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36 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Reymondo a. Caraan

    hi everyone, i’m an erasmus scholar, now in Bangor University, Wales doing MSc Forestry. I’ll be in Copenhagen Uni, Denmark in July this year for my second year.

    It is good to find this website. I may post some things i’ve written down, in my diary.

    Let me know if there will be any erasmus activites in UK soon!


  2. ricca

    Hi . May I know when is the Erasmum Mundus intake for 2011? Thanks

  3. calls for application should be out around september. most of the programmes have deadlines in december.

  4. cheekee

    Is there any restriction for applicants on having applications to other scholarships together with applying for Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

  5. none that i know of, cheekee.

  6. jp

    Hello there! 🙂

    I think I read somewhere that an aspirant can only apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship 3 times for a certain intake. Going over the limit would automatically disqualify him/her from all the applications that he/she had made until then. Is this true? I have been googling the article where I got this piece of warning from but I surprisingly can’t find it.

    • you can apply to EM three programs at a time. not sure what the penalty is if you go over, but it’s better to not risk disqualification.

      • jp

        thank you for the quick response! may you have a pleasant evening 🙂

  7. Jm

    Hello! I have seen in most applications for the Erasmus Mundus program that our country need not to take a TOEFL or other similar tests because our universities teach students in English. Currently I am applying for a program, I was just wondering what category should I click: 1) Request for exemption on these exams or 2) We are native English speakers. Thanks.

    • pinoyerasmusmundus

      either should be fine. the term “native” is loaded. the better term is first language”, but that’s just me. 🙂

  8. jp

    Hi! 🙂

    I think this would prove to be a silly question to some but here it goes: a successful registration to an online Erasmus Mundus course website does not count as an application right? The thing is, I have already have an account to a certain Erasmus Mundus course (let me call it EMA) but I have not submitted my application form just yet. I am having second thoughts because I am leaning more towards applying to another Erasmus Mundus course (let me call it EMB).

    My problem lies with the number of applications I would be making. I already have two and if I apply to EMB and if EMA counts my registration as an ‘application’, I would then end up with 4 applications, 1 more than the limit imposed to the number of applications allowed per applicant.

    I hope that you guys could help me out 🙂

  9. Catherine

    Hi, I’m Catherine from Davao. As of March 2011, I am on reserve list for the Mundus MAPP scholarship. The Consortium however, said that my place could not change that favorably for me to land a scholarship, but that I could still participate in the program if I could find other funding sources. In order to do that, I asked them for an official Letter of Acceptance; my receiving of that document put me in the self-financing status but did not take me out of the reserve list, as well.

    Just this May 10, 2011, I received another email from the Mundus MAPP Consortium sending me the document, Acceptance Letter and Confirmation Form (for students enrolling for the study periods 2011-2013).

    Am I already taken out of the reserve list and is now being offered an Erasmus Mundus scholarship? Do I get to know which category, A? B? I’m confused. Please help. I already asked them but not a reply yet.

    • Bryan

      The document must say that you are going to receive a scholarship else, you will be considered self-financing and will have to pay for the entire cost of the course. I hope I helped. Good luck!

  10. Bryan

    Category A scholarship is for 3rd country students while Category B is for European students. So, your application will be considered to be under Cat A.

  11. Josh

    Hi, I’m interested in one of Eramus Mundus’ programs. My questions is that, would the consortium allow you to work in Europe after finishing the degree? or is it required for me to go back in the Philippines and use what I’ve learned??? Thanks a lot and more power!

    • pinoyerasmusmundus

      haven’t heard of a requirement to come back. you can stay and in europe as long as you have a valid visa that allows you to do so.

      • Josh

        Wow. thanks for that! Another question, what if I’m accepted to one of the programs, can I tell the consortium to take it after 2 or 3 years? Would they allow reservation of slot for that scholar?

  12. Hello. I am applying for a master course in emergency nursing. I am still in the middle of my application and I am stuck. I don’t quite understand the information they are asking me… “University degree required to access the Erasmus Mundus course” and “Course Contents”. Are they asking me the degree I earned? Please enlighten me. lol Thanks.

  13. karma

    I have applied for MSPME for 2012 -2014. Already sent all my documents online but my passport expires in July 2012 i.e. before the course commences in Sept 2012. Tried enquiring with the univ., till now no response… what should I do?

  14. Mmoloki

    Hi karma

    that shud’nt be a problem jus apply for a new passport?

  15. Bala

    Hi…I got selected for euSYSBIO in Aalto University, Finland….Is anyone got selected for euSYSBIO for Autumn 2012 too?

  16. Aziz Ahmed

    Hey, guys!
    Any one from JEMES? Who is starting first semester at Aalborg?
    Good Luck!

  17. Machaix


    I’m interested to apply for the EMCC nursing scholarship program, but I don’t know where or how to download the online application form. I found this site:

    And already clicked on the link for the application form, but it only directed me to the site for the Student Application procedures.

    Help please!

    Thanks! And more power to this brilliant blog!

  18. anonymous

    is there a possibility that the scholarship will be terminated (like when you fail a subject.)? What happens after, do you have to payback the money that was already given to you?

  19. irene gonda

    HI. Im applying for sefotech nut Master of Science in Food science, technology and nutrition under erasmus. I jst want to ask if somebody knows what are the specific documents to be sent to sefotech and what documents are to be sent to KU Leuven? i also want to ask if letter of motivation is still needed? thanks…please help me…

  20. Hi I’m Ace Dela Cruz, undergraduate student of AdMU, and Im going to University of Warsaw in Poland this year hope that I could also find someone here who’s going this year 😀

    • Sophia

      Hi Ace! Congratulations! Did you receive a personal letter from the Admin last week? Is your scholarship EMMAsia? I applied for that scholarship and the website said the results will be released on the first week of March. Thanks

      • Hi! Our school coordinator (AdMU) already notified me beforehand that I qualified for the program so that I can prepare my academic requirements earlier. 🙂

  21. Ian

    Hi everyone, I got an email 2 days ago and said I am on the reserve list. Oh God, really happy but not expecting that I’ll get the scholarship and they offered me huge waive of fees.

  22. hi! i’d like to join the fray– just so i can remember sometimes 🙂 though my blog is super outdated :P:

  23. please visit for more information about living in Europe and how to apply for a scholarship and study in a European school. see you there!

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