’m just curious.

  322. iya

    Sefotech people any news???

    • Fran L.

      Hello Iya!

      I am also waiting for sefotechnut news! =( the waiting is so frustrating!

  323. Mariya

    karma, volver& other MSPME-rs

    any news for your application?

    • Volver

      Not a peep. I have given up on MSPME to be honest. 😦

      • Hi Mariya. I’m Robin, from Indonesia. I received notification of getting into reserve list on March 1st. Still waiting for miracles of climbing up into the main list. Anyone already in the main list from the Philippines?

        Best regards,

    • karma

      Hi Mariya… like Volver.. I have given up on it. I personally feel those canditates who have been nominated for EM scholarship have already been informed. Anyway anything can happen so dont let your hopes die … all the luck for those MSPMErs who are still waiting for their results….

  324. Rae

    Any MESPOM applicants out there? any news? am so freakin anxious..!time seems to move so Slow.:)

  325. Rae

    So my application status for MESPOM says ‘Waitlisted” ..Any of the fellow EM holders, please could you explain what this would mean? What are my chances?

  326. LB


    I’m not a EM holder, but considering what waitlisted means with other programs, it means that you are on the reserve list. Your qualifications were enough to enter the program, but not to put you on top of the list for a scholarship. So you have to wait for someone from the main list to drop out so that you can take their spot.

    • faiza

      Hey LB, How are you

      I really liked your idea about subject wise statistics…. I would love if I could get the statistics of the total application received by my consortium which is MARIHE… so have u find some thing?

  327. garapongpula

    Hi Jaan!

    It’s probably because it’s a new program? I don’t know i have no idea.

    About my background, I have a degree in anthropology here in the Philippines. I also work as a dancer and dance teacher. I specialize in Hip hop dance but I practice jazz and a little contemporary dance as well 🙂

  328. Jaan

    Nice to meet you, and your background is impressive. I saw a lot of very accomplished dancers apply. Good luck to both of us! I’ll definitely check back in here when the decisions are out 🙂

    • garapongpula

      Nice to meet you too 🙂 thank you 😀 Oh, so a lot of accomplished dancers have applied? oh my haha. Good luck to us indeed 🙂

    • garapongpula


      I already received an email! I’m on the mainlist for the scholarship! 🙂 how about you? any news?

      • Jaan

        Congratulations! I gave up a while ago and accepted an offer at another place. Still no words from Choreomundus though, so I think I am in no danger of getting on the main list anyway 🙂 Good luck with the program!

  329. Thank you very much LORD! Finally the long wait is over! The results for SEFOTECH is out and I made it in the main list. Thank you so much!

    • Fran L.

      Congrats! I was also applying for the same program, but I didn’t make it. They said that I was a suitable canddate for the program and that I could join it without the grant! 😦

      • Hello Fran,

        from what country are you from?

        The final result, approval from European Commission, will be on he third week of April. I just hope all will be well then.

        Thank you very much!

    • Fran L.

      Hello Plate and Palette! I am from Nicaragua… What they said to me, was that I could join the course without the grant, that I was a suitable candidate, or maybe to re-apply for the next year’s grants. Hope everything goes well with you, and you get the grant… I think that I wasn’t ranked at the top of the list, I was ranked between 50 – 100 out of almost 300 applications, so my chances now are 0.

      Good Luck, let’s stay in touch! I hope you’ll get it!

      • Thank you very much Fran, I am from the Philippines.

        Actually, they told me I really got the grant. Bu the final approval by the European Commission will be released on April. I received this email form them.

        “Only the official confirmation from the European Coommission is still awaited but if we did not violate any rules of the selection procedures there shouldn’t be a problem.”

        Just keep on applying and have a lot of faith.

        Good luck in your endeavors!

        Thank you very much!

  330. Hello guys! Pinoy here. Anyone who has applied for Mundus Journalism? Any news? For Mundus Journalism alumni, what month do they usually announce it? How many Filipinos do they accept in the program? Waiting is agonizing. But patience… patience… am really hopeful with my application.

    Hope to hear your thoughts. thanks!

    • Hi ^^

      For the Journalism, Media and globalization programme, all I know is that a Vietnamese has been nominated for one of the 8 cat A scholarships 😀

      PS: I’m from Vietnam and still waiting for EMTTLF…

  331. Eve

    Still not a word from MSPME for me – any other news from them for you guys?

  332. Tapish

    I have applied for the MSPME. Status on HW is “Ready for Review”.

    HW says results should be out in early March.

    Its giving me jitters.

    All the best to everyone.

  333. yang

    Hi. Anyone here can offer tips for those who are on the “reserve list” and looking for sponsors so they can be “self-funded” students. The master’s programme is “Journalism, Media and Globalisation.”

    • Hello Yang! Are you filipino? Have you applied to the Journalism, Media and Globalisation Program? I haven’t heard from them. I applied too. Oh my.

      • yang

        Hi Explorer. Yep I’m Filipina. I got an email just this week from Mundus Journalism. I am on the reserve list. So I’m trying to research for financial grants…

      • Radhika

        I applied too but haven’t got a response at all. Any idea why would that be? Has everybody else got his or her result?

    • Rae

      Well i have been put in Reserve lIst for the Mespom program. I have been emailing my consortium regarding my position on the waiting list but to no avail, i do not know if i should find other source of funding or wait for some far away luck to move me up to the Main List. Did you know your position in the reserve list? Does the consortium have the right to give us an answer on the ranking among the waiting list?

  334. Eve

    Hello everyone!

    I applied for AMASE (advance material science and engineering). I made it on the reserve list for ERASMUS MUNDUS Scholarship catogary A, and my position is the second. Do I really have any chance to get it EM? I am totally confused…

    BTW I’m from Sudan

  335. Hi Ian Rabino and Volver,

    I also apllied for MARIHE… and I am just as much worried as you people are. but Thank God that now after reading your comments I am feeling a little relaxed and also after knowing that Mr. Florian said that we had to wait more for two weeks. I have been in touch with him quite a bit.
    I want to ask you guys have you received that email asking about special needs for physical disabilities? on February 3rd? let me copy that email here:

    Dear MARIHE applicant,

    we are writing to you with a request for additional information. Unfortunately we did not ask applicants to the MARIHE programme, if they require additional support due to special needs. “Special needs” means in this context e.g. physical disabilities. It does NOT relate to e.g. an applicant’s family situation or to the fact that an applicant has a financially difficult background.

    Please ONLY REPLY to this message, IF YOU DO REQUIRE ADDITIONAL SUPPORT DUE TO SPECIAL NEEDS. Please do so as soon as possible, and at the latest until 16 February 2012. Please briefly state a reason why require additional support due to special needs.

    You are asked for this information so that the MARIHE consortium may assist you in the best possible way. Like all your personal data the information an applicant may provide on this issue is protected. This information will in no way affect the applicant’s chances in the student selection process.

    Additional Note: The student selection process is still underway, you will receive a separate message on this in due time.

    Kind regards

    • Volver

      Hi Faiza,

      Nice to hear from you. That makes 3 of us now. What i’m worried about is that the Erasmus consortium have a bad habit of informing the ones who are selected first whilst making the rest wait EONS for any news whatsoever. Hopefully, Marihe’s team will not be so cruel.

      Did Mr Florian give you a timeline or any specific info as to when the announcements will be made?

      I received the email some time back. 🙂

    • Ian Rabino

      Hi Faiza,

      I also received that e-mail. Let’s just hope for the best in the next two weeks. The best of luck to the three of us! 😀

      • Ian Rabino

        Hi Faiza,

        I also received that e-mail. Let’s just hope for the best in the next two weeks. The best of luck to the three of us! 😀

  336. Hello! Anyone who has received news from the Mundus Journalism?

    I appreciate your replies. Waiting seems forever

    • All I know is that one Vietnamese has been nominated for one of 8 cat A scholarships in this programme.

  337. Good for you Yang. I wonder why I haven’t received anything yet from Bettina Andersen. I’m still keeping my hopes and dreams. I really hope they inform me whether I’m in or out so I know what steps to take next.

    • yang

      hi explorer. Have you tried emailing Bettina? Also if you have tips on financial grants, good-hearted persons willing to sponsor indigent students. let me know. =)

      • Yes Yang! I did email her after I read that you got news. I asked about my status and when the results will be out. She just said that, “We are working very hard processing all the applications to be able to get back with a result as soon as possible. As we received nearly 400 applications, it unfortunately takes quite some time and I am unfortunately not able to specify when in March you can expect a result.” << I don't know why until now, I haven't heard a word about my status. 😦 I really want to know the real score.

