This blog is the virtual home of current and former Erasmus Mundus students from the Philippines. It is run by EM alumni volunteers and is not an official site of the European Commission.

For Erasmus Mundus-related questions, please go through the FAQs first before posting your query as a new topic in the Erasmus Mundus Forum.


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  1. nicole tan larsen

    hi! i am a filipino currently studying at aarhus, denmark. i saw that indi studied at aarhus last year. i just wanted to ask if you know any other filipino students here at aarhus?thanks!

    • Ken

      Hi Nicole. I know somebody studying in Denmark but in Copenhagen. His name is Reymond Caraan…

  2. none that i know of at the moment, nicole. will ask around πŸ™‚

  3. Aji - INDONESIA

    Hi… I have been admitted to the EMLE program, and currently I am looking for infos based on the previous students’ experiences…

    I notice that you are satisfied with the EMLE program, and it contributed significantly to your academic development….

    However, I heard some rumours that in another Erasmus Mundus Programme, the academic system, accreditation, and curriculum, have not been properly coordinated and established, so that one may have completed the studies, but the degrees are still pending due to technical matters…

    Does EMLE have this similar problem, or such issues will not become any hinderance to my studies?

    Thank you for your kind response!!!

    • jill

      Hi Aji,

      Congratulations! I am excited for you. EMLE does not have the same problem. Maybe a month after my graduation (I didn’t attend the ceremonies as I was already back home at that time), I received through courier all 3 diplomas from my universities. EMLE is not a new programme thus, the system is more or less in place. Hope this helps!


      • Aji

        Thank you for your swift response Jill.. I am very excited to participate in the program, and now I have no other doubts to pursue this degree….

        Warm regards,


  4. Aji

    Hi All…

    Further to my questions above, again I would like to ask another one.. I hope you can help me..

    1. Should we search for our accomodation or the program has made it available for us? I heard it is quite difficult to find a nice house in a fair price, since we will only stay in one country around 3-4 months,,, while good price is usually given to those who rent for a full year?

    2. I plan to arrive in the Netherlands (my 1st term) 1 month prior to the commencement of my study, and then I plan to visit my relatives in German.. Do you think it’s going to be a problem, considering: EMLE said they are going to give me a visa for 6 months (for two terms study) -if I arrive 1 month earlier, that means my final month will not be covered-.. And is there any issues I must pay attention to?

    Thank you very much for your kind response.. I truly appreciate it..


  5. Jill

    Hi Aji!

    It depends on which university you will be attending. Am not sure about Netherlands because i didn’t study there. Maybe you can e-mail us (pinoyerasmusmundus@gmail.com) which specific university/ city you will be attending and maybe, we have an alumnus/ alumnae who can answer your specific question. You may also include your specific programme.


  6. Ruth

    Hi current and former EM students,

    Your website is very helpful for people like me who are considering applying for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

    I am wondering if any of you know of a fellow student who pursued/are pursuing/will be pursuing either of the following:

    1) a Joint European Master’s in International Humanitarian Action


    2) a European Master of Science in International Health

    I would be very grateful if you could connect me with your friends/acquaintances who pursued any of these 2 programs. I am considering applying for year 2010 admission and would really love to to get some feedback on the above programs.

    Thanks very much!

  7. Jill

    Hi Ruth,

    We have an informal group of Filipino EM students and alumni. At least based on the group’s list, no one has pursued nor is pursuing any of the programs you mentioned above. But will try to ask non-Filipino EM students/ alumni who could help you.

    Thanks and good luck!

  8. Ruth

    Hi Jill!

    Advice even from non-Filipino EM students/alumni is most welcome. Thanks for your help!


  9. Reymondo Caraan

    Hi everyone! I’m doing SUFONAMA. I’m now in Denmark, at Copenhagen University. I spent my first year in the UK. This is my first post here.

  10. Joffrey Quirng

    Hola! I’m JOff and i’m here in Spain. I will be starting my program European MAsters in Sustainable Regional HEalth Systems. Questions are most welcome. Regards to everyone!

