Funding your studies: Scholarships and Financial Aids

[admin’s note: Erasmus Mundus will one of the scholarships represented in this event]

Get your facts straight. Know the real deal.Gain the correct and right information on scholarships and financial assistance for studying in the UK – FREE!

On 19 February 2010 at the Top Shelf of Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street, British Council will give you the facts, requirements and inside scoop on the numerous funding options available for Filipinos. We will showcase at least 3 different scholarships schemes for postgraduate study in the UK.

From 6.00pm – 8.30pm, former scholars and administrative staff of scholarship programmes will talk on their experience of going through the application process including what funding bodies look for in an individual’s profile and other important details that are not commonly known.

Seats are limited.  Only the first 150 pre-registrants will be accepted.

Don’t let this opportunity slip! Grab the chance! Know more, to be more!

To make a reservation and more information, please call +63 914 1011to 14 or email

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11 thoughts on “Funding your studies: Scholarships and Financial Aids

  1. Pin

    Hello! I just passed my application for the MULTIELE scholarship (for teaching Spanish). I have all the requirements and the language proficiency certification but they are asking for an English Proficiency Certificate. I was a bit surprised because my friend who got an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship was not required to have one. Is TOEFL a requirement? One theory I have is because my college diploma was written in Filipino. I was so down.. Anyway, I’ll try to attend to that event so I can ask this personally.

  2. normally a TOEFL or IELTS result is required, but you can explain that english is your first language. if you prefer not to take the test, ask your college to provide an english translation of your diploma and a certification that you were taught in english to back up your statement. good luck!

    • Pin

      Thank you so much! I did tell them that the medium of instruction was in English. My diploma was translated to Spanish, I think that is one reason too. I will ask an English translation from my school. thank you! this site is a big help for aspirants like me.

  3. alinah palino


    This site is indeed helpful. 🙂 Will there be another talk for this particular matter? My friend and I weren’t able to register at an earlier time since we just learned the site a few days ago.

    Please keep us posted.



    • there’s a UK alumni session at makati shangri-la this friday the 29th, from 6 to 830pm. registration at 5pm, i think. alumni from UK universities will be there to answer your questions 🙂

  4. alinah palino

    woah! Thanks for the quick response. 🙂
    Yes, I already signed up for the session on Friday, thanks a lot!

  5. Paulo Parnada

    hello there Mr. Musanggala,
    I stumbled upon this EM scholarship information the other day and most/all of the category A engineering programs for S.Y. 2010 were already closed. I just wanted to know if an applicant can still have a chance to be accepted even though he/she does not have that great grades in his/her transcripts? not a cum laude or whatsoever? well, 3 of us are definetely interested to apply. I’d appreciate the reply. I am from Cebu by the way, we hope someone will conduct an EM FYI session here. thanks.

  6. hi paulo! it depends on who you’re competing with for the scholarship, so just work hard on your personal statement and get good recommendations. good luck!

  7. paulo parnada

    I’ll take note on that. Thank a lot!

  8. Lauren


    I recently graduated Magna cum laude from the University of the Philippines, and I intend to pursue further studies in Europe. Do you know of any upcoming events for prospective scholars planning to study not in UK, but in Belgium?

    I am eyeing Belgium because my former UP professor endorsed me to his alma mater, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Flanders, Belgium. As of now, I have nearly accomplished my application to K.U. Leuven–just waiting for my TOEFL score to be released. But I am rather hesitant to send my application to K.U. Leuven without exploring potential scholarship grants first. Could you please recommend those that you know? (As for Erasmus Mundus, I have read that K.U. Leuven offers EM scholarships, but not for the degree that I hope to pursue. Is there any course of action I could still take, then?) And again, if you know of any events that I may attend for more information, please follow up on this message of mine.

    I hope to read your response soon. Thank you very much!

  9. congrats on graduating with latin honors, lauren!

    i’m afraid there’s no study-in-belgium event and no word on a european higher education fair. but why limit yourself to belgian universities? there’s so much more out there (seriously).

    look up the 100+ EM programs available. you might find something interesting 🙂

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