        If you don't mind, from where are you? You said you're an indigent? Did you know any applicants who received their status as well? thanks!

  338. clods

    Any one with any info regarding MERIT program?

  339. Marta


    Has anyone received any news from NOHA Consortium?


    • Bacho

      Hello Marta,

      I’m third country student and I received e-mail from NOHA that I’m selected and now waiting for final decision from European commission. What about you?
      Any way wish you success and good continuation

  340. Anyone applying for Global Innovation Management program this year? In their website, it’s mentioned that the result will be on April 2012, but the main list result is usually out before that date. So, if anyone got any notification regarding to their application, please share it 🙂 Thanks..

    Robin – Indonesia

  341. faiza

    YES, Best of Luck let’s just hope… everything turn out to be good for all of us

  342. faiza

    Hi Volver,

    No, I haven’t sent Mr. Florian any email… actually I was about to send an email inquiring about the current status of the application but then I saw these posts from you guys that he sent an email saying that we have to wait more for 2 weeks… Late may be, but I hope it does not turn out to be worst …. u know… ;( and how do u think that MARIHE will not be cruel?
    you know when I read about them I thought its going to be easy to get an admission and scholarship here… as they demanded only graduation and I am Masters and have work experience also. anyway, let’s see….

  343. YA_UMID

    Hi All!
    Did any of you applied for EMTTLF receive an acceptance letter?

    • einna

      any news from EMTTLF? I haven’t received any news yet.

  344. Volver

    Hi Marihe folk,

    I received my rejection letter last night. Quite peeved. But shrugs, that’s life.

    Good luck!

    • faiza

      I too have received the rejection letter 😦 I am so dejected… i couldn’t tell… they have proposed to ‘Appeal against the decision’ … do you think it wud mean anything? if yes then i will appeal… plz reply soon

  345. Jeff

    Guys, I really applied for MEDEG Scholarship program. Up to now I have never received any notification whether my application was received or not. What I saw after one week in my application status is ‘” Application Verified By by Administration” is this really a notification that my application has been received?

    Help please. am waiting for your replies

    • Liza

      Hi Jeff! they didn’t send any notification to me neither, and my application status was changed from “requested by student” to “validated by administration” (a little bit different that yours?) only a month ago. but I heard from them in the beginning of January when they sent me an e-mail asking to send them my transcript again (I guess it was impossible to open the file I had attached to my application or smth like this)
      So I think this is the way things should be and your application was received and already revised (as all universities must have sent their main lists and reserve lists to the Commission by the 29th of February). Good luck!!

      • Jeff

        Thanx a lot Liz. I’ve confirmed that the status was just as yours. Lets wait and see what will be there for us. Good luck.

      • Jeff

        Hi Liz, which country are you from?
        Im from Kenya. Do you think if I qualify for the selection, they wont consider where I come from?

      • Liza

        I’m from Russia. I think the only case when they take into account your country of origin is if there are several successful candidates from the same country: in this case they can grant only two of them and accept other candidates who may have lower score on the short list but who’s from a different country. It is a general rule, although there might be some exceptions

  346. Seether

    I am puzzled as to why the results are not out yet if they’ve been known since February 29th. Why must they torture us?

    • I can very well relate with you. I’m on the same page. Some applicants to the Mundus Journalism received notifications while others like me haven’t received anything yet.

      • einna

        All I know is that one Vietnamese has been admitted to the Erasmus Mundus Master’s programme ‘Journalism, Media and globalization’ and also nominated for one of the 8 Cat. A scholarhips…

        I’m still waiting for EMTTLF :-ss

  347. Bala

    Hi…I got selected for ERASMUS euSYSBIO in Aalto University, Finland….Is anyone got selected for euSYSBIO for Autumn 2012 too?

  348. explorer

    @Einna, is the Vietnamese your friend? When did he/she receive the notification? Hay… until now, no news yet from Mundus Journalism.

    • einna

      No, I just saw her result posted on a forum for Vietnamese EM holders on March 5th.

  349. Eve

    Any news from MSPME after March 1st?

    • Hi Eve. I have received reserve list notification on March 1st. But that’s all. Still waiting for some miracles to get to main list. What about you?
      Robin – Indonesia

  350. Asim

    Hey! Does anyone know when are they going to announce the EMMA 2012 results?

  351. Eve

    Hi Robin,

    I haven’t got a word from them about my result. The waiting is driving me crazy. T^T
    I contacted them a few days ago and they said the applicants should receive their result by the end of March.

    Congrats to you Robin! Hope you could get into the main list ;D
    Is MSPME the only ERASMUS MUNDUS program you applied?

    • Nope. I applied for MSPME and Global Innovation Management. But I haven’t heard any news from GIM. In the website, it is stated that the result will be out on April 2012. But I suppose, the ones with scholarships will be notified earlier than that date. What about you? What else did you apply?

  352. Louis

    I have received an email from my program coordinator( EM in Msc. Geo-information science and environmental modelling, GEM) and that i am nominated for this program. Is there any chance of getting the scholarship.

    • Jan Wollenberg

      Hi Louis,

      I also received a notice that I was accepted into the program but no mention of the scholarship.

      I was hoping they might tell us like other people have suggested whether we were on the main list, reserve list, or not selected list!

      I’ll let you know if I hear anything but for now I suppose we just have to wait unfortunately.


  353. Congratulations Louis! I applied for another program and received an email that I am included in the main list and that the confirmation of the European Commission will be released on April. I clarify them if I already have the grant, fortunately, I received this as a reply,

    “Yes, you are awarded the scholarship! Only the official confirmation from the European Coommission is still awaited but if we did not violate any rules of the selection procedures there shouldn’t be a problem.

    Congratulations once again! By the way, what is your mobility program?

    Thank you very much!

  354. RahulB

    Has anybody received the results of JEMES (cities and sustainability) 2012?? Please tell me or I’ll die of waiting :(.

    • divya

      hi rahul im waiting for any news on jemes too have u had any correspondence with them

      • RahulB

        hi Divya

        I sent them a mail but didn’t get a reply. On their website, they say the nominated candidates will notified by mid-March. So we can expect a mail in a day or two. Otherwise, they’ll send the final decision by March. Last time, they sent the results to the nominated and reserve list candidates around March 15. In case, you have any correspondence with them, please do post it. Thanks!

      • RahulB

        Hey Divya! Did you receive any news from JEMES?

      • divya

        Hi Rahul

        iv had no answers from them pretty much given up wat about u

  355. Goodluck

    Hi! my name is Goodluck,
    I have received an email from my program coordinator( European Master of Touarism Management, 5th Edition 2012-2014 Category A) and that i am nominated for this program. Is there any chance of getting the scholarship? Those who have the experience can help me with that! please I need to know if am in or what!!!

    • KB

      Are you in the main list? then there are chances if you have not applied more than 3 EM programms..Goodluck!!

    • EMTMr

      I received the same email from EMTM. I thing we have a very good chance of getting the scholarship.

  356. Irine

    The rejection letter came in last night for EMTTLF. My husband got it, but I haven’t received anything. Does it mean they’re still considering something. The rejection letter came in as “bcc” with “dear applicant” probably to everyone who has been rejected…

  357. TOLU

    hello powerless, is there any update on IMETE.

  358. TOLU

    Okay, but from last years result Who were those notified first,the accepted or rejected candidates?

    • powerless

      Don’t know, but last year, someone got rejected on March 25, and another got into reserve list on March 28.

  359. Nadine Zalivina

    Hey, guys, my name is Nadine and I’m new here. I think I have some information which you may find useful. I have also applied for IMETE. I became tired of waiting and checking me email every hour so I sent a bunch of letters to different people at Ghent University asking them about this Programme. Yesterday I received an email from IMETE team informing me that they are still waiting for their list of nominees to be approved by the Financing Agency and that they will notify me about the outcome in a few days. So, maybe, next week we will finally know if we are awarded EM scholarships or not.

    • powerless

      Hi Nadine, thanks for the info.
      I wonder if the financing agency means EACEA. If it is, then EACEA announcement is in April.

      • Nadine Zalivina

        I guess that’s exactly what they mean by the financing agency. How do you know the EACEA results will be announced in April? If you are right then it sucks! I was so hoping to find out about the outcome next week.
        Btw I have a question regarding legalisation of the documents. According to their requirements we will need to send them a legalised copy of diploma and the transcripts before receiving the admission letter. So the question is do I have to put an apostille on the original of the diploma and then make a copy of it, have it notarised and translated or I can put an apostille on the copy certified by the public notary? Would be grateful for the answer.