    • lynn

      Hi, Joff. I would have replied earlier if I’ve seen this msg earlier.
      I just got a confirmation email from Mr. Butkus to the same program you are in.

      I read in the FAQs msgs here that once you are accepted, you are most likely automatically in the scholarship? Is that correct?

      Just like some of the us here, I would have to make plans since I am currently employed at the moment. No final plans though, just to make adjustments at least.

      Is the orientation being done here in the philippines or abroad?


    • Dear Joffrey,

      I have been accepted in the same program for 2010!
      I am glad to hear that another filipino is in the same program in the upper batch. I have questions regarding the visa application and legalization procedure. The university of duesto requires documents to be translated to spanish. Where do I do this? thanks

      • Ken

        Hi Whatevertoni,

        I will answer on behalf of Joff.

        About translation of documents, you can do that while in the Philippines. You may visit Instituto Cervantes or any spanish teacher for that matter.

        You said you have questions regarding visa application? and legalization? You may email me at ken.burjalarab@gmail.com

        To Joff: I recently sent you an email but you have not responded yet. Until when are you staying in Budapest? Might visit anytime…


  11. Anna


    I’m thinking of applying for the Global Studies or Public Policy program. Would you know if

    1. you have a better chance of getting accepted if you only apply to one program?
    2. are grades the main basis for getting a scholarship or does work experience matter more?
    3. do you think those who have lived for a year (or a bit less) in europe in the last 5 years might have a lesser chance of getting a scholarship?
    3. what is the average age of the students enrolled in Erasmus Mundus?

    Any other advice as to how to successfully apply (esp. for a scholarship) to the Erasmus Program?

    And also, those who ended up somehow studying in the most expensive countries in europe, are your allowances sufficient?


  12. hi anna!

    i’ll try to answer your questions as best i can.
    1. the consortia looking through the applications are independent from each other, so try to apply to the programs you are interested in. i think you can apply to three at most.
    2. it’s really a combination of factors, including your references and intent.
    3. as long as you are eligible, whether you have actually stayed in europe does not appear to be an issue.
    4. that i do not know, but age really does not seem to matter much, from what i’ve seen.

    just prepare your application carefully. the allowance is more than enough wherever you go.

    all the best!

  13. Derek

    i think my question is: where do i start? i know already which master’s course i would like to take. but some of the requirements are quite tricky. one other question i have is: is it ok if i don’t get an english proficiency test since my bachelor degree was taught completely in Englishanyway?

  14. pinoyerasmusmundus

    it is possible to get a certificate from your college/university stating that your course was taught in english, but it will be up to the consortium whether they will accept this or not. good luck!

  15. Marie


    I am so glad I found your website. I have lots of questions in mind that I hope you guys can help me with . I am really interested in applying for EM and I already have a Master’s course that I am looking into studying but the situation i have right now makes it hard for me to decide where to start and where to go from here.

    — I have not graduated from college yet and is currently working and I gotta admit I stopped for almost 2 years and now that Im going back to school to continue it, I guess my question is , Do I need to transfer to UP or AdMu to get qualified for EM ? Because from the website I saw, I think these two were the only partners for EM Scholarship unless Im not aware of any other schools here in the Phils. Does it matter which school you graduated from to be eligible for this ?

    — When applying , is there a Philippine office I go to submit applications or do i submit it directly to the the university / consortium?

    Thanks . Looking forward to your reply πŸ™‚

  16. it doesn’t matter what college you come from, as long as you have a degree.

    you need to follow the application instructions of the consortium, which will most likely ask you to send the requirements to a university. there are no local offices handling applications.

    good luck!

