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Pinoy Erasmus Mundus cited in Emanate, the EMA magazine

The Pinoy Erasmus Mundus blog was one of the EM-related blogs featured in the Blogosphere section of Emanate, the magazine of the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association. In issue 5 (December 2010), Pinoy Erasmus Mundus was pointed out by Russian MSc EuroAquae alumnus (2005-2007) Kostya Vasilyev, alongside the Euroculture Globetrotters blog and the Erasmus Mundus page on the Russian Facebook equivalent, among others.

The blog is a platform for communication and “first aid” for the Erasmus Mundus students from the Philippines in Europe. It contains plenty of information about Erasmus Mundus presented in a very organised and easy to read manner with some humour as well. it is enough to have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section of the blog. I am sure the blog will be interesting not only for students and graduates from the Philippines, but for other students willing to get similar information about living in the EU as well.

Thank you for the mention, Kostya!

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