The Day I Found Out

World Cup 2006

It was an exceptionally lovely morning at the Circus Berlin Hostel just days before the 2006 World Cup. (I wasn’t there for the games though. Tickets were too expensive and the only player I know is Beckham).

The previous night was a wickedly great night for many reasons – watched an opera production for the very first time in my life (thanks to my BFF Bernard), enjoyed an interesting meal in a Russian restaurant (another first for me), and danced the night away in the hostel basement bar. Bernard and I felt that the night was a prelude to something big and fabulous!

I usually ignore e-mails during vacation trips but that particular morning, I decided to check my e-mail as there were “rumors” in the EMLE message board that the scholarship results would be out at the end of May.

So there I was in the hostel’s internet corner:

Bernard: May results na?

Jill: Logging in yahoomail pa. Results daw end of May. May 30 na! End of May na!!!

Bernard: People on-line news: Angelina Jolie gave birth na pala! 3 days ago pa. We are so out of touch with the rest of the world.

Jill: O…M…G!

“E-mail Subject Title: Approval of nomination for EMLE Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

Dear prospective EMLE student,

Today we have received news from the European Commission, that our nominations for Erasmus Mundus student scholarships are approved. This means that you are now officially selected to receive an Erasmus Mundus scholarship to finance your participation in the EMLE programme. Congratulations!”

Bernard: O…M…G!

Jill: O.M.G!

Bernard: O.M.G!

(Lots of hugging and screaming follow. Strangers start to look puzzled/amused/ puzzled and amused.)

After the hugging and screaming

It was a little weird when the news started sinking in. It was only the third day of our trip but suddenly, I felt like going back home that very moment. I wanted to hug my family! I wanted to scream with my friends!

I went back to the room, dialed Mommy’s number and started jumping up and down the bed!

Jill Lopez
European Masters in Law & Economics (06-07)
Bologna, Italy/ Hamburg, Germany/Manchester, UK

Got a question about Erasmus Mundus? Click here to read the FAQs.

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16 thoughts on “The Day I Found Out

  1. andrew

    Wow, this scholar looks so happy! OMG! Looks like the guy beside him didn’t get the scholarship though. I wonder who she hugged though.

  2. Jill

    I didn’t get to hug that other guy because I was too happy hugging Bernard. Maybe the other guy got really annoyed with the screaming that’s way he looks very unhappy.


  3. Chris

    Hi Jill!
    I’m really interested in finding out how you searched for a scholarship, how you applied and the difficulties (if any) you faced in the application process. I graduated a year ago and I desperately want to study again, abroad this time. However, I am worried about how to finance my education.

    I hope you can help me. Thank you! Ü

  4. pinoyerasmusmundus

    Hi Chris!

    Check your e-mail. My reply is pretty long. Might take up a lot of space in here.


  5. cristina

    Hi Jill,

    You’re so lucky!
    I have the same question as Chris.
    I would really love to study again 🙂

    Kind regards,

  6. Sangeeta Mahalingam

    Hi Jill,

    Me too have same question as Chris.. 🙂
    I’m currently working as Software Engineer and would like to continue my futher studies. I’ve finished my undergrad studies in 2007.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Sangeeta Mahalingam

  7. Jill

    Hi Sangeeta,

    You can check first our FAQs here in this site. If you still have questions, shoot an email to We’d love to answer your queries.


  8. feel free to direct more specific questions about the programs you are interested in to the relevant alumni (a good reason to read all the posts first!). or just follow the links on the sidebar and check the FAQ tab below the header. this covers pretty much all the general questions. 🙂 thanks!

  9. judith

    Hi, Jill.

    Is there an age limit for the EM? I graduated ages ago but haven’t taken up any masteral program yet.

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks.


  10. jill

    Hi Judith,

    I am not aware of any age limit. In fact, I did have classmates who were in their late 30’s. But will double-check on this.


  11. Gabriel

    Hi Jill,

    I read about your Erasmus experience. I have gone through all the info in the erasmus website that I have even downloaded the subjects to be taken for the two year course. Too bad i only knew of the scholarship during the beginning of the year. I have to wait the whole year to submit my application for Jan 2010 deadline. (One year is like forever when you really like to do something)

    I’m actually a Pinoy based in Singapore but I want to study for my Masters Degree in Europe. I thought that Mundus Urbano will be the perfect course for me. Do you know of any Filipino’s who are in the program? And how is life as a Filipino student in Europe?

    With warm regards,


    I actually have dreams that I already am in Europe. Its freaking insane!

  12. jill

    Hi Gabriel,

    I don’t know of any Filipinos in the program but will ask the other Filipino alumni.

    Filipino student life in Europe is like a roller-coaster ride. If you want details, you can read the blogs of other Filipino alumni listed under the blogroll of this site. (One of my favorites is Erasmusa’s 🙂 And of course, this blog site has a lot of exciting posts from other alumni.

    Each experience is unique from the rest, but I can say that our lives were definitely changed after our programs. (Does this drive you more insane? lol)

    Check you inbox once in a while. We might shoot you an e-mail on updates on Mundus Urbano.

    Maraming salamat!

  13. Ralph

    Hi Jill,

    I was able to submit my requirements for the Mundus Urbano Program. I’m just wondering how long does it normally take for the results to be released?

  14. hi ralph! it varies from program to program, but results come out any time from april to june. i’ve heard of someone finding out in july. good luck! 🙂

  15. Saemin

    Hi Ralph, have you heard of any news from Mundus Urbano program application results? I have also applied for the program and nearly dying waiting for the result. I wish you good luck, both of us!^^

  16. luqman

    Hi everyone , ralph, saemin, i am from Indonesia and applying mundus urbano, lets pray for us to be accepted in the program. i cant wait for the results of my application. this is taking so long. wish the best for all of us.

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