  360. Hello everyone, I am Umair, a film student from Pakistan. I am currently studying my final year of Bachelor degree in Media Sciences. I got to know about Erasmus Mundus master in documentary filmmaking program named DOC NOMADS in December 2011. I submitted the application with required films and scanned documents they had asked for. After a few weeks, I received an email from the consortium that I have been selected in the first process of application and have been appointed for a Skype interview.

    Few days later I gave the interview which went very well and on February 28th, I received an email which said,

    “Dear Candidate,

    I am happy to inform you that based on the decision of the Academic Board you have been admitted to DOC NOMADS documentary directing master course.

    Additionaly and in advance I inform you that you have been suggested for a scholarship. Please note, that the final decision will be made by the third week of April, when EACEA – the Europen agency providing the support – comes out with the finalised number of scholarships for DOC NOMADS. Previously, they defined the probable number of scholarships in 19.”

    Now I am happy to know that I have been admitted to DOC NOMADS program. Now I have one unanswered question regarding final decision which is to be made by EACEA. What amount of chances are there for my scholarship status to be rejected by the EACEA? If incase it does happen, on what grounds would the rejection take place?

  361. vefa

    Hi everyone !
    I was wondering if someone applied Masters in Natural Language Processing and Human Language Technology . On the web site , it says that the applicants will get an answer 2 months following the relevant application date which was 19th Dec, but no answer, they dont even answer my annoying

  362. Tess

    Hi all….got a mail from d consortium stating that I’ve been proposed for admission and scholarship….dt’s emmc STEPS….however,they’d get final confirmation from the EACEA commission… So my question is….does it take this long to get a confirmation and can dey decide to decline a scholarship?…I’m just so excited and at same time wondering y dey wld need so long a time to sign-off…

  363. powerless

    Hi Nadine.
    Other programs have announced that EACEA will give the list in mid April. But you said that they will announced it in the next few days, so let’s hope it will this week.

    About the legalisation, I think it depends on what country you are from. It’s not always apostile. I don’t know the procedure with apostile stuff because my country doesn’t use such. Check on their website, there should be the procedure.

  364. James

    Dear all,

    I have been accepted for Erasmus Funding for MAPP (I’ve been promoted from reserve list to nominated students). I am told that the decision is still pending approval by the European Commission. Is this a rubber stamp or is there still a good chance that I will be rejected? Anyone have previous experience?

    • rae

      Hey James! Congratulations!:) You mentioned that you were moved up from the Reserve List to the main list. Did the university give you your ranking in the reserve list? I have applied to CEU too which is part of MAPP i think and they said that they do not have a system of giving out the ranks of the reserve list candidates hmmm weird! Was wonderin if you were in the same scenario..! thank you.

  365. Seether

    So the results are starting to roll in. Is MEDEG usually amongst the last to be announced?

  366. explorer

    hi radhika! until now, i haven’t received any results from Mundus Journalism. Others have received a word. I don’t know why 😦

  367. cadfael_chill

    Hi everyone,

    I got accepted in the program I was applying for, but not granted the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. The notification letter advised I should send an appeal. Said the letter:

    “If you cannot agree with this decision you can open an appeal procedure by sending a registered letter to the address mentioned on the website within two weeks after receiving this email. This letter should clearly mention the motive of your disagreement.”

    My questions are:
    1. Any idea/s how to write an ‘effective’ appeal?— or at the very least, what it should contain, etc?
    2. Will lodging an appeal help my cause in any way—or this is just the committee’s way of assuaging feelings of dejection because of the (partial) rejection?
    3. How long do they get to process an appeal and make a final decision?

    Congratulations to those who got accepted to their programs of choice!

  368. powerless

    Hi Nadine and TOLU, I got a rejection mail from IMETE.
    Have you got any?

    • Nadine Zalivina

      Sorry to hear that. I’m still waiting.

      • Nadine Zalivina

        Received an email from IMETE. Nominated for cat. A Scholarship. Now waiting for the final approval by EACEA

    • Tolu

      Hello Powerless,sorry for not replying fast. I was not accepted for IMETE
      Nadine, what do you think the IMETE coordinators are watching out for.

  369. Mmoloki

    anythny from HW uni? MSPME? 😦

    • Fiona

      they announced the results in late February… at least than I received their email

    • Anka

      I was nominated for Category A scholarship, MSPME – I received their letter month ago

      I’m from Russia by the way

      • Fiona

        yes Robin I did fortunately, but I hope I’ll get the scholarship as well… 🙂 I’m from Macedonia. Did you get to the main list?

    • Eve

      Is it possible that those who are informed nominated first are in the western Balkans and Turkey Window? However, Robin’s case would be an exceptional, then..
      Anyway, this is just my opinion in an attempt to address their logic in informing applicants..

      Awee, This is too tiring and confusing! =_=

      • In my opinion, it seems like the ones getting to the main list were informed earlier than others. I am now in the reserve list and I got that notification on March 1. I don’t know if it’s correct or not, but it looks like the ones in the main list are notified in the earliest batch, and then the reserve list candidates and others will follow. My application status is also ready for review. I guess, final decision will be made in April or May, after all main list applicants have confirmed their places and been approved by the EACEA. That’s why all applicants (other than main list applicants) have their status is ready for review or waiting for decision. I’m still hoping for the best and trying to be optimistic though 🙂 Waiting is tiring, but I guess it’s worth waiting 😀

  370. Elyes

    Hi everybody! I’ve just got the answer from the University that I have been selected for the IMETE-Erasmus Scholarship and they told me to give them my answer by April 9th. The thing is that I applied for another program the Flood Risk Management and am still waiting the outcome which will be released the beginning of May. I actually prefer the second one since it’s my first choice and I would like to know what could I do in this case. Thanks.

    • Bane

      I have a question for you!
      When you were applying for Flood Risk Management,
      have you first received the admission letter from the UNESC=-IHE?
      They have just sent me the e-mail that I am received to the Programme, and that I will get the results of the scholarship in middle May 2013!
      Is this a standard procedure? Have they already made some cuts?
      Thank you for your response!
      Kind regards

  371. Flor

    Hi, I aplied to MSPME also, but didnt get any response. My application status is “Ready for review” still 😦

  372. Seether

    I just created a MEDEG 2012 thread over at URCH. MEDEG hopefuls let’s keep each other posted over there.

  373. Jeff

    Hi guys. For the beneficiaries of the scholarship (EMMS). I just need a clarification here. Never mind abt it much. The question is can the Consortium provide Air ticket from your own home country to proceed to Europe for study if you succeed for admission and scholarship?

  374. Invictus

    Anyone selected for the Erasmus Mundus MIND Program.

  375. explorer

    the waiting game is over. i finally got the news. I was admitted to the programme of mundus journalism. however, i was asked to find my own funding for the programme. if you know opportunities on how i can fund my studies, i’ll gladly appreciate it. thanks

  376. Jeff

    Elyes, Just follow your heart desires…mum

  377. RahulB

    JEMES results anyone???

  378. April is getting closer. Anyone applying for Global Innovation Management? If you got any notification, please share some info here 🙂 The website said that it will announce the results in April 1st. And last year, I got accepted for self-funded in April 1st. But who knows, there are some people who get any notification earlier than that.

    • LIJO

      hey, you even i am waiting for the GIM result…and last yeari got accepted into self funded program on April 1st..let me see what has got me this year 🙂 i dont come across any blog or forum regarding GIM..hope people are invisible 🙂 lets keep our fingers crossed 🙂

      • Hi LIJO and Flor.
        Last year, I also got accepted for self-funded study. And hoping that this year I can make it to the main list, just like you are 🙂
        Please post any updates you have here 😀 I’ll do as well..
        Good luck for us all 🙂

    • Flor

      I applied also, but didnt get any news untill now.. lets see 🙂

      • Chubby

        Hi All, as per their website, results will be released April 13 for GIM. Good luck to everyone.

    • Flor

      Hi Robin and LIJO,
      since this is your second time applying I would like to ask you if you know anything about what they are looking for in the applicant… is it GPA? is it good Enligh level (high TOEFL score for example)? working experience?
      Waiting is really killing me, even more now that we are near the 1st of April!!!
      Thanks, and good luck to you both 🙂

      • I wish I could answer those questions, Flor. But the fact is, I don’t know either. I guess all things that you’ve mentioned are being considered when they process our applications. And if I’m not mistaken, the quota for each country and university is also the bar for choosing the main list applicants.

