Join the EU’s Create Your Own Music Video Contest

Everyone is invited to create a 2.5- minute music video about your own impression of the European Union in the Philippines.

Amazing prizes such as cameras and other accessories worth 1,000 euros or 59,000 pesos await the grand prize winner. There is also a chance for the grand winner to have his or her work featured in commercial cinema ads.

Early birds or those who submit their entries until 15 October 2010 may get the chance to win special in-kind prizes up to 200 euros.

Criteria and other details are below:


The competition is open to all Filipinos, except for officers and staff of organisations and institutions implementing projects and programmes funded by the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines. Staff of the EU Delegation, or of EU Member States’ Embassies or cultural institutes.

2. THEME :

Music video entries should address the theme “Aking Europa” (“My Europe”) taking into account participants’ perceptions of the role of the European Union in the Philippines.

References including video illustrations of the European Union in the Philippines are available at

General information on the EU is available at

In creating their music videos, participants should draw upon their own perceptions / impressions about the European Union and its role in the Philippines .

These impressions might for example be drawn from the following:

– What the EU is, what it means to you?

– The European Union’s bilateral relationship with the Philippines, for example through EU-funded co-operation programmes (eg in areas such as human rights, good governance, environment, health, peace-building, sustainable development), humanitarian assistance, trade and investment links, social or educational links, etc.

– The rich and shared cultural values linking the European Union and the Philippines, or the cultural heritage and legacy of the European Union in the Philippines. Music videos may also draw on past and current EU cultural activities in the Philippines, such as “Europe Month celebrations including events and activities attached to the celebrations, for example, “Lakbayin Natin ang EU”, EU Choral Competitions, “Bersong Euro-Pinoy”

Cine Europa, Amazing EU Christmas, Europe Ko To and and “Linggo de Lingua Europa 3”.


a. Any format, camera and/or video editing or authoring software may be used. When selecting the system/s to use, participants must be aware of the need to produce a quality suitable for internet viewing.

b. The video must have a maximum total running time of two and a half minutes, including opening and closing credits.

c. The video must either be:

– uploaded in (free account) 1024 MB per file

– submitted to the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines in CD format;

d. . The video must not contain materials (music, images, etc.) which have copyright restrictions, and all materials used must either be original or copyright-free. Any entries which breach this rule shall be automatically disqualified, and legal responsibility for any such breaches shall rest entirely with the person/s who submitted the entry.

e. A maximum of five entries per participant is allowed.

f. The video must not have been previously submitted to any video contest.

g. Participants must fill in a form which can be found in :


The naming format should contain the following tag:

AkingEUTitleoftheMTVInitialsoftheauthor”, for example

Aking EU, EU at Ako, JS

Entries may be submitted to either of the following:

Others may submit, both video and details:

via snail mail or courier to

The Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines

30th Floor, Tower II

RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue

Makati City


a. The Board of Judges will comprise respected film and music industry professionals as well as representatives from the academic sector, and officials of the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines

b. Criteria for Judging:

– clarity in exposition / showing of EU role/s in the Philippines (20%)

– originality of interpretation of EU role/s, programme/s and/or involvement in the Philippines (25%)

– relevance of exposition / interpretation to theme “Aking Europa” (15%)

– creative choice of imagery / subjects / locations in exposition / interpretation (15%)

– technical quality (25%)


a. All entries must be submitted on or before 12 noon, 30 October 2010:


a. The copyright to the music videos entered to the competition shall remain with the author, except that the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines, and the European Commission, shall have the right to use any such material free of charge for a maximum of two years from the date of awarding.

b. Awarding of prizes will be accompanied by a special screening of the winning music videos.

c. Four winners will be chosen. Winners will each receive a trophy plus, in-kind prizes as follows:

First Prize € 1,000
Special Prize for Original Music Scoring € 800
Second Prize € 800
Third Prize € 600

d. The top 15 finalists will be notified one week prior to the awarding ceremony. Prizes not claimed within 30 days after the awarding ceremony shall be forfeited.

e. Copyright-free sources for music can, for example, be found at :
CDs featuring Romanian music are available on loan from the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines through the courtesy of the Embassy of Romania

f. The Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines, and the European Commission, and their partners in this competition, can under no circumstances be held responsible for any failure of participants to observe their own obligations in relation to intellectual property rights.

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