Hello fellow Erasmus Mundus alumni, current and future EM students, and everyone surfing the net for scholarships in Europe!

Welcome to the Pinoy Erasmus Mundus blog site!!! Although I think it should be Ms. Thelma Gecolea of the Delegation of the European Commission to the Philippines (Hi Tita Thelms!!) welcoming us in this blog, she is currently busy with schemes to make sure that more Filipinos will get EM scholarships this year (Yey!!!!).

We are currently organizing an informal working group to create the EM Alumni – Philippine Chapter. As our first undertaking, we have created this blog as an interactive venue to:

  1. promote Erasmus Mundus in the Philippines;
  2. assist current EM students in their studies (and everything else outside studies of course);
  3. assist potential EM students with their applications and queries; and
  4. discuss anything and everything about living and studying in Europe.

Our immediate and realistic goal for this year is for our blog to surpass the popularity of friendster, facebook and even perezhilton.com at least in the Philippine network. (Haha!)

Enough of this blah blah blah! We want your stories, pictures, blogs, ideas, suggestions, questions, and answers about student life in Europe.

Erasmus Mundus rocks!

Jill Lopez
European Masters in Law & Economics (06-07)
Bologna, Italy/ Hamburg, Germany/Manchester, UK
[Admin’s note: visit our FAQs page and check out the sidebar links on the right for more information]

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10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Andrew

    This is a timely site. There are websites about Erasmus Mundus, but this is the first that caters to Filipinos. A great idea for a blog! Kudos to whoever thought of it! Now I can easily research on Erasmus Mundus Programs and other blah blah blahs!

  2. Hi! The flowers are great! I haven’t seen them here in Sweden! But they are really nice! Kind regards…

  3. Dixi

    Was looking for pinoy erasmus mundus scholars until I googled my way to this blog! I’m a Filipino going into final year (in Singapore) this August and graduating in 2009. I’m thinking of applying for CoMEM/ME3/EURO-AQUAE. Any advice?

    ps: girl in the banner–> familiar backpack!hahaha

  4. Jill

    Hi Dixi!

    Go start drafting your application the soonest and
    try submitting it way before the deadline. You may want to write directly to the programme coordinator. They are usually accommodating.

  5. Ken

    Hi Jill, thanks for keeping everything going for EM Philippines. Just hang on, we’ll assist you when we come back… hehehe

  6. Jill

    Hi Ken, you’re welcome. But it’s really a team effort, especially with Abby and Thelma and the whole Delegation working for the team EM Philippines. Yes, please do holler when you are back! 🙂

  7. vladimer

    I’d like to ask if DMKM is a good master program. I am admitted to this program and i heard that there are degrees which are “mismanage” by their respective consortium. I am also admitted to the Complex Systems Science and until now I have not decided which of the two programs to take.

    Can you share some advice on what factors to consider in selecting a program?

  8. Kristina Faith F. Cruz

    I am an AB Economics graduate, batch 2010. I am very much interested in applying for a scholarship for a Masters Program in Economics. What are the requirements for application? Where do I submit these requirements? How do I go about with processing my application? You may email me through my email address: kristinafaith_cruz@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  9. Hi! Thank goodness, I’m Jayson Miraflor 22y/o graduate of engineering here in the Philippines, I want to take my masters degree abroad but we are financially incapable. Does anyone know how to apply for the scholarship?

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