        Gosh, it’s the end of March already. If their time table is still the same, at least tomorrow, the truth will be revealed! Now, every time I check my e-mail, there’s moment when I cannot catch my breath. So, I agree with you Flor, waiting is killing me as well.

      • LIJO

        hi flor,
        according to me scholarship eligibility is calculated by points for each thing you mentioned in resume values ….and as said by robin..nationality quota is also included..
        And robin i think results will be published on today or April 2nd since April 1st is a Sunday i don’t think admin office will be working…hmmm good luck for us.. 🙂 🙂

      • LIJO

        guys..any info ???

      • Excruciating! I refreshed my mailbox like once every ten-second! And there was nothing. Last year, I got the email in the afternoon. GOSH!

      • LIJO

        hmmm did you guys find any other people who have applied ??? did they at least get ??

      • Well, my status only changed in the “Actions on this Application” table. Now, there’s a new line above “Application Submitted”. But my current application status is still Application submitted. I don’t know either guys. Now, from two programs that I applied, only Global Innovation Management program that hasn’t got any final result announced, at least for me.

    • Flor

      Nope, noooooothing 😦

      • paoie

        Hi all, any results? I applied to GIM also… haven’t heard results from them.

      • Flor

        Hi!!! Do you have any news???

      • LIJO

        nothing till now florr…

      • Until this very moment, there’s totally nothing. It’s getting to my nerves guys.

      • Hani

        I emailed them and I got an autoreply that they’re out of office till the 10th of April (after the Easter vacation), so we might not get the results till then.

      • Thanks for the information Hani. It seems like we have long days ahead of us before we can find out about the result folks.

      • LIJO

        thank you for the info Hani….anyways happy easter guys 🙂 🙂

      • Flor

        Thanks! Happy easter for you too 🙂

      • Hani

        still no news guys.. 😦

      • Flor

        No, I didnt get anything either…

      • Same here. I have sent another e-mail, but haven’t received any reply. These two days, I’ve tried sending e-mails to two different people, Ross Maclachlan and Paula Harvie. Let’s hope that there will be some enlightment today.

      • LIJO

        hmmm even i am waiting…in or out..have to move on with life …this time they are letting out very late..

      • Flor

        Hi 🙂 I found this at the university’s website: “All applicants to the Global Innovation Management (Erasmus Mundas) programme will be notified of the outcome of their application by Friday 13 April 2012. Thank you for your patience.” So, just one more day of waiting. Good luck!

      • LIJO

        yea all the best guys…..and pray for each other 🙂 🙂

      • Hani

        Just got this:
        “For the attention of all 2012 Erasmus Mundus scholarship applicants who have not received a decision on their application: We will issue notification of selection results to you during the week commencing 16/04/2012. We appreciate that this is later than the initially stated timeline and very much appreciate your patience.
        Correspondence should be directed to the following email address:
        The GIM Selection Panel.”

        Does this mean that some have received a reply while other didn’t?

      • Hi, Hani. I also received that e-mail on Friday. And in the online admission – Pegasus, I saw that there’s a change on my status. Now the status is Application is forwarded to registry. It was April 13. Let’s hope for the best!!!

      • LIJO

        no change in the status..hope the results rolls out soon 🙂

      • Flor

        Robin, I saw the same change in my application as you did, but the status is still “Application submitted”, plus some other changes in the details displayed in the page. Dont know if its a good or bad sign… lets see

      • LIJO

        flor is the changes happened in the fees column ???

      • Flor

        I think the Tuition Fees changed (now it says £0.00 ) and also the Fee Status (now says Subject to increase). Did any of your info change? Do you remember what happend last year when you got accepted as a self-funded student?

      • Flor

        Lijo, consider that I may as well be mistaken due to my anxiety 😉

      • LIJO

        yeah these are the current changes happened flor…same as last time …

      • Guys, any result yet? By the way, my online admissions form has another change other than tuition fees and fees status. In the “Actions on this Application” table, there is this new line stating that about application forwarded to registry. Don’t know what that means. Please, if you have heard the result, would you please post something here 🙂 good luck to all of us!!!

      • LIJO

        yeah same status change for me too…think none have got the result yet..all the best guys

      • Hani

        same here with the fees and status: under actions “17-APR-17 APPLICATION FORWARDED TO REGISTRY”. By the way, I emailed them a couple of days ago about if someone got results, they said “Yes, some applicants will already be aware of the Admissions’ Panel’s decision with regard to their application. Keep watching your application on our Pegasus system as our colleagues in University Admissions are responsible for sending the decisions on the applications. Decisions are being uploaded onto the Pegasus system on a daily basis.”

      • Hani

        accepted but without a scholarship..

      • Flor

        Same for me…

      • I am on reserve list guys.

      • LIJO

        am still waiting hope… its comes today…so hani and flor you guys accepting ?? and robin did you email them asking about your ranking ??

      • LIJO

        got my result ..same as flor and hani..accepted without scholarship..?

      • I did e-mail them this morning LIJO. But I don’t know if they can provide me one or not. Well, I am not that lucky in the other program where I am also on the reserve list. And I don’t intend on keeping my hope too high on this one too. At the very least, we’ve done our best guys. Good luck to all of us in our next endeavour!

      • LIJO

        hmmm yeah robin hope something else is waiting for us….and those who are accepting the offer all the best guys..:) 🙂

  379. Seether

    This is torture. TORTURE, I tell you!

    I highly doubt it really takes them this long to make a decision. They’re just toying with us.

  380. Mariya

    Received rejection e-mail.

  381. Mariya

    Yesterday, from MSPME

    • Tess

      So sorry about it. But I was wondering why it came very late. Information was supposed to get to you in the first week of march. Or were you accepted before and then rejected? did you apply for more than 3 courses? Really sorry about it.. All the best….

  382. Peonies

    Has anyone else been “conditionally” enrolled and offered a scholarship? I received an email at the beginning of March from my program but was not sure when EACEA approval might be announced. Perhaps mid-April? Thanks.

    • Hi Penios.
      I have been awarded scholarship in Doc Nomads program myself. They say that the final decision will be made after confirmation with the EACEA in the 3rd week of April.

      Best of luck.

  383. Lilla Lys

    Hi! What if I’m currently taking up my postgraduate course during the application period, can I include True Copy of Grades of the semesters I’ve already finished in my application? Thank you. 🙂

    • It depends upon each program separately. For example, the program I applied to (Doc Nomads) allowed me to get an admission while I am currently studying my last semester of Bachelor degree. They asked me to get a letter signed by my university which states that I will successfully receive the degree by the end of August (before the Master course I applied to starts). They call it provisional admission and it is pretty much possible.

      Hope this helps.

  384. yasir

    Hi everyone…i applied for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship of Masters in International Health (MIH) for this year programme.. Due to limited number of scholarships I have been selected as a self funded student.. As i come from a modest background with limited resources i cant pay for my fees and living expenses, so unfortunately i wont be able to pursue my Degree as a self funded student…Erasmus Mundus Coordinator has asked me to find a scholarship for myself in order to pursue the degree.. So anyone among you can help me out regarding the scholarship or any funding that can help me, I Shall be thankful..

    Dr Yasir

  385. KB

    Letme ask something? The final decision mail will come from EACEA or the consortium at the university?

  386. LB

    Most likely from the consortium. The email I received said that they (consortium) would contact me as soon as they knew anything from the EACEA.

  387. KB

    Hey..Thanks ya.Gud luck

  388. Done

    Hi everyone! Does anyone of you applied for Erasmus Mundus Areas or Experts II? Thank you very much!

  389. Francisca Caballero

    Hi everyone. I applied for the erasmus mundus scholarship (third country) for Master’s in International Humanitarian Action, but i dont get any answer yet…does somebody know when will the results be available????

    Francisca (from chile)

    • Bacho

      Hi Francisca, I applied also for NOHA master program and I’ve got a notice in march that I was short listed, now I’m waiting for the confirmation from European commission but don’t know what they will decide.
      Hope for you everything will be on best way, wish you success!

      • Marta

        Hi Francisca and Bacho, I also got an e-mail in March from NOHA that I was short-listed for the scholarship. According to the experience of the previous EM students, European Commission in almost all cases simply confirms the decisions of the consortium.
        So, I hope that everything will be OK for us.

