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Let’s go! (King’s Cross station, London)

Filipino Erasmus Mundus students and alumni are invited to share their experiences on these topics:

1. The day I found out
How you found out that you were awarded the scholarship, the reactions that followed, and what you did immediately after.

2. My first impression of…
What struck you most about a European city (or two or three) where you lived.

Submissions can be in the form of text, images (with captions) or both. Please send contributions to pinoyerasmusmunds [at] gmail [dot] com. Comments are welcome!

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5 thoughts on “More topics

  1. sheila

    Wow, there’s a blog for Pinoy EM students pala! I applied for a scholarship this year and I’m still anxiously waiting for the results to come out this June. Aaaaargh! I hate the suspense!!!!

    The email from the school said I’m in the main list proposed for the scholarship — does anyone know what my chances are of getting in?

  2. sheila

    And…. if I get in… I promise to write about topic #1! Hahahaha. 🙂

  3. hi sheila! seems like you have a good chance since you’re not on the reserve list. good luck! 🙂

  4. claudia

    I am on the reserve list. Anyone knows what my chances are?

  5. Christina

    Hey Claudia!

    I’m on the Reserve List too. Ü I think it really depends on how many Main List people back out and what your ranking on the Reserve List is. I know 2 Filipinos who were on the Reserve list that still got in the same course. So, there’s still hope Ü God Bless to both of us!

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