Time to vote!

The election period for the EMA-Southeast Asian chapter president is ongoing, so sign up at EMA if you haven’t registered yet. Here on the blog, we have a decision to make, too. It’s time to choose a logo for Pinoy Erasmus Mundus. Why do we need one? A matter of brand identity, really. A logo will help our efforts to become more visible and bring some consistency in our image as a group promoting student and alumni causes.

How to vote:

1. Select one from these six choices below. Click on each individual image to enlarge. The different versions (full color, two-color, on black and white backgrounds) are for different applications. Each numbered entry, as captioned,  is only considered as one logo.

2. Send a private message or email to our Country Representative, Jill Lopez, via the new Yahoogroup by August 31st. Indicate “logo vote” in the subject line and the number of the selected logo in the body of the message. Only votes from Filipino Erasmus Mundus students and alumni will be considered.

3. The winner will be announced on the blog and on the Yahoogroup on September 1st.

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2 thoughts on “Time to vote!

  1. Ponce

    hi.:) i’m a beneficiary of the Erasmus Mundus Mobility with Asia scheme from UP. my co-beneficiaries (except david john yabis) and i do not receive any invitation or integration of some sort from your organization so i’m assuming we can’t be part of this because our scholarship is technically different. am i correct?:) thanks.

  2. hi ponce! you are free to join the pinoy erasmus mundus yahoogroup (i suggest you do as it might be helpful when you travel or need anything in europe). however, i am not sure if you can join the global erasmus mundus students and alumni association. 🙂

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