    • ATE

      HI hope results will be out very soon, probably before the end of this month. Be patient, all will be well

  390. Timothy


    Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying this easter holiday. Anyone please who applied for IMEC Erasmus Mundus? Anxiety is killing me…I can’t do anything constructive…just thinking of the scholarship. Thank you.

    • teacherk8

      Hi Tim, I also applied for IMEC Erasmus Mundus. Did you get any confirmation from the imec committee if they received the documents you sent them? Anyway, I can relate to the anxiety you are feeling. It says in their website that selection results will be out April. It doesn’t specify though the date but I am hoping we will hear from them before April ends.

      • Timothy

        Hi teacherk8! The consortium didn’t confirm that they got my application. Did they confirm yours? The website indicates they were to communicate by early April and we are approaching mid-month. Where do you come from?
        All the best.

  391. Bacho

    Hi everyone, I know that majority of you is waiting for the news from EACEA it’s also my case. Can someone tell me what is happening when you have the notice from your consortium that you are short listed for the scholarship and that your candidature is sent to the Agency for approval?
    What are the chances that you get the scholarship?
    Thanks in advance and hope everything will be ok for you all!
    Best wishes

  392. BS

    Hi everyone! I have read over the web that I am in the reserve list for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (using my UID). I would like to inquire what are the chances that I might be accepted to the program. I’ve applied for the Areas 11 program. Thanks.

  393. degs

    hi….i applied under TG 3 of AREAS.. the result is already out although i have not received the official letter of rejection/acceptance yet..the website only lists “numbers/codes” of .students who are either accepted or under ‘reserve’ category..the confusing part was when Masaryk University emailed me last week to process my online application…please help, i cannot understand what is happening here…am i already accepted in the program?

  394. teacherk8

    Hi Tim, I didn’t get any confirmation if they received my application as well. I’m from the Philippines. And you? If you don’t mind me asking, are you a holder of a bachelors degree in early childhood education? I’m sure that rankings were done in March already so I guess you are right that selection results should be out by this time. I’ve been reading some previous blog posts and there were some applicants for other ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship programs who have received an email already regarding their application status, such as if they made it on the main list and reserve list. So far you are the only one I’ve met here who is applying to IMEC. Let me know if you hear anything from them ‘coz I can’t function 100% as well because I am so anxious to find out the results. Good or bad I just really want to know so I can move on with life. Haha. =)

    • Timothy

      Hi to you again teacherk8! I hope you are doing well in Philippines. Am from kenya. I did my bachelors degree in early childhood education and graduated last year in July. So you can guess experience wise. What are you doing in philippines? Hope I have not stepped on your toes? Please lets keep updating each other coz you are the first one I have met who has applied for the same scholarship. Hope others will join us.

      • rainbow

        Hello Timothy and teacherk8, I was placed in IMEC’s reserve list last year to no avail. FYI, they sent out the results earlier last year, around March. Best of luck to you both.

      • teacherk8

        @Tim: I’m working as a preschool teacher assistant in an international school here in the philippines. I’m not a degree holder for early childhood education so I was really hoping I could qualify for the masters program. If the rankings were done in March as posted in their website, those who made it to the main and reserve list should have been emailed. I guess, the reason why we are not getting any email from them is because we didn’t make it to either list. I’m trying to be still hopeful though. Anyway, what are your plans in case you won’t make the cut? Have you applied to other scholarship programs?

        @rainbow: Did you receive the result via email? Where you from? Would you know if they email people who didn’t qualify with a “not accepted” letter? Thanks for the info. Really appreciate it. =)

  395. Louis

    Hi jan, have u heard anything from GEM.

  396. Timothy

    Hi teacherk8!

    Thank you for the information. I haven’t received any email from the consortium neither the EU and don’t know whether or not they communicate to applicants who don’t qualify. This is my first time to apply, so I am not awre of the procedures involved. By the way I teach in an early childhood education college (diploma and certificate). Abou my plans in case I won’t make the cut is I will still apply when it is advertised next time and hope they consider me. It is hard to locate scholarships in this field unless you want to major in another field other than early childhood education. So far, this is the only scholarship I have located that offer scholarships to international students to persue their masters degree in this area. Most states give scholarships to their own citizens like the USA. So, I haven’t applied for any other scholarship apart from this as I didn’t want to shift from this field. However, circumstances may compel me to consider a shift. Could you pliz if you don’t mind sent me you email address so we can be charting online? Thank you so much and have nice moments.

    • rainbow

      Hi Timothy and teacherk8. I think they are waiting until EACEA approves their proposed lists before they contact their scholars for the year. Don’t lose hope just yet.

      Timothy, I have a feeling that you will get in, because firstly they try to equalize the number of male and female scholars, so your being male is an advantage, and secondly, because you are in the field of early childhood education.

      teacherk8, i think being in the field is an advantage but not a necessity, especially if you have experience in the field. Yes, last year’s notification was sent through email and later on through regular post. I am not entirely sure if they notified everyone who applied regarding their selection, though.

      Best of luck to you.

      • Timothy

        Hi rainbow!

        Thanks for the encouragement. where do you come from, pliz? Have you ever applied for this scholarship or any other Erasmus Mundus scholarship? Give me your experience pliz. I will still hope and won’t let my hopes die untill the last minute.

    • rainbow

      Hi Timothy,

      Did you receive the email from Kjersti of IMEC? The final verification from Brussels is delayed, but they’ll contact us soon. 🙂

  397. teacherk8

    Hi Timothy,

    So you teach college students? That’s great. In case I don’t qualify for the masters program I plan to take a diploma or certificate course in ECE. By the way, here is my email add:


    Thanks for all the info you’ve been sharing to us. Are you also a preschool teacher? Do you know of any other scholarship for ECE? It’s true what Timothy pointed out it’s hard to find scholarships for this field. Anyway, thanks again. =)

    • rainbow

      Hi Timothy and teacherk8,

      I know that some universities in the US do have scholarships in early childhood education, you might want to search for them. However, most will require you to get admitted in the program before you can apply for their scholarship programs. I also tried to apply for Fulbright, but Fulbright intends to focus more on the hard sciences, like Math and Science, although it was another close shot. Have you heard from IMEC yet?

  398. Seether

    MEDEG 2012 Accepted applicants please join the MEDEG 2012 Facebook Group!

    • Liza

      thank you, Seether!

      • Liza

        sorry, I got you wrong, I didn’t get any notification (that probably means that I’m not the one), I just skipped the word “accepted”))) So, are you already in? Congrats!!!

      • Seether

        Hang in there, I don’t think they’ve notified everyone yet!

    • Pimrux

      Has anybody been notified yet? (MEDEG)

      • Seether

        I was notified Friday morning, Cat A scholarship, Madrid-Lund. I know of one other guy who joined the FB group.

  399. Bacho

    Hi everyone, is here someone who applied for NOHA master program? Do you got some news from EACEA?
    Best wishes to all of you!

    • Marta

      Hi Bacho. I only have got news from the consortium in March, there is nothing yet from EACEA.

  400. Bacho

    Hi Marta, yes in March I also got news but still now nothing, where are u from? I am from Georgia. Are u short listed?

  401. Marta

    Yes, I’m short-listed! 🙂 I am from Serbia.
    Hope that EACEA will make decision as soon as possible, cause this waiting is really making all the people nervous. Most EM students have told me that if consortium nominates you for the scholarship, this means that EACEA just approves and confirms consortium’s decision. Hope that this will be true in our cases, too.

    • plateandpalette

      The coordinator of my consortium told me that EACEA will just approve the consortium’s decision unless a problem was made during selection process. She already told me to prepare for my Visa application.

      • Bacho

        Hi plateandpalette, it’s great news but what is your consortium?

  402. Bacho

    Hope hope hope:)))) so nice to meet you here and wish that EACEA approves our candidatures. And tell me plz what mobility the consortium proposed you? For my case they told me to go in Warsaw for IP then Belgium-France-Belgium.
    Stay in touch here.
    Best wishes

    • Marta

      It’s IP in Warsaw and then Germany-The Netherlands-Germany in my case. Please, post here when you receive some news 🙂 Will be in touch.

      • Bacho

        Great, yes for sure I’ll post any news and you also:) good luck and hope to see you in Warsaw!

      • Bacho

        Hi Marta, some news? as I heard some consortium communicated already final results, but nothing for NOHA.
        Have a nice day!