  17. sonam lama

    Hi all,
    It’s very good to find this site though not official but with diverse information. I found some are really really important that they answered my queries.
    I have been awarded for the Mundus Urbano in TU Darmstadt Germany 2010-2012.
    Is there anyone who is going in the same course?
    Could you please help me how to choose second country as my course is only in two countires though there are remaining 2 choices?
    I am looking forward to you.
    Sonam Lama, Nepal

    • Allan

      Hi Sonam, may I ask what happened to your Mundus Urbano award? I was rejected by TU Darmstadt because, according to them, my bachelor’s degree from the Philippines does not make me eligible for a master’s degree in TU-Darmstadt. May I ask what is your educational level when you applied for Mundus Urbano? Thank you!

  18. lynn

    Hi everyone I am posing this question for everyone.

    I just got a confirmation email to the program European Masters in Sustainable Regional Health System.

    I read in the FAQs msgs here that once you are accepted, you are most likely automatically in the scholarship? Is that correct?

    Just like some of the us here, I would have to make plans since I am currently employed at the moment. No final plans though, just to make adjustments at least.

    Is the orientation being done here in the philippines or abroad?


  19. congrats on your acceptance into the program! the consortium should tell you the terms of your scholarship, if you got one. best to ask them, to make sure.

    there is no orientation in the philippines. however, the european delegation hosts a send-off get-together for EM students around august. it’s good for them to get to know each other because they will be in europe at the same time. hope to see you there. πŸ™‚

  20. lynn

    hi! i know have received my confirmation for Sustainable Regional Health Systems and I need help on the visa procession etc for Spain/Schengen.

    The University requires translation of documents in spanish. Where do I go for this here in the philippines?

    The Schengen visa and Spanish embassy requires proof of economic means. Will the scholarship acceptance be included in this?

    thanks alot

    • Ken

      Hola Lynn,

      My name is Ken. I am based in Spain on an EMMA scholarship program.

      1. for document translation you can visit Instituto Cervantes and inquire if they know anyone who could help you. Usually teachers in Instituto Cervantes do it as their side-line, so to speak. They charge around 1000 per page or per document… not sure.

      2. for proof of economic means, you only need your acceptance letter from your Spanish Host University.

      WHen i applied, everything was free. You dont have to worry, they love Erasmus Scholars… hehehe


      • lynn

        Thanks, Ken. I do have additional questions.

        1.) So, I’m a little confused at the moment because of the additional requirements such as the Medical Certificate and the NBI clearance that needs to be authenticated by the DFA?

        Did you get those documents for the spanish visa application? I emailed the embassy and they have not yet replied. I called their visa information and inquiry number however, the call center agent could not answer as well.

        2) How long did it take to get an appointment? I haven’t called for any appointment yet.

        3) My passport will expire on April 2012, which is the green passport. However, I couldn’t get a new one since the earliest passport appointment in the DFA manila will be on Aug 6. Would it be easier to get a passport from any Phil. embassy in Europe?

        Thanks for taking the time.


  21. Ken

    Hi Lynn,

    Sent you the answers to your email. Got it?


  22. Nyl

    Hi everyone!

    Im Nyl. I’ve got accepted to Euro Hydroinformatics and Water Management program. My host university will be in Univ. of Nice, France. I’ve already received the confirmation of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship from the European Commission and other documents through email.

    I am currently preparing my documents required for the visa application. However I’m quite confused about some requirements:

    1. According to the website of the French embassy in the Philippines, one of the documents needed is the “proof of lodging in France”. Is it really mandatory?

    2. In addition, it is stated that there is a visa application fee. Am I the one who should shoulder the said amount? or is it included already in the scholarship?

    3. Lastly, it is stated in the Erasmus Mundus document that we are required to be covered by an insurance scheme. How am I going to process my insurance? or is it the consortium who are going to process this?

    I hope you can enlighten me about these matters. To my fellow scholars who will also be in France, how are you doing right now? I’ll appreciate if you can also give me some info.


  23. congrats, nyl! i’ll try to answer your questions as best i can.

    1. at the very least you should find accommodation already.

    2. you will shoulder everything until you get the allowance in europe unless your host country makes an exception for your visa.

