Invitation to attend the third Erasmus Mundus alumni networking event in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1 – 2 November 2008

Dear Erasmus Mundus students and alumni,

I am writing to invite you to the 3rd Erasmus Mundus alumni networking event taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia, Sat-Sun 1-2 November, 2008 (exact venue: to be announced).

This alumni event is supported by the Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association (EMA) and will take place in coincidence with the European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) Jakarta 2008. There will be an presentation about the Erasmus Mundus programme and the EMA and life as a student in Europe. You are welcome to join and exchange views, and answer questions from prospective students who wish to come and study in Europe. Your help with promoting European higher education as well as the Erasmus Mundus programme will be very much appreciated!

On the evening of 1 November, a dinner party will be arranged by the EMA for the union of EM alumni from different EM courses in or around Indonesia (venue to be confirmed). Participants will discuss the possibility of launching the EMA Indonesia/Southeast Asia Chapter, how to strengthen long-lasting linkages between EM alumni, opportunities for career development and/or academic cooperation, and how to promote European higher education in Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region, in addition to other relevant topics. Other activities will be organized on your request.

This is the third EMA regional networking event following the first one in Beijing, China in October 2007 and the second in Mexico city in March 2008. It will be an excellent opportunity to share our experience in Europe and to establish an EMA network in Indonesia as well as the Southeast Asia region. Travel subsidies are to be provided to registered EMA members (via the EMA website) travelling from outside of Jakarta city in Indonesia, as well as those coming from neighbor countries. Please find attached the invitation here and feed back to us with the required information should you intend to apply for the travel subsidy.

Looking forward to a successful event in Jakarta!

Yours sincerely,
Chunyu Liang
on behalf of the Steering Commitee of the EMA

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One thought on “Invitation to attend the third Erasmus Mundus alumni networking event in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1 – 2 November 2008

  1. lizzy

    Thank you

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