      • Gech

        Hi Martha, Any news from EACEA? I am shortlisted for NOHA and anxiously waiting EACEA confirmation. My mobility is IP in Warsaw Sweden-Netherlands-Sweden. If all goes well, we will meet in Netherlands for the second semester after the IP in Warsaw. Please post anything you hear and I will do the same. Best of luck to all of us!

  403. umairb

    It’s mid-april already. I got short listed for scholarship in the DocNomads program now waiting anxiously to hear from EACEA who are supposed to give the news this week.

    Best of luck to all

    • Bacho

      Hi umairb, not be anxious everything will be ok! Just we have to wait, as you saw also the posts the most of them told that EACEA just approves the proposals of Concerned consortium!
      Best wishes !

      • umairb

        Thankyou Bacho. I am hoping for the exact same to happen 🙂 But the excitement is still there.

  404. umairb

    It’s mid-April already. I was short listed for scholarship by the consortium and now waiting anxiously to hear EACEA’s confirmation.

    Best of luck to all

  405. plateandpalette

    Im under SEFOTECH

  406. Hello! I recently finished my Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and I’ve always been interested in applying for the Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Journalism, Media & Globalisation (ever since I got acquainted with it thru the EU Seminar-Workshop for Campus Journalists here in the Philippines, October last year). I will be applying in January. So for now, I think I need to build up my work experience to have a better chance of being chosen for the Mundus scholarship. Just wondering, is anyone here currently taking the Mundus Journalism program? Can you you give me any advice or suggestion in preparing for my application?

    Thank you very much and good luck to all of you! 🙂

  407. Hello! I recently finished my Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication major in Broadcast Journalism and I’m interested in applying for the Mundus Master’s in Journalism, Media & Globalisation. I will be applying next year (2013) so I guess that still gives me time to build up my CV/work experience so I’d get a better chance of being chosen for the Mundus scholarship. I am just wondering, did anyone here apply for the program or is anyone currently enrolled in it? Can you give me some advice so I can better prepare for my application? Thank you very much and good luck to everyone! 🙂

  408. Ale

    Hi all, In general how many students from the reserve list got a chance for a scholarship? I am rank 7, but I have no idea if I still have a chance

  409. BAJ

    When will the EACEA approve? Has anyone been notified of their approval? Also, anyone in EMCL this year?

  410. Stone

    Hi guys!

    Do you still know your application ID? I don’t remember receiving one, or maybe I lost it! clumsy me. Help! I applied for the EMMAsia program and the results are out, but it’s all numbers! haha


    • Asim

      Hey! I also applied for EMMA. I emailed the coordinator in France for my ID number. They replied with my ID number! 🙂 You can ask too!

      • Stone

        Hi Asim!

        What email address did they have? 🙂

        Were you selected? Good luck!!

    • Asim

      Yes I am in the ‘selected’ candidates list. For the email address you can either mail Prof. Marc Diener the coordinator of this program or search for any mails you got from EMMA at the time of the registration and mail them. You can find the coordinator’s email address on the EMMA website.

      • Stone

        Good job! I got my application id now! Thanks a lot for the help!

      • Asim

        No problem! Did you get selected too?

  411. kcdokn

    SERP – Chem 2012-2013 result >>>

  412. Zhanibek

    MEDEG results, anyone?

    • Pimrux

      I havn’t recieved anything yet…. But i think some ppl already got their results. (MEDEG)

  413. Hi everyone…I had fun reading the posts and learned a lot…this is my second time to apply for the scholarship…did anyone here (Filipino) applied under TG2 program…the list is out and I found my ID number on the reserved list…:)

  414. Zhanibek

    how do you know?

  415. Zhanibek

    How do you know, Pimrux?

    • Pimrux

      Seether already has been notified on April 15..

  416. LB

    Anyone receive their official approval already (EACEA and all)?

    • Zai

      Hi LB! Nope, nothing yet. The releasing of results from EACEA varies in different EMMC programs, I’ve read one which says mid-April, the other end of April. Let’s just keep the faith and hope everything will turn out well. 🙂

      • plateandpalette

        Hi Zai! You’re from UPLB…right? Congratulations for a great job! Our coordinator in SEFOTECH told me that the official decision of European Commission is on the third week of April (hopefully within the week). They already advised me to prepare for the needed documents in visa application.

      • Zai

        Hi plateandpalette! Yes I came from UPLB. How about you? Thanks so much, and congrats to you, too. I also started to prepare my available docs for visa application. 🙂

      • plateandpalette

        Yes I’m from UPLB BSFT 2002. actually, I ask Mam D and Mam Del Rosario for my reference letter.

      • Zai

        That’s nice! Both of them are very gracious, indeed. 🙂 I hope there would be a chance for us to have a quick chat in person before the academic year starts, that would be encouraging 🙂

      • plateandpalette

        actually, Im planning to go to LB and give them some token. btw, where do you work?

    • BAJ

      Hey LB and Zai what programs are you guys waiting on? I’m also waiting for the EACEA. My consortium says the supporting documents for visa application etc will be provided on the 4th week of april. Is anyone here on EMCL’s mainlist? It’ll be good to have a buddy 😦

      • Zai

        Hi BAJ. I’m waiting for FIPDes. My consortium said mid-April, so I’m just waiting patiently… What country are you from? Thanks! 🙂

      • BAJ

        Hey Zai I’m from Indonesia but the pinoy forum here is the most active and updated one I could find 😀 are you a pinoy or pinay? FIPdes is the food tech consortium right? Last year’s results were at 9am, 20th of april and they’re communicated thru my country’s delegation for EU.. (Before the consortium announces them) all of the signs and even the officers for eu here say that we’ve practically got it Zai but I can’t help feeling nervous! 🙂

  417. ATE

    Can anyone plz tell me when the EMTTLF 2012/2014 final results will be release?

  418. LB

    I’m waiting for ASC. The email I received said I was on the mainlist and that the EACEA would reply by mid-April. Now is mid-April. I check my email every morning anxiously waiting. Hopefully tomorrow.

  419. Jeff


  420. Jeff


  421. Jeff


    • Pimrux

      Hi Jeff, I havn’t recieved anything yet either (MEDEG). The only change so far was the change in application status from “requested by student” to “verified by administration”…

    • Liza

      Hey Jeff!
      Sincerely I haven’t even tried to do anything with that mail, I suppose that for now we don’t need it, we will be notified by an e-mail to the address from the application, anyway.

      • Jeff

        Thanx Liza. I can now chill n wait. By the way where do yu come from?

      • Liza

        I’m from Russia

      • Jeff

        Just Imagine I got this mail today. What about you, did you succeed?

        Dear candidate:

        The Master in Economic Development and Growth Selection Committee evaluated all the applications received for the 2012/2014 edition and reached a decision.

        All students admitted or in the reserved list were notified through email.

        If you have not received this email, we are sorry to inform you that your application has been declined. The program received a large set of outstanding applications this year. Although the Selection Committee was impressed with your qualifications, was not able to accept your application. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to evaluate your application.


      • Jeff

        Thanx Liza. But I dont think if next year will be better coz beneficiaries keep on reducing every year. If yu hear of any opportunity, dont forget me dear. email: wburs?

    • Pimrux

      Hi Jeff. I got the same email today too. Oh well, there’s always next year 😉

  422. Jeff

    Thanx guys. I can now chil and wait.

  423. LB

    It’s rather hard to simply chill.

  424. kel85uk

    Sigh, if only they could quickly announce. It’s delaying my holiday plans… Grrr!

  425. Vishnu


    I received mail from the coordinator of EWEM program early March saying that I have been nominated for Erasmus Mundus schol and my files have been sent to Brussels for confirmation. Anybody in the same category for the same program?

  426. Lily

    Hi everyone anyone got accepted to MEDEG? someone called the university and was informed that everyone who hasn’t been contacted is all rejected.

  427. CP


    I just want to know, how many people were chosen from the reserve list last year?

  428. bercik

    Hi everyone,

    I got selected in the mainlist for euroPhotonics master programme and sent an email that says that I will participate in the programme. I am waiting for the official confirmation of Executive Agency of the European Community which is going to be sent out in the first week of May. The problem is I received a better offer yesterday. It was my first choice and it was unexpected. I was wondering if it is possible to decline the offer of euroPhotonics programme. What would be the consequences if I decline the offer at this point? Thanks a lot 🙂

    • jayson

      Hi bercik,

      i am wondering that do you able to switch to your desire program? Is it possible to do so? Thanks for your reply.