    3. the consortium will take care of your insurance.

    keep us posted. thanks!

  24. pooya

    Dear musanggala ,
    Thank you for your helpfull pages and complete answers.
    I’m pooya from Iran and I’m new graduated in Bsc. student in civil engineering . I’m trying to collect Erasmus mundus requirements for getting the admission in related master programs. Do you know if there is any Avrage grade minimum requirement ? my Bsc average is 13 out of 20 but i have an publication and 3 years part time work experience. i just want to know What’s your Idea about my situation and Chance.

    • Hi, pooya. I haven’t heard of a program with a minimum grade requirement. Your chances really depend on the quality of applications the consortium receives for the year. It also depends on your references and language ability. Good luck!

  25. kitot

    Hi everyone!

    I need some advise on scholarships. I applied for two programs (1) SPRING (Spatial Planning for Regions in Growing Economies) covered by DAAD Scholarship; and (2) Mundus Urbano under EM.

    1st year program for SPRING will be in Germany while the 2nd year will be in Chile, Tanzania, or Philippines. I am glad that i was selected as one of the students for 2011/2013 and confirmation should be given by the end of February 2011. However, i prefer MU, specifically the course offered in Development Economics. The MU Team informed me that results will be out around June 2011.

    i dont want to loose the opportunity to study abroad, yet i dont have the assurance that i will be accepted in MU. hope to hear from you!

    • luqman

      hello, kitot, anyway. i am also mundus urbano applicant, are you selected into the second evaluation? do you have any information regarding the selection result?

      • kitot

        hi luqman!

        any news about your application? i received the great news on the EM scholarship for the mundus urbano program. and i am but to decline my acceptance to spring.

  26. Dennis

    Hi, I would like to ask some help from you guys, I was accepted in one of the EM masters but on the waiting list, they told me to wait till april/may that the list would change. I would like to ask if there is any scholarship that I could apply for now aside from the EM scholarship (but I will join the program).

  27. Dennis

    follow-up question : what will be the usual possible happening if your in the waiting list?

  28. janeene

    i just want to ask.. is there an alumnus of EM that studied in London Film School?

  29. Eryn de Leon

    Hi EM students,

    Im considering applying for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. This website is very helpful.

    I am wondering if any of you know of a fellow student who pursued/are pursuing/will be pursuing:

    MSc Applied Ecology http://www.master-emae.org/index.php

    I would be very grateful if you could connect me with your friends/acquaintances who pursued this program. Im considering applying for 2012 admission. I would really love to to get some feedback.

    Thanks very much!

  30. Hello to the EM Alumni,

    I applied for the Erasmus Mundus Journalism scholarship. Are there any Filipino alumni here who took the same course? I’d like to know how it’s like to study there. How many do they admit for the scholarship? How long would it take before they announce the awardees? the deadlien for the scholarship application was last january 10.

    Thank you very much πŸ™‚

    Praying and hoping to get it πŸ™‚

  31. Leah

    Hello Guys,

    My sister and I are planning to apply for the scholarship. And Its the first time that we viewed Erasmus Mundus offer. We are totally lost on how to get the scholarship and where should we start. Hope you guys could give as any advice.. Thank you πŸ™‚

    Leah Rizza Dando

  32. Hello, fellow Pinoys!

    I just got an email that I am on the main list for the Masters in Lifelong Learning Program beginning this August 2012 at Aarhus, Denmark. SO happy to be accepted and hope to see fellow scholars in Europe! Go Philippines!

  33. Bala


    Anyone got selected for euSYSBIO erasmus mundus master program???

  34. LYNN

    I am about to finish Reghealth this june. I would like to know how other students and alumni were paid by the scholarship? My program NOW just informed us that we will only receive scholarship money until July 2012 (total- 23 months) when in fact, the program says 24 months because we will officially graduate by July anyway. We don’t know the legalities but I am just asking for consensus before we ask higher EU offices for clarifications.
    please reply here or to my email zea.mays.28@gmail.com


  35. Gilda

    Hi I’m Gilda. I was accepted in IMETE program and my first semester is at UNESCO-IHE, Delft, Netherlands on October 2012.

