Chevening Scholarships 2010/2011

cheveningIf you’re a prospective postgraduate student thinking of applying for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship for the 2010 intake, consider applying for a Chevening scholarship as well.

Chevening Scholarships are prestigious awards available to international students for study in the United Kingdom.

Chevening scholarships offer an ideal opportunity for young, high-flying graduates not only to study their chosen subject, but also to meet and network with their peers in the unique learning atmosphere that the UK provides. The ultimate objective is to build a network of friends of the UK, who will be future leaders in their countries.

Candidates are selected by the British Embassy in Manila. The scheme is managed by the British Council on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Applying for the Programme

The Chevening Scholarship Programme for the academic year 2010/2011 for the Philippines, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Palau begins 1 August. All applications are done on-line and must be submitted before 15 October 2009.

The minimum qualifications are:

•an applicant is a Filipino, Marshallese, Micronesian, or Palauan national

•has attained a local/international degree

•has two years work experience in your chosen career

•applicant should also be committed to returning to the applicant’s home country after the period of study

We encourage that you first visit the Chevening website and read the E-Chevening guidance notes before completing the application form. To download the E-chevening guidance notes, click here.

[via British Council website]

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23 thoughts on “Chevening Scholarships 2010/2011

  1. ma cristina paule

    Good day,
    I can’t download the E-chevening guidance notes ( site. Can you please help me?Thanks

  2. fixed! thanks for notifying us.

    for more info, visit

  3. Achire Tito

    I need to know if some part this scholarships will be intended for Sudanese

  4. yes. please get in touch with your local british council office.

  5. ma cristina paule

    I would like to know if do I need to apply first in any UK university before applying in Chevening scholarship?Thanks

  6. not sure about their process. please refer to the chevening and british council sites. thanks!

  7. oxana

    can’t login to my application on the chevening site although I have saved it before..

  8. try to get in touch with the administrator of the site. while you’re at it, check out the erasmus mundus scholarships. the link is on the sidebar.

  9. Hi,
    does the chevening scholarship for 2010-2011 apply to Central African countries like Cameroon?

    If yes, can you kindly send me the link?



  10. Ifijeh Augustine

    The site for the required information to fill the data is nolonger accessible by me. Could it be ageneral fault as it now comes up with server error

  11. jane

    I would like to apply for the 2010 Cheuvenning schoarships. Please send me the link

  12. to commenters: please understand this blog is not connected with the chevening scholarships in any way. that said, as prospective students, you should be diligent enough to do your homework, or in this case, search for relevant information online. without basic data gathering skills, winning such a prestigious scholarship is next to impossible. thank you and best of luck on your endeavors!

  13. neil chris san gabriel

    I am 21 yrs. old and I am a high school graduate I want to apply what is the requirement and when is the last submitted all of this

  14. hi, neil chris. these require a bachelor’s degree. for more information, the link to the chevening website is in the post. thanks!

  15. abinet gebremickael

    I would like to apply for the 2010 Cheuvenning schoarships. Please send me the link

  16. catherine

    Hi guys, i wish everyone that is applying the best of luck. In Sudan, the application data ended.

  17. Maru Kindie

    I am Maru Kindie from Ethiopia. I have got BA degree in economics from Hawassa University in 2008.Now,I am working in S\Gondar Capacity Building Department in implementing policies & programes.So,I want to apply for Master degrees in Rural Development & Agricultural economics, or, in any related fields like, environmental economics, natural resources….& soon.
    Please let me to get the required application procedure.

    With best regards,

  18. I am mozambican and I am high degree graduated and working at Minister of Finance for about 16 years. I want to apply for Master degree in Administration-Finance and Account. I would like to follow my studies at Brazil

  19. Peter

    Hi I have done obtain my degree in Computer studies from university of sunderland and now currently working in Ghana for about 11years. i want to pursue my Masters in project management could you send me the procedure to applying for the Chevening Scholaship for 2011

  20. Mina

    Can i avail this scholarship?I want to get a masters degree in Statistics. I’m a math teacher at present.

  21. hafiz abdullah abu goore malek

    how can minorities in sudan who do not get equal opportunities to have access to scholarships do to handle this peculiar situation which they have been facing since 1989? chevening is the only hope looming ahead now but so little is known about this programme in sudan .in my humble view of point other things need to be done to make this programme able to cover the whole country especially ethnically to eleviate disparity every visitor to sudan can catch without so much troubles

  22. elmer

    i would like to master of education major in interesting this one

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