“My Mundus Experience”: Student Essays

New EM student Marcial shared this link with the Pinoy Erasmus Mundus Yahoo group. The PDF contains essays of Erasmus Mundus students about their EM journey.

Personally, I find it quite a chore going through all of them, but that’s understandable–a year or two of one’s life could take up the space of a book. I’m guessing I’m not as interested in their stories because I have lots of my own. 🙂 But as someone whose dissertation was qualitative, I acknowledge the value of the narrative in research. Studying this is important and constructive for the EM community.

Part one, which tries to present the findings, could use some editing, but the conclusion does what it should. Prospective applicants, do take a look. At the very least, the photos paint a thousand words in one go.

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One thought on ““My Mundus Experience”: Student Essays

  1. Marcial R. Batiancila

    Thanks for posting the info that I posted in pinoy_erasmus yahoo groups. More power!

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