    May I know if anyone also got the same program for this school year? Or any Filipino studying there at the moment?

    Thank you

  36. deL

    Hi I just want to ask if Erasmus Mundus applicants and recipients are bulk of summa cum laudes or honor students? Most of the grade requirements are in letters or ECT scale and i dont know their equivalents in a regular numerical grading system of 1-5. Is a typical student who has 2.0 as GPA eligible to apply?? or 1.00 to 1.75 general average is mandatory? Thanks for your response : ))

  37. icon

    I agree with with Del… Are all of the Erasmus mundus Filipino scholars here replying and giving out advice summa cumlaude, magna cumlaude, cumlaude? or with GPA of at least 1.75? Cause if i dont have all of those achievements, then.. chances are… I have small possibility of getting into scholarship? To give us hope… please tell me is there anyone here having “normal grades” (average of 2, B, at most 90 or 89) in college but able to get a scholarship? Anyone? Please?

  38. Jo De Guia

    anyone here taking the IT4BI masters programme?

  39. Rho Ramos

    Hello folks! I am almost done with my requirements for 4CITIES-Unica Euromaster in Urban Studies programme under EMMC. The application is due next week (January 20th) and things are looking up so far. I would like to know if there’s a Filipino who already availed of this scholarship before? Or are there any applicants for the same programme out there? Thank you and kind regards to everyone!

    • Hi, Ms. Rho. I’m also planning to apply for the 4Cities-Unica Euromaster in Urban Studies programme under EMMC. May I know the response to your question as to whether Filipinos were accepted in this programme in the past? How did your application go? πŸ™‚

      • Rina Cruz

        Hi! I am currently looking into taking this program. How does it go? I really wanna know the experiences of other Filipinos that took the program (:

  40. wow!!

  41. Rob


    is there anyone else here who has been on the main list for two programmes?
    What should I do in that case?
    Reject one scholarship right away or wait for the final confirmation of the EU first?


  42. Hi! I would just like to ask if there’s any way that I could contact pinoy EM scholars maybe through email or even their facebook accounts, etc so I could interview them. I’m conducting a study about Europeaid specifically in Education so It would mean so much if I could reach them. Thank you and I pray to hear from you guys soon.

  43. Jeia

    Hi, I came across with this page and I’m very interested. Well, how to start with the application? Thank you!

  44. Ianne


    Hope you guys can help me out, I was interviewed January of this year (2014) for WOP – P. I then received a notification from the coordinating University last April 15 that they are “waiting for the official confirmation from the European Agency about the final results of the selection and grants awarding”. I wonder if this is something positive or negative? Do you have any idea when they usually release the results (generally speaking)?

    Hoping for your response. Here’s my email address BTW: ianneintal@yahoo.com

    Thank you.

    – Ianne from The Philippines

  45. Marry

    Dear Concerns,


    Please advise what are the steps of procedure to make, my employers is asking my passport after my vacation from the Philippines.

    Kindly advise if I can ask letter from our consulate here in Dubai, stating that the passport should not be given to unauthorized people or organization.

    One of my colleague passport was missing and we are afraid to handover our passport to our HR department now.

    Looking forward to hear from your side soon.

  46. Marry

    Dear Concerns,


    Please advise what are the steps of procedure to make, my employers is asking my passport after my vacation from the Philippines, by the way I’m working in Dubai in a private travel agency company

    Kindly advise if I can ask letter from our consulate here in Dubai, stating that the passport should not be given to unauthorized people or organization.

    One of my colleague passport was missing and we are afraid to handover our passport to our HR department now.

    Looking forward to hear from your side soon.

  47. Rina Cruz

    Hi Im currently looking into applyin for Mundus Urbano program. Anyone here that I can ask for some advice? Thank you

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