    • siddharth rawat

      hey all…..i have got waiting list rank 9 in europhotonics joint doctorate programme……is there any chances of me getting on the main list….i am fed up of waiting and waiting…..seniors already enrolled in this programme please enlighten me

  429. umairb

    It was told that the results will be out after confirmation with EACEA by the third week of April. The third week of april is almost over and there is still no confirmation news from EACEA. Do they take this long every year? There must be some way to find the status of our applications… ?

    • plateandpalette

      Hi umairb! what country are you from? what program did you apply in?
      we’re in same situation. though the coordinator already ask me to prepare the documents needed for visa application, I’m still waiting for that final approval. I hope that the agony of waiting will end soon.

      Let’s keep on hoping for good turn of events.

      • umairb

        Hello plateandpalette,

        I am from Pakistan and I applied for DocNomads master program in Documentary Filmmaking. Since I have been notified, it can be said that the process of informing all respective consortiums has begun.

        Check with your co-ordinator for information regarding this. All the best!

  430. LB

    I believe the EACEA will respond to all programs at about the same time so, as nerve-wrecking as the waiting is, it doesn’t mean anything as long as some people aren’t already getting their replies.

  431. Asim

    I applied for the EMMAsia program. Their letter says that they need confirmation from the selected candidates till 25th April, only after this date the list will be approved by EACEA. So i guess you all from every program of Erasmus Mundus be patient until the 1st week of may 🙂

  432. Gech

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been shortlisted by the NOHA consortium in March and was informed that they would contact me in April when they said they would expect to get confirmation from EACEA. I am waiting for the official confirmation- fingers crossed. Has anyone received EACEA confirmation? Please post and I will do the same If I get any response. Good luck to us.

  433. umairb

    Today, I received the much awaited EACEA confirmation news from the consortium co-ordinator of DocNomads program. The wait is finally over! 🙂

    All the best to other students waiting for EACEA approval.

    • Peonies


      Congratulations! That is wonderful news for those of us anxiously awaiting EACEA approval! This spring has been such a nerve-wracking and exciting time. 🙂

      • BAJ

        I haven’t got them 😦 what program did you get peonies?

    • Zai

      Congrats umairb! Hope we get our EACEA approval, too. *drum roll* 🙂

    • plateandpalette

      Congratulation umairb! The coordinator of SEFOTECH informed me that the official decision will be out next week. I am really hoping that no problem will arise.

      Congratulations again! btw what is your mobility program?

      • umairb

        Thankyou! my mobility track is going to be Lisbon-Budapest-Brusses.

        I believe EACEA is only a formality, so just relax! 🙂

  434. how soon will one know if he or she got into the main list from reserved list?

    • Asim

      I think you should be informed if you made it to the main list BEFORE any of the main list candidates of your program are informed of their EACEA approval!

  435. Peonies


    I’m on the main list for EMSRHS and still awaiting EACEA approval. I was wondering when final results would start rolling out because the third week of April came and went, but seeing that some programs have started notifying scholarship nominees has calmed my nerves. Best of luck to everyone!

    • BAJ

      Good luck to everyone! 🙂 no signs of eacea justt yet

    • Eve

      Hi Peonies,

      I’m in the same basket as you. On the main list for EMSRHS and waiting for the final notification. From what country?

  436. Bean

    I guess I’ll need double scholarship (double life expences,double flight, double bed dormitory) due to gained kilos during this looong stressful time. Or EACEA can keep me waiting longer,then I’ll become 100kg.s and we can simply eliminate flight ticket factor.

    • plateandpalette

      Hi Bean! what is your progam? where you from? the waiting is stressful. *sigh*. hope it will end soon and the visa application will up next. Good luck!

      • Bean

        Hey plateandpalette,
        I’m from Turkey and international health is the programme. Wish the same… omg…. Really wish the same.

  437. angel

    Hello Everyone, I am from India and got My admission confirmation for EMAE(European Masters in Applied Ecology), but as self funding student. I basically want to seek info regarding after erasmus work opportunities for non-EU students. Since I am financing my education with a bank loan so am just a little worried if it is worth it. as i have to pay it back after completion of the course and my home country doesn’t provide much job options in the concerned field.
    any advice would be highly appreciated.
    thank you very much

  438. hahahahahha…that’s funny bean….I really hope I can make it to the main list….best of luck to all of us!

  439. BAJ

    I read in some of the blogs that the notification can be as late as after the sem.starts! (October) for reserves.

    I think that whether you make it into the main list depends on your rank and where you are from. If one guy dropped out and you’re number 1 on the reserve list, but two people from your country are already awarded in this batch, the spot is more likely to be given to number 2/3 or so on who is more advantaged in terms of geographical distribution..

  440. I am from the Philippines and I don’t have any idea on the ranking…I applied for the Erasmus mundus action 2 program…they just posted the list to be approved for EACEA here:

    There are so many people on the reserved list and I do not know which ones are on the same program with mine…:(

    • BAJ

      Action 2 usually has few spots for 24-month master’s degree. I looked at Lotus and Experts and saw 1-2 spots for each country for each duration for the master’s. They didn’t give the ranks so just pray it would pull through.. There are tens of thousands on the reserve each year I suggest you look for another scholarship and not dwell too much on this one 🙂

      • degs can i access the result of experts II? can you give me the link? ty

  441. I see…I am still very positive…I got an email from our coordinator last time inviting me to apply again because there is still a vacant slot for the TG2 group to which I applied…I guess there might be a lot of us who submitted as deadline drew near…well, there is always next year 🙂

    • BAJ

      Best of luck to you Ana!

      Degs, experts II results will be out on the thirtieth 🙂

  442. JB

    Hi BAJ! 30th of April (Philippine time or European Time- i.e. May 1?) thanks. I’m on the reserve list for AREAS.

    • BAJ

      it would be European time (Brussels) +1 GMT. 🙂 good luck!

      • JB

        thanks BAJ! May I know where you’re from? You’re an Erasmus Mundus Scholar, I presume. 🙂

  443. Vishnu

    @angel: In which univ did you pursue your undergrad studies? ‘m from India and I have been selected in the main list for EWEM.

  444. thank you Baj!

  445. degenije

    Any news form EACEA anybody?

    • Zai

      Hi degenije.. still nothing yet. 🙂

      • degenije

        Thanx for the reply! I’ve got the answer form EACEA saying that they’ll make the decision during this or next week. Good luck everybody!

      • Zai

        Your welcome. 🙂 I also got an email from our coordinator that the confirmation will be out next week. Not only that, the names of my prospective classmates were disclosed, so I started looking for their nationalities on the net. I bet they’re doing the same. Haha 😛

      • iya

        Hi Zai! While checking the nationalities of your classmates, is there another Filipino besides you?Hope you can answer my question thanks!

    • News from EACEA directly? PS I’m from Serbia…also waiting on my results…

      • Gech

        Hi fetihdusan,

        Below is what I received from EACEA last Friday (April 27). All indications are that the results will be out this week!
        The Agency is expected to contact consortia to finalise the selected students lists later this week or next week. There has been a slight delay from the originally planned date of mid-April.

        Kind regards,

        Erasmus Mundus Team

  446. degenije

    Any news from EACEA yet?

  447. Invictus

    Any Indians in the main list of any of the Programs being offered ??

  448. kel85uk

    Is anyone here going to do COSSE?

  449. Vishnu

    I’m an Indian and I have been nominated for Erasmus Mundus scholarship of EWEM. Even coordinator of the programme to which I have been nominated to has informed that the result will be out this week

  450. kel85uk

    Hi Vishnu,

    This week? It’s already friday. 😛

  451. Asim

    I got an email from the coordinator of the host university. They said the documents for visa application are under process and should be provided to the candidates during the month of May.

  452. Vishnu

    Well I had received the mail two days ago!!

    • Asim

      Then what results are you waiting for vishnu? The EACEA approval?

  453. Vishnu

    Yes Asim, I have been nominated for EWEM programme and I’m yet to receive approval from EACEA.

    • angel

      hi vishnu, i am from Amity University, Noida, India..Where are you from? lucky you got the scholarship, I am seriously thinkin now if I should take up this course without scholarship as funds are kinda short. I just wanted to ask if this is gonna worth it?

      • Invictus

        Applied Ecology has a future, if you are going for the 1st world. The 3rd world has very minimal openings in this field and more so India, as most of the consulting firms working in the environment sector here are yet to make a mark and the established ones are quite short of business., so what ever you do lady…take an informed decision. Do an R & D of the market, u’ll get a more clear picture !

        (An Insider working in this field)

  454. Abel

    Why does the EACEA approval is taking longer than it is expected to be, any idea!

