ISFiT 2009

The International Student Festival in Trondheim invites students aged 18 and above to Trondheim, Norway on 20 February to 1 March 2009.  Join 450 other students in workshops around this year’s theme, peacekeeping. The online application is open until 30 September 2008.

As students are the future leaders of the world we believe that their voices should be heard and international networks established. Thus the purpose of ISFiT is to be a meeting place for discussion and debate, an arena where ideas are born, friendships are made, and valuable lessons are learned. The festival aims at fostering inspiration and being a starting point for international cooperation amongst students. ISFiT is a non-profit festival.

The ISFiT participants take part in different workshops, which highlight the festival theme in various ways. Several lectures and thematic meetings will be arranged, where well-known international speakers share their views with the participants and others. The ISFiT audience is also welcome to join a vast cultural programme of concerts, art exhibitions and performing arts.

There is no participation-fee for ISFiT 2009 and both food and lodging is provided by the organizers. All you have to pay for as a participant is your travel to and from Trondheim, Norway, as well as travel-insurance and possibly visa-costs, according to the Norwegian embassy’s policy.

[via 10 Academic Resources Daily]

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