  455. Abel

    Any body out there who has got selected in EMSANF programme.

  456. Abel

    Is there any one who has got selected in EM-SANF programme.

    • ceijo

      I got selected by the EMSANF consortium, but still waiting for the official approval of the Agency of the European Union.

      • rob

        i was put on the reserve list of EMSANF but up to now i have not recieved any communication from them…..what was yr grade and toefl score

  457. angel

    Invictus, thankyou very much for your help, i indeed want to work in environmental sector and wants to gain some experience abroad (also to repay my loans ). can you please tell me , what are the legal stay time I ll be getting after completing 2 years of erasmus, to find a job. also if you can help me getting some info abt job mkt in europe for ecotoxicology and allied fields, would be very much appreciated.
    thankyou 🙂

    • Invictus

      I have no clue about the stay time. You will have to talk to the Alumni for that info. As for the openings in this field, mind you, this is a sector very complicated and not so well developed as of today. You will have to slog a lot for getting it right. Europe is for more advanced in terms of implementation of the latest & best in the industry then any other continent. But, Its not easy to find the right kind of job in Europe without prior experience in this field. If I were you, I would start in a 2nd world nation…learn the tricks of the trade and then hit the European market for a better employment. Then again, its solely your discretion.

      Besides, where are you from and what have you done in your Bachelors ?? Also, congratulations for the Applied Ecology Master Study Place.

    • Vishnu

      Did you decide on whether to accept this offer?

  458. abel

    Really helpful website, I have got a lot of information I was wondering about. And good luck and stay blessed.

  459. DGLSP

    Hi, do someone here applied for the MOVER program?? Did you receive any notifications yet? Thanks!

  460. Vishnu

    @angel. Currently ‘m working at Amrita univ coimbatore. I’ve 2 yrs experience and I think that wuld ‘ve given me an edge over this. If funds are short pls double check your options. I did not go last Fall cos I did not receive funding even though I had admits.

  461. dega

    hi! any news if the result of experts II is available?……

    • JRV

      hi dega! I am also waiting for the results of the experts II. I checked my e-mail and their website, still no updated posts.. 🙂

      • dega

        waiting for results is like waiting for your execution!!!!….

      • JRV

        I’m from the Philippines. :). Let’s hope for the best! May God bless us all! 🙂

    • JRV

      Haha.. I understand what you mean… do you have any idea when will they post it? During the application process, they said it will be posted on April 30… It’s now May 2… hehe

      • dega

        sorry I have no idea…although, the application deadline was extended until Feb 19, 2012 (saw it posted at the website of Masaryk University). if we follow the ‘three-month’ validation/selection process, the consortium has the ‘obligation’ to inform us before May 20….but, I cant wait any longer…lol!!!…my laptop has been running 24/7 most of the time…..where are you from? Im from the Philippines.

  462. :)

    anyone studying in norway?

    Is it mandatory to tick the box for the reference (where the application will be sent to the school in norway)? or is the admission letter enough?

    I got my confirmation from EACEA last week..

  463. abel

    Any news from EACEA!

  464. mido

    Dear EMMC / EMJD coordinator,

    With this short message we would like to apologise for the slight delay in the notification of the 2012 EM scholarship/fellowship selection.

    Although last year we were able to inform you about the 2011 selection on 15 April, this year, due on the one hand to the increased complexity of the scholarship allocation process (with two additional windows and an additional budget provided by the EP), and on the other hand to the Easter break in the middle of this exercise, we will only be able to send you our formal selection notification in the coming days and hopefully by the end of this week.

    In the meanwhile, we would like to thank you for your patience and invite you again to take all the necessary precautions when communicating with your preselected candidates in order to avoid raising expectations that you might not be able to answer positively.

    The colleagues in charge of your EMMC or EMJD will remain at your disposal for any additional information you may need on the outcomes of this selection process.

    • abel

      Thank you mido for your valuable information. I was waiting anxiously but now I am relieved.

  465. Vishnu

    It sounds like all the nominated candidates wont be funded!

  466. BAJ

    Hi mido thanks for the heads up. What a relief :O I’ve been checking my email and several websites on a regular basis and it was quite disappointing and worrisome to experience an unexplained delay. What program are you mainlisted in?

  467. coco

    Hi, mido
    “communicating with your preselected candidates in order to avoid raising expectations that you might not be able to answer positively”
    means they want to avoid us worry too much, not negative, I think)))

  468. Lepanto Mina

    Hi! I am interested to apply for MSPME. Any advice or tips? I am a fresh graduate. Do you think it is better for me to have work experience first?

    • BAJ

      I’d say that you should apply straight away. For most fields, professional experience is not actually a necessity nor an advantage. Most consortia prefer academic potential (correct me if I’m wrong) over any form of professional experience unless it involves research. Personal experience. There are many freshgrads accepted in the program. Good luck!

  469. kalid

    hello every one!!
    I got an EM scholarship for the program, MEDEG. My first year stay is at university of warwick (UK)
    I have no idea about visa application and application fee.
    How many weeks it takes to have the visa in hand?

    • Bacho

      Congratulations Kalid, u got the answer from EACEA already?
      I think u have to contact with EC delegation in your country they will accompany you to complete all formalities. It’s my opinion.
      Best wishes

    • HaiAnh

      Hello Kalid, I will apply for MEDEG 2013 this November, it’s my very first application, so I need as much information as possible. I would appreciate if you could send me your email.
      Many thanks your help!

  470. kel85uk

    Man, waiting for this confirmation is starting to get extremely annoying…

  471. Hi everyone,

    I’m Mita from Indonesia. I applied for IT4BI and was informed by the consortium last February that I got into the main list. I’m yet to receive the confirmation from EACEA. Contacted the EU Commission representative in my country and the consortium, they also haven’t received the news and said that they will e-mail me as soon as they hear any news.

    Let’s all hope we’ll receive the news by this week! 🙂


    • k.a.

      Hello Mita!

      Are you currently in the IT4BI program? I was admitted to the program but unfortunately I’m only in the reserved list (#46). With my ranking, it is highly impossible for me to get the EA scholarship so I’m looking for another funding. Would you know of any scholarship/funding that I can apply to or do you happen to know any IT4BI student funded by another scholarship (other than Erasmus Mundus)? Is there any Filipino in the IT4BI program?


  472. Kibret

    Hi Guys today is thrusday, so i hope it will be tomorrow. I will not eat, drink and sleep until tomorrow.

    • Gech

      Hi Kibret,
      What programme have you been nominated for and where are you from?

      • Kibret

        Hi Gech
        I have been nominated 4 EMSHIP 2 start in Belgium at University of Leige. What abt u?

  473. plateandpalette

    HI everybody!

    Any news from EACEA? the week is almost over, still hopeful for a positive response.

    Is there someone who’s going to Belgium?

    Good luck to everyone!

    • Zai

      Nothing on my part yet. *sigh* My refresh button is getting overused. haha. 😛

    • Hannania

      Plateandpalette I have been still waiting 4 it; but there is no response from EACEA. I am so worried.
      By there way, where are you from? I am from Ethiopia and going to Belgium. Are you going to Belgium?
      Good Luck to Everyone

      • Gech

        Hi Hanania,
        I am happy to see a fellow Ethiopian on this forum. I have been nominated for the NOHA programme and waiting for EACEA confirmation. I am going to Sweden though. Are you from Addis? If you can call me at 0911516436, we can chat. Good luck to all of us!

      • plateandpalette

        Hi Hannania!

        I’m from the Philippines. Hopefully, my first semester will be at Kaho Sint Lieven Gent under SEFOTECH

    • Hey, if all goes well, my first semester will be in Brussels. You’re going to Belgium as well?

      • plateandpalette

        Hi Mita!

        My first semester will be in Brussels, too. Im in SEFOTECH, how about you?

    • Hi! I’m in IT4BI. The University is ULB. You’re from the Philippines? Let me know when you receive the confirmation from EACEA :). I’m still waiting for mine.

  474. plateandpalette

    It seems that it is a mixture of excitement and disappointment – excited that the results might be already released then later disappointed that there is none.

    have to keep myself busy to avoid thinking about it all the time.

    • BAJ

      And now it’s delayed for an additional week 🙂 let’s just hope all is well

  475. rae

    Does the reserve list candidates also get an approval email from eacea or just the main list?thank you!

  476. Sorry, it should be Gent not Brussels. I have not received the confirmation. I just hope that